Sony VAIO Pro 13 Intel Haswell Ultrabook with FREE 4 year Sony Warranty TODAY ONLY and 12 Months 0% Finance Available £939 @ Sony UK

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Intel Haswell Ultrabook with FREE 4 year Sony Warranty TODAY ONLY and 12 Months 0% Finance Available £939 @ Sony UK

Found 24th Jun 2013
Fourth generation Intel Haswell Ultrabook just released by Sony with free 4 year manufacturer warranty if you buy today only 24/06/2013.

It's currently the world's lightest 13" Ultrabook at an absurdly light 2.34lb. That's about the same weight as the iPad with Retina Display plus a case. It's 25% lighter than the MacBook Air 13".

At this price it has full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS display with touch screen functionality, Intel® CoreTM i5-4200U 1.6 GHz processor, 128GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, wireless 'a' compatibility, bluetooth and carbon fibre body.

You can up the SSD to 256GB for £100, or to 512GB for £400. Also you can up the memory to 8GB for £40.

Ordered this and am uber excited! Like Apple stuff but not the OS, so have been looking for something like this. Only other options I liked were Dell XPS 13 and Asus Zenbook; but this has the makings of a class little machine... especially with the free 4 year Sony warranty!

12 Months Interest Free Finance available too through Creation!

PC Pro review here…-13
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In my experience you will need the warranty
Can you update the ram memory harddrive yourself
Only worth £89 the 4 year warranty

In my experience you will need the warranty

Lol... to be honest I was always impressed by the early VAIO stuff, and the more recent high end stuff. Granted they dropped the ball a little with the lower budget ranges for the likes of PC World / Currys, but the higher end stuff has always been impressive.


Can you update the ram memory harddrive yourself

Usually replacement HDs and upgrading of RAM are OK with regards to warranty, but I suppose you'd need to check with the individual warranty provider

Only worth £89 the 4 year warranty

The 1 year extension to 3 years is £75, normally the two year extension to 4 years is £139.
I'm currently waiting for an ultrabook/13/15" laptop with Haswell and this looks great. Specced it up and it's in my budget but there does not seem to be any information on dimensions etc
£859.00 without the optional battery.
Looks good - ignore the temperature.
You'll enjoy the SSD if you've not experienced one before.
Heat from me.
Thanks PUBLIX Have had one of the 32GB + 500GB hobbies before and the loading time is ace compared to just HDD, so can't wait to get my hands on this lol!
jeez you need the interest free at that price - you have to give it to them though, Sony have been the only ones to produce anything remotely as desirable as Apple in the laptop market
i dno about you guys but that sony laptop looks bloody sexy
Watched a MobileTechReview of this last night. Damn sexy notebook, but I just bought an XPS13 for £600off the Dell outlet.
I saw this in a sony centre that was closing down over the weekend. Didn't see a price on it but damn did it look really nice. personally im waiting for something with a stylus like the new samsung ATIV Q slider or dual screen Asus ultrabook but this Sony gets heat from me!
Thanks OP. Ordered, not forgetting 6% Quidco which was £60 on my build order!
I ordered mine last week and I've heard it has now been despatched from the factory, so hope it arrives this week. One of the common criticisms seems to be that it is quite a "flexible" build build but that does not mean it is fragile. In fact a bit of flex can be helpful.

The 4 year warranty seemed a fair enough add on, although in my experience the Sony store usually has something on offer. So if you have missed this deal then you'll prob see a deal on RAM or SSD sooner or later. I quite liked the idea of a warranty as its prob not something I would chose to buy but would be glad when I needed it!

Having lived with a cheap laptop for the last five years I was keen to get something a little more "premium" this time. The weight was a big factor for me, I wanted something that I can easily slip in and out of my bag. I also like touch based Win 8 (yes, really!) so a touch based machine was a must have, add in the 8gb ram and a 256gb drive and this should get a lot of use over the next 5 years (although suspect it will break a day after the warranty ends!).

Apologies if the following link is not appropriate, but there are a few UK based pro owners gathering on a dedicated independent community forum over here. We'd love to hear from anyone who has had theirs shipped and hope this can become a nice little forum for new owners.

Have NO IDEA why this has been voted cold. I'm a big Apple fan and have the 13 inch MacBook Air but if I wanted a Windows only laptop then this is what I'd get. Sony and Apple are the only PC manufacturers whose design actually looks premium and sexy. The 4 year warranty seems like an amazing deal!

Maybe this has been voted cold because most HUKD members think that if a laptop isn't a £259 one from the Curry's bargain bin then it's not a proper deal....?
Is this better than the new samsung 9? Which is similar in specs...

And is the £80 battery worth getting for this laptop? Will you be able to charge both whilst its connected to the laptop ? Or would it be seperate
wakkaday, I too have been comparing the 9 with this along with the Dell XPS 13, and Asus Zenbook.
Had made my mind up with the Zen but it's time for launch is still a while away with also numerous complaints and experience with their lack of service.

The Samsung... I've got one currently in repair for someone and I've had a good look/play with it. It's nice but I think the Sony is better looking, slimmer, and lighter. Also at the time of looking, I could not find a Series 9 with full HD screen AND i7. It was either full HD and i5 for the 15" version or standard res and i7 with the 13". That may chance. If I am wrong there, then it was a case of not being able to get the 8GB version which is also a must for me.

I think the Sony is a winner and I am about to order it now myself.
Just ordered it.
I can't remember but I'm almost certain yesterday the 8GB upgrade from 4 was chargable but either way, it's not today and I got it free as an upgrade.

