Sony VPCE3LOE/BQ £575.99 @ Costco

Sony VPCE3LOE/BQ £575.99 @ Costco

Found 27th Jan 2011
Intel core i3 processor 2.4ghz
4gb memory
500gb Hard Drive
Bluray/DVD/CD drive
2 years warranty


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I am not a techie but was wandering if this was a good deal. If not where is there any better deals

Spec above is imcomplete (no screen size or graphics card info)

Depends on the use. For games sacrificing the Blueray drive in favour of a decent graphics card would be more important. Example (I'm sure someone will find a better deal):…8A1

or deals like:…709

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sorry screen size is 15.5. does not say anything on the graphics card in the booklet. Dont really need it for gaming.

Depends if you are looking for a Sony. There are other makes with similar spec for lower money

If blueray not important:
Similar Spec (Hard Disk, the internal storage, is only 250GB and no Blueray)…tml

As above, put in another 2GB Ram (about £20-30 - fits in a trapdoor at bottom)…709

This one is far better (except processor), but aimed more at games for less money (includes cashback deal though)…865

Do a search for Laptop on HotukDeals, there are better deals.

I am a techie (well an ex techie now a PM) and this is a good machine for the money. However if you are not going to use the extra RAM or Blu Ray and are just going to surf the net. Buy a net book for 250 quid.
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