Sony VAIO VGN-NS11JS 4GB RAM / 320GB HD / 2GHz T5800 @ Misco £509.99 + Quidco

Sony VAIO VGN-NS11JS 4GB RAM / 320GB HD / 2GHz T5800 @ Misco £509.99 + Quidco

Found 14th Mar 2009
Sony VAIO NS11J/S / Core 2 Duo T5800 2GHz / Centrino / 4GB RAM / 320GB HDD / DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM / GMA 4500MHD / 802.11 a/b/g/n (draft) / Vista Home Premium / 15.4" TFT / Camera / Notebook

Great entry level laptop, OK it has integrated graphics so not for the gamers but this is a great price for a Vaio (Amazon have it at £589) plus you can get £15.52 back through Quidco making it a sub-£500 bargain!


Can those voting cold please explain why or recommend a equally good spec laptop (for cheaper) as I was looking at getting one of these :thumbsup:

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I think it's because they generally don't like the integrated graphics. However whether or not this affects you is entirely down to how you'll use the laptop: I'm buying this for my sister to replace her dying POS Acer - a brand I'l never now touch with a bargepole (there are some well speced Acers out there at this price point but honestly you get what you pay for)!

The remaining specs (and beware of seemly good specs but with ancient chipsets) and the Sony build quality and after-sales support easily swing the deal for me. Sure you could knock 20 quid off and get a similarly specced HP or Tosh but like I say - this is the right laptop for the purpose.

I'm torn between this and the Sony Vaio NR38E which is only £399 at Sainsbury's...

This is a better spec, but I'm not sure whether it's worth £100+ more?

Although I have seen a second hand NS11J for £425...

Choices choices :?

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There's always the Vaio NS20ES, which is basically the same machine but with 1GB less RAM and a slightly smaller hard drive (250GB), it's 459.99 at cdiscount with 4.5% cashback deal through Quidco making it only about 30 quid ish more than the NR38E. A 32bit OS can't take advantage of the full 4GB anyway so that would be a reasonable compromise maybe?

Looking at the specs for the NR38E I'd say the older Core Duo would put me off.

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Hang on, my bad, that also only has a core duo. So yes I'd say the original is worth the balance

ent a bad deal shame there not a better graphics chip (Graphics Controller Intel GMA 4500MHD) doesn't quite cut it for me. Still voting hot as this is cheap so a sony beast
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