So in total, £1138.99 for

Product ID : SVP1321C5E
Description : Laptop SV-P1321C5E - Configurable
Price : 1.138,99
Touch Screen : Touch Screen
Memory : 8 GB 1600 MT/s DDR3L-SDRAM
Storage : 256 GB SATA Flash SSD
Graphics : Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Battery : Battery life up to 7 hours
Keyboard Style : Backlight keyboard
NFC technology : NFC technology included USB Port(s) : 2x USB 3.0 Wireless LAN : Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11abgn) Processor : Intel® CoreTM i7-4500U 1.8 GHz Display : 33.7 cm LED, 1920x1080 Finishes : Carbon Black Bluetooth® : Bluetooth® 4.0 Security features : No security features Warranty : 2 years warranty McAfee Security Software : No protection AC Adapter : 1 AC Adapter Adobe® Creation : No Adobe Creation
HDMI(TM) output : HDMI(TM) output
Ethernet Wi-Fi & VGA dongle : No Ethernet Wi-Fi & VGA dongle Adobe® Lightroom® : No Adobe® Lightroom 4 Microsoft® Office 2013 : Office 365 Home Premium Trial Operating system : Windows 8 Language and keyboard : English (QWERTY)

Quantity : 1
Product ID : VAIOEWY406
Description : 4 year warranty
Price : 0,00

Edited by: "aj84" 26th Jun 2013
Not sure why this is expired though!

Not sure why this is expired though!

the deal was in the 4 years warranty - is this still available ?
it is as well so this is £40 cheaper for 8gb memory
No idea why this is cold. This is a great little machine and the first to really have it all at a reasonable price. Where else can you buy a sexy ultrabook with i7, SSD, 1080p, extremely portable and light and 4 yr warranty for just over £1000? The equivalent apple must be double this price.

I'm seriously considering getting one but might wait a few weeks and see if one turns up on sony's outlet. Nice find tho op.
I ordered the same spec as you aj54 except I've ordered the extended battery and unfortunately had to pay for the ram upgrade but not a problem as I got 62.95 back on quidco.

Can't wait for the laptop to arrive. Had the new Acer S7 or Samsung Ativ book 9 plus in mind but I have a hunch that Sony Vaio Pro would be the cheapest out of the 3 so I ordered it. Plus I do not see the point in having such a high resolution screen on a 13" laptop that the new S7 and Samsung 9 have.
But this is 13 inch with high res screen. I think this laptop is good but I will wait for samsung and see price
well yeah but the Acer S7's resolution is 2560 x 1440 (but you can also get the S7 in the same resolution as Vaio) and the Samsung is 3200 x 1800. My point is they all use the Intel 4400 graphics chip and so I would imagine that with the resolution the Acer and especially Samsung are using it will have a bit of a performance hit compared to the Sony. But we shall see how they perform once they are all out and compared to each other.

Yeh and the battery life is an issue too? All reviews I have read say sony keyboard trackpad is amazingly good and compared to MacBook which is a plus point

The samsung is rumoured to last 12 hours which is fantastic without need of an accessory battery

Ah I need a laptop but not sure whether to take plunge with this one
There is black, silver and carbon colours , are they all touch screen? Is the basic black model of the pro touch screen it doesn't state it ?
Basic Black is non-touch. Touch is only on the Silver and Carbon (extra £80)
Black is non touch, silver and carbon are touch. You can play with the online configurator.

As for the battery life, take it with a pinch of salt until some one properly reviews it.

You checked out the indepth review vid, 20mins long on mobiletechreview.

If you can wait it out then at least you will have the option. I've been looking for a whole year now and hopefully the Sony will work for me.
Basic Black is non-touch. Touch is only on the Silver and Carbon (extra £80)
monde - did your £62 track on quidco? Mine has not as of yet and the reviews seem to show they don't pay up either.

I now regret not buying the slice battery - might call them in a bit to see if I can still add it
@ 6 hours, it's more of a luxury but I'm also thinking that it should in theory add a bit of meat to the bottom where the reviews were showing that pressing the touchpad seemed to feel the base of the laptop because it was so thin.

Mine is still currently on preparing your order
Just rang Sony as I needed to make a very slight change to the delivery address. Asked about the battery but it's too late. I would have to cancel it and re-order which is just too much hassle given they're holding the funds already.

So, if anyone wants to buy one here but does not want the slice battery, I'd be happy to send over £80 for it (+ delivery) for it Otherwise I'll order from Sony in the states and bring it down via a friend.
Yeah my £62.95 tracked the day after.

Just got an email today saying my Vaio is in production now and the earliest expected delivery is 1st July.

As for the extended battery I had the same idea as you, supposedly once you plug it in, there's a small gap to allow the fans to work better if you have it on say your lap etc.

Bet you're looking forward to it
Mines still in preparation
I doubt it will be Monday, judging from a few forums its took them 9 days from ordering to get a shipping email. So I should get that email on 3rd July.

I am really looking forward to it, I have been looking for a laptop for a while now and my current one is doing my nut in, takes 10 minutes before I can actually start using it, the fan kicks in all the time, when its on battery everything slows down, weighs a tonne, plus the amount of junk Toshiba's come installed with is ridiculous. Going to wipe this laptop clean and give it to a family member once the Sony arrives.
With the Slice battery? How long will the battery last ? Can you charge both batteries if I always have it connected via one charger
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