Sony RHT G1000 Home Theater Stand System - HyperFi £299

Sony RHT G1000 Home Theater Stand System - HyperFi £299

Found 22nd Jul 2008
This is my first post, please be gentle.

Found this whilst looking for a surround system. The white didn't fit with my decor, but hopefully someone will benefit from this brilliant deal. It currently selling on Amazon for £818, but they have reduced it to £299 + delivery (I think delivery was about £40 because it weighs about 70kg).

I now have a black version of a similar model, but if this sounds as good as mine it is SWEET.
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Almost bought one of these, in black for around £599 I think it was, cant believe its dropped in price so quickly, tempting at this price (though reviews werent too great though, but for wires free setup it a good option)
Shame it's from Hyperfi - wouldn't touch it on that basis alone

Call me cheap but even £300 for a STAND is still ridiculous. I'd be … Call me cheap but even £300 for a STAND is still ridiculous. I'd be willing to pay £50 tops...!

I think you're missing the's not just a TV stand - it has a home cinema built integrated into it (speakers, 600W amp, decoder). In my opinion the original price was a joke...three hundred quid is good value though
good price, hot
that is a beast! Looking at almost £83 quid for delivery though... still hot in my opinion.
Delivery a bit steep there , how big is this box could it fit in a car?

As it says free collection on there site also , if you live near & got a car ,mind u how much delivery they charge u could drive from miles away and still save

Im gonna pass would of got one if it was free delivery though :w00t:
I called them up when I was looking and they quoted me £40 for delivery to Sheffield. I picked mine up (different model) and it fit in the back of the car with the seats down once it was out of the box. 2 man job to get it in and out safely though.
It's a shame Ikea don't seem to sell the Oppli any more - a great quality stand, well regarded in the AV world and a lot cheaper than this.
Its a home theatre system, not quite the same as a normal AV stand.…_GB

It's a shame Ikea don't seem to sell the Oppli any more - a great quality … It's a shame Ikea don't seem to sell the Oppli any more - a great quality stand, well regarded in the AV world and a lot cheaper than this.

Lol.....yeah, I guess a bit of Swedish Preformed hollow board would be a bit cheaper than a premium Sony solid gloss white AV stand complete with integrated speakers, home cinema amp, radio & subwoofer. I dare say Hyperfi don't sell Hot dogs for 50p either (or make you carry girly bright yellow over the shoulder bags when shopping there). Let's hope they have a Salesman called Lars or Bjorn to compensate eh?

Nowt as queer as folk.
I rang store just to see if i could get delivery cheaper , they kept me on hold for ages , then somebody else came on and said we sort it out when u come instore ......what planet is he on?

I said no i want it delivered then he made some excuse to why they cant deliver. ......not sure what idiot i was talking to , but they can forget it now.

All i wanted was a simple answer to how much delivery was to my area , they couldnt even tell me despite keeping me on hold for 10 mins.

Yes i know on site it says £80+ but somebody else says they got it for £40
That's Hyperfi:whistling:
That is ridiculous.
This was recently given a resounding thumbs down on the gadget show.
I personally wouldnt listen to anything said by the gadget show. Their review of the coffee machines a few weeks ago was a complete joke.

At the end of the day, its all about personal preference, particularly with audio equipment. I went into the Sony store and it made mind up. It doesnt match my Bose setup for quality, but then again, I have a 2 year old kid and the wires are all too tempting for her to tug at. So thats gone away for a while.
STiv, do you actually have one of these? If so, would you recommend?
I actaully ended up buying an older model the RHT-G800 (in black). You can compare the specs here.



They both use the S-FORCE Pro Surround technology. The main difference being the 1000 has a slightly different speaker setup (at the side rather than the top) and it also has a more powerful amp and a radio but lacks the HDMI connectivity of the 800.

I am more than happy with mine and everyone who has heard it seems to be impressed.

I would still suggest having a trip down to a stockist or Sony shop to have a listen for yourself.
Thanks for the feedback, think it was the 800 I first saw and wanted to get, and with HDMi connectivity it seems the best way forward, apart from a number of soundbars that also do a similar job, choices choices
A friend of mine has the one of the Yamaha sound bars and that sounds good too. If it makes a difference I beleive they also manufacture a stand into which the sound bar will fit.

Have a look ]here.

Works out darn expensive though!
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