SONY Take That singstar - PS3 @ Currys. Was £19.99, now £7.97 (R+C only)

SONY Take That singstar - PS3 @ Currys. Was £19.99, now £7.97 (R+C only)

Found 14th Nov 2011
Just picked up this from Currys tonight after reserving earlier. Seems to be quite a bit of stock around, but unfortunately not available for delivery. The yellow reduced sticker shows it was £19.99, reduced to £9.99, now £7.97. Additional songs can be downloaded via singstore. Figured it'd be fun for the wife during a girly night in (just hope I'm out)!

NOTE: Microphones will be required. Let me know if you find any good deals on them

Anyway, here's some blurb from Currys website:
Revisit your youth with the Take That for PS3 game console game by Singstar.

'It Only Takes A Minute Girl', 'Shine' and 'Relight My Fire' are amongst the wall-to-wall hits that Take That provides for you to croon to, or if you prefer, belt out - either solo, duet, or with a group of friends! The game actually scores you on how good you are, so make sure those vocal chords are in pitch-perfect shape. With a host of online extras you can download new tracks or even upload your best performances.

So watch out Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark! Sing like a star with the Take That game from Singstar.
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A quick check of stock around the East Midlands shows it is available to R+C at:
Rugby, Currys
Northampton, Riverside Business Park
Leicester, Fosse Park
Derby, Kingsway Retail Park
Nottingham, Castle Meadow Retail Park
Nottingham, Madford Retail Park
Mansfield, Currys and PC World Megastore
Newark, Northgate Retail Park
Lincoln, Currys (Tritton Retail Park)

Scratch that request for details on cheap microphones. Just ordered some compatible ones from M&S and then stumbled across MrTigerTony's post. Figured they were worth a try as reviews / comments are generally pretty good, and the official ones are not cheap.
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This is the cheapest I could find this product, although it's not much use if it's not in stock at a Currys near you! Don't forget cashback (TCB = 1.51%). Current prices from elsewhere are...

Amazon = £7.30 + £2.03 p&p
Play = £9.99
Tesco Entertainment = £16.97
Argos = £16.99

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just ordered only 1 left in my store
Seems a good deal, heat added.
Dont know much about this on the ps3 buy have played it on the ps2.
If i wanted to download singstar tracks from the online playstation store through my ps3, could i do it if i just bought this game?
Do the ps2 microphones work in the ps3?

£7.95 delivered at the Hut and Zavvi, dont forget quidco
marks and spencer have mics cheap got a twin pack for a fiver a week ago

£7.95 delivered at the Hut and Zavvi, dont forget quidco

Good spot - for some reason, neither come up when I searched google for prices!
Think Magough posted this deal earlier today, although I'd rather pick one up from a nearby store if poss as that way there is no risk other half will see it and ruin her surprise!


marks and spencer have mics cheap got a twin pack for a fiver a week ago

Cheers for the heads up. I did spot it last night tbh (mentioned in post 1). They were slighly more though, at £6.50 delivered. Hope the quality is ok - you used yours yet, what they like?
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