Sony RHT-G5 £399 @ Sony Centres Glasgow

Sony RHT-G5 £399 @ Sony Centres Glasgow

Found 4th Oct 2010
Was searching for a decent 2.1 system for a while. Had my heart set on the Onkyo (who??!! :-)) HTX that is around £240, but then came across this Sony stand. We were needing a TV stand as well as the audio system, so 2 birds one stone with this unit. Had a quick look and it only seems to be the Connoly Bros shops in Glasgow at this price. Maybe other Sony Centres would price match? Snapped one up at this price, next cheapest is £440 online. They also have the next model up the RHT-G11 for £599 if that suits anyone.

Been using it for the last few days, playing with settings etc and am very happy with it. I know it will never be as good as a full 5.1 or 7.1 system, but as a tradeoff to speakers/subs cluttering up the place it's a good option.

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I bought a very similar model about 18 months ago on an end of line deal from Currys for about £140. If anyone remembers from this forum, there were a load of people hunting around for one and I was one of the lucky few. They are great!
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