Sony W Series Walkman Was: £59.00 Now: £29.00 @ M&S

Sony W Series Walkman Was: £59.00 Now: £29.00 @ M&S

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Very good for all runners/gymers no wires to get caught up in.

£3.50 delivery

These are about £50-60 everywhere else. Overpriced for what it is, but its a nice design and it's sony worth it for £30ish

Free 2 year guarantee

2GB wearable mp3 player with high quality secure-fit headphones. Outstanding sound quality, ZAPPIN™ song search mode, and with 12 hours battery life, this unique and lightweight player is ideal for the street or the gym


Are these any good ? I am considering one just to go "cable free" for the gym but am a little worried about if they don't fit my ears...

Nice find though Heat Added

After some quick review searching i am staying away due to many saying as soon as sweat drips in they die. SOme are saying after only a few sessions at the gym oO

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I'm m more concerned about the 2gb memory. Good price all the same.

i used to use similar design head/earphones for the gym. Now they have incorporated the MP3 player into it - ingenius! I would definately go for one of these if i had some loose cash lying around


not great sound quality although sertainly a deal, Good find.:D

I have these:…479?smid=A3FEGTELUKCQYO&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B001GXR1P2

if you want size, and have an ipod/iphone etc...

A guy at my gym has these and to be honest, he looks a right numpty wearing them. When i first saw him wearing them i thought he had 2 bluetooth headsets on, one in each ear....which i thought was a bit odd...then i realised it was one of these MP3 headsets.

Good price though, but they do look stupid on.

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Saw these on gadget show and they got a terrible rating, too fiddley to change tracks

I own one of them and must admit they may look stupid on indeed... To make up for it, they are really brilliant, just perfect for any sort of exercise you do - it stays where it is, comes with 3 ear plug-in sizes. Make sure you have one of the latest models as main (NWZ-W252) as there was many complaints and returns regarding sweat getting into earphones and causing damage - that has been sorted with my model onwards. I use it every single day and have never any problems whatsoever, I can only highly recommended it!!!

I use an iPod shuffle, just tuck wires under t shirt works perfectly, only need 2 gb for gym any way unless you spend hours in there

This is a great price BUT.....a word of warning. As one of the earlier posts says, there is a serious problem with the design, in that they fail once they've come into contact with sweat a few times.

I got through 4 of them in 4 weeks 18 months ago, returning to Amazon each time because of the same problem - the unit froze up after a couple of wears. I found them really comfortable to wear when running as there was no cable to worry about, but they're just not fit for purpose. Very disappointing and a shame.

Good find OP - I'm absolutely gutted at the price now.

As has been said, these have been around for a good while. I bought a set in black on the day they were released to use while washing the car, because it was a lot cheaper than a pair of Oakley Thumps.
They work well for that purpose, but I concede they do look daft on, so I only wore them for a couple of months.
I think they didn't take off partly because of that reason - I've seen one other person wearing similar since.

The product itself is very nicely presented and is thoughtfully designed to look pleasing while charging, with a pulsing glow in a strip between the two ear pieces, which magnetically go together and turn the unit off. It has reasonably good sound quality and volume, both plus points if you are used to Apple devices, but 2GB is a bit mean for today's level of technology.

There is no display, so to find a song means clicking through everything until it's found, but that's not a problem if you just want a session of music while doing another activity.

Almost impossible to control with their "revolutionary" ZAPPIN control. You have to stop to use it and it takes forever to get used to it.

I had one of these a while ago, but returned it. The ear units don't weigh a lot, but