Sony VGNFS415B FS Intel Pentium M740 (1.73Ghz) for £474.50!!
Sony VGNFS415B FS Intel Pentium M740 (1.73Ghz) for £474.50!!

Sony VGNFS415B FS Intel Pentium M740 (1.73Ghz) for £474.50!!

Hey Ppl!

My first deal post.

Was browsing around for a decent laptop to buy when noticed this Sony Vaio which is 50% according to prices on some sites!

Its on sale for £474.50 which I think is a pretty good deal! It has various specs but not sure which one is available at this price!

Sony Vaio VGNFS415B
Brief Specs:
Sony VGNFS415B FS Intel Pentium M740 (1.73Ghz).
Pentium M740 processor and 2Mb cache.
1.6Ghz Celeron M390 processor (?)
56kps modem.
80Gb hard drive.
15.4ins colour CRT. Im sure they mean TFT etc
Intel graphics media accelerator 900 with 128Mb max.
Double layer DVDRW up to 24 x faster when burning.
Wi-Fi . 802.116g.

What do you people think, also I managed to find a post on this on MSE.

Is this place reliable to buy from? and is the laptop worth its money?

Hope to hear from you ppl soon


Only thing that worries me is it says Pentium 1.73GHz in one spot and then 1.6GHz celeron in another!

If it's the 1.73GHz it's a good spot.

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Yeah, I know what you mean.....there are a few errors on the way they've listed it as in "14.1 CRT" lol......Im very confused about this! lol :?

Just that I thought Dell may release an offer soon which beats this!

YOu can find the technical spec for the model at ]http//ww…res
which should help to show what is accurate and what is not. In this case it does have a pentium M processor not a celeron (According to Sony)

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So I don't think its a "Bargaintastic" :-D deal then???
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