Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 Refurb Waterstones ebay £59.99

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 Refurb Waterstones ebay £59.99

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Found 30th Nov 2011
Basically the same as a kindle touch, which isnt out here yet, for less than a one of the new kindles with their awful d pad.
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Dad has one of these, it's ok but the screen is glossy compared to my PRS 650 (next model up) and it is heavier than recent readers. Probably not much better for the price but I'd recommend spending a bit extra to avoid the screen glare on this model.
3 month warranty.....
I had this e-reader. The screen isn't great, not as clear as say a kindle, paler and less contrast with the background, highly reflective. Had to have the font size larger that I needed to be able to read. I sold it a couple of weeks ago on ebay. Also managing your files is a nightmare if you have quite a few and you can't charge and read at the same time.

Waterstones also have the 5inch readers that are non touch screen, they're better as are the new Sony touchscreen models. I really can't recommend this product, haven't voted no but I found it almost unsuable and had to buy a different e-reader.

That said these are very well made machines, high quality.
i dont see much that can go wrong with this device even though its got 3 months warrantys

i had one it was good imo
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