Sony STRDN1050 Refurbished: 7.2ch AV Receiver with NFC & Wi-Fi £300.00 @ sony Outlet

Sony STRDN1050 Refurbished: 7.2ch AV Receiver with NFC & Wi-Fi £300.00 @ sony Outlet

Found 26th Jul 2014
Browsing the Sony outlet store and found this, took me all of about 30 seconds to decide i was coughing up the cash as i've been looking at a new amp for some time, was going to go with the Onkyo 626 from Richer sounds but i think this one was too good to pass over, new model for 2014, usually around the £500 mark. Free delivery too.

link to review,…ver

info and specs:-
Model Number: STRDN1050.CEK.A

• High-Resolution Audio compatible
• Easy Bluetooth® connectivity with NFC One-touch
• Wi-Fi with DLNA and AirPlay for music streaming
• Stream and control right from your smartphone with SongPal
• Rich surround from DTS-HD and Dolby® TrueHD audio
New price:
£ 300.00 inc. VAT

You save: £ 199.00

12 Months Warranty

Bi-Amp: YES
Number of amp. channels: 7ch
Sound Field Program (Movie): YES
Sound Field Program (Music): YES
Sound Field Program (2Ch): YES
Sound Field Program (Headphone): YES
Sound Field Program (A.F.D): YES
Portable Audio Enhancer: YES
HD-D.C.S. (Digital Cinema Sound): YES
Digital Legato Linear: YES
Video 4K Output: YES
1080P/24P: YES
Deep Color: YES
X.V.Color (XVYCC): YES
Video Up Scaler & Converter: YES (Analog To Component/Hdmi)
Bravia® Sync™ (Cec Control): YES (One-Touch Play, System Audio Control, System Power Off)
HDMI® Pass Through: YES
Audio Return Channel: YES
A/V Sync: YES (Variable)
Assignable Hdmi Video In: YES
Assignable Component Video In: YES
Tuner with RDS: YES
Tuner Preset Channel (Sirius/Xm/Fm/Am): TTL60 (-/-/30/30)
HDMI Video In/Out: YES, 6/3
Composite Video Input: YES, 2
Composite Monitor Out: YES, 1
Optical Audio Input: YES, 2
Coaxial Audio Input: YES, 1
Analog Audio Input: YES, 4
Headphone Output: YES
USB: YES, 1 Front:iPhone/WM
DTS HD/DolbyTruHD/Dolby Digital+: YES/YES/YES
Dolby Digital/DTS: YES / YES
Dolby Digital EX: YES
DTS 96/24: YES
Dolby Prologic: YES
Dolby Prologic II: YES
Dolby Prologic IIx: YES
Dolby Dual Mono: YES
96kHz/24Bit PCM: YES
DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration): YES
2nd Zone Audio: Speaker (Variable) / Line (Variable, Fixed)
2nd Zone Video: HDMI
IR Repeat (In/Out): YES (1/1)
GUI (Graphical User Interface): YES
Auto Standby: YES
Receiver Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 172 x 329.4 mm
Weight: 10.3 Kg


Let's us know the condition of it once you've set it up

dead link

working link*strdn1050*&citem=4FEA5E15353801EEE10080002BC29BE1526A7F4949C716E0E10080002BC29B72&carea=%24ROOT&xcm=PCM_b2ccrmstandard&isQuery=yes&citemarea=4FEA5E15353801EEE10080002BC29BE1%29/.do

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sorry, link works for me, but possibly because i'm still logged in, ooops ;-)

awesome price for a recent release

Linkie no workie.


Linkie no workie.*strdn1050*&citem=4FEA5E15353801EEE10080002BC29BE1526A7F4949C716E0E10080002BC29B72&carea=%24ROOT&xcm=PCM_b2ccrmstandard&isQuery=yes&citemarea=4FEA5E15353801EEE10080002BC29BE1%29/.do

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I think you need to navigate to the sony uk outlet to get the cookie, the link should work then.

Would this work with wireless speakers?


Would this work with wireless speakers?

Yes, I'm pretty sure you can RCA as the 2nd zone on this but I think you're restricted to stereo. Two RCA subwoofer outputs so no problem there either.

Taken from site
•preamp outputs for 2 powered subwoofers
•stereo RCA Zone 2 outputs

gone (_;)

Sony not supporting SACD anymore then...shame



Sony not supporting SACD anymore then...shame

Technical details say's that it supports DSD over hdmi. SACD works but I've no idea if it's a discreet DSD circuit or just converting it to PCM before output. I think my Cambridge audio DVD89 does this method before analogue out and my BDP-S590 blu-ray player will do this internally as well before hdmi output if I choose PCM instead of DSD.

In a nutshell I don't think it matters too much anymore to the average user, I just like my music multi channel

Mine arrived yesterday with gaping holes in the massively inappropriate packaging, no remote and a broken plug. Called them up and there's no more stock so a refund is the only option.

Epic fail on Sony's part imop.

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Mine arrive a few hours ago, had remote (still sealed), accessories, instructions, as if it was new. really unlucky Bobba, hope they get more in stock soon.
can't wait to get mine hooked up and playing, will post an update later in the week once i get time to set it up.
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