Sony Six Axis PS3 controller £18.50 delivered.
Sony Six Axis PS3 controller £18.50 delivered.

Sony Six Axis PS3 controller £18.50 delivered.

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This is the best price I have found for the official Sony Six Axis so far. Use the £15 off first order its £18.50 inc delivery (credit to edi for the code)

Code: ZG1022

Product Details:

* Utilises breakthrough technology and a highly sensitive motion sensing system so as the user moves the controller the game moves with it
* Features Bluetooth for wireless gameplay
* The PS3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at one time
* Can be swapped seamlessly from wireless to wired and automatically charged using the controller's USB cable
* The shape of the L2/R2 buttons has been altered, enabling increased depth in stroke for more subtle control in games
* The tilting angle of the analogue joy sticks has been slightly broadened to enable more delicate and more dynamic manipulation
* The information detection (L2/R2, analogue joy stick) has been increased from 8 bit to 10 bit


Love the rumble on the PS3 pad!

I don't think the PS3 official pads have rumble capability (they got sued due to nicking the technology for the PS2), still - voted hot since this is a great price for an official controller (I remember the PS2 one always used to be £30 a pop when it was new!).

id watch they dont overcharge you as my mother and i both tried ordering things with the first order discounts as we had never shopped before and even though the emails showed the discount, the full amount came off my card and hers

Great price. But im waiting for the rumble pads to come out.

Voted Hot

You might be waiting a while for rumble pads on the PS3 they have only just settled on the PS2 case.

Great find btw.

I've already got two pads and haven't even opened the second one.

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Just to let people know, Mattitude was right, I have had an email from additions driect stating £33.50!!
Phoned them up to complain and they said that I would have to call them when goods arrive to say I am keeping them and give the advisor the code and the £15 will be refunded.

One word FISHY!!


I've already got two pads and haven't even opened the second one.

Get some friends

Beware the problems with the discount code (see comments on that thread.) The code is allegedly only automatically valid if you open an account. Card payments seem to be charged the full price.

I personally cannot be bothered to chase around on the phone for £15 to be refunded to my card day/weeks/months later. (Don't you just hate it when these things don't work properly?)

just spend a extra £5 and forget this hassle. i bought one from ebay for £23 after searching around.

ebay ones dont have legitimate warranty

I'm considering getting one even though I don't have a PS3 yet - cheaper than you will find it even included in bundles. I guess they're just hoping on people not reclaiming the £15.

you can get them from empire direct for £26 or something with google checkout. best price i found.

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Well that was easy!! threw me off guard :?

My order just arrived, called up asked for £15 refund as I am keeping order, gave the girl the offer code and it will be back in bank within 14 days. :w00t:

So all I can say is just put order through wait for delivery and be nice to the rep when you call them and you should be fine. :thumbsup:

(btw just copied my post i've just put on the original code thread)
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