Sony SBH20 Multipoint Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Headset with NFC £31.34 Sold by total digital stores and Fulfilled by Amazon

Sony SBH20 Multipoint Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Headset with NFC £31.34 Sold by total digital stores and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 28th Sep 2013
Sony SBH20 Multipoint Bluetooth headset, has NFC for quick pairing with your NFC enabled device, come with a pair of short cable ear phones, clips on your clothing / bag or convenience

full specs:…20/

personally im going to get the Addidas CX680 earphones to use with this as they have a short cable without the extension and are sweat proof and also have ear clips to stay in your ear so perfect combination for Gym / Active use.
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Heat, looks good for use with the Nexus 4.
Will give this a shot. Cheers.
Looks good
Or 27.60 on eBay. Admittedly this price is from HK. Mine took about 10 days to arrive.
Reviews ain't great.

No thanks.
These are brilliant, got them free with my z ultra.
I have this - nice bit of kit but voice dialing seems to be not available?

Reviews ain't great.No thanks.

seen plenty of positive reviews for this online, various tech sites and youtube.

I have this - nice bit of kit but voice dialling seems to be not … I have this - nice bit of kit but voice dialling seems to be not available?

mmm yer its a shame there is no way to trigger voice dialling from the headset itself, but you can from your phone. bit of an oversight on sony's part

got this free with my z ultra and its a pretty good piece of kit. good headphones, great for streaming audio (say, while watching a video) on the phone. calls are pretty clear with it. not sure if its worth £31 but RRP is £40, so....
how well would this work with sgs3/4

how well would this work with sgs3/4

Had this with my s3 and not impressed. When you use NFC to pair it does not activate phone features, you need to pair it with bluetooth to activate all features. When playing music play/pause is not immediate and you end up pressing multiple times as it does not feed back you.
Got one of these, very handy. Just stick any set of headphones in it and it works as a hands free kit.
NFC Pairing. I got some NFC tags for pair my BT Headphones with my phone and tablet but used the shake device feature instead to toggle bluetooth on/off on each device. The shake seems to work better (no need to swipe) I used the free MacroDriod app and this did the trick. This was I just use stock BT headphones.

To have the device autoplay podcasts I use Dogcatcher (I use the paid version) this grabs podcasts audio and or video. Mine is automatically set to download content on wifi and play / pause on BT audio connect so I just pop the BT headphones on and power up.

Big fan of BT as the range is very good, quality on A2DP and improvements in V4 seem worthwhile plus no cable tangles or cables to wrap.

Sony BT kits seems very good. Heat.
I got one of these already... its a tidy tiny piece of kit, have brought a fiio amp too, and a nice set of headphones, for that extra bit of quality.

The standard kit is great and represents great value for money at this price, it feels like a little shuffle, but dare i say it, even better quality feel.

I am holding the two in my hand now, obviously it saves wrecking the phone earphones out your ears when you get tangled in wires whilst walking round with phone in hand.

highly recommended!!

Great for motorcycle helmets, with helmet speakers, even if just for sat nav instructions.
shame no APT-X

shame no APT-X

Check out the HTC Bluetooth headset- it is pretty similar looking to the Sony one featured. the HTC supports APT-X and echo cancellation/noise reduction for clearer calls and it is only £22.95p…set
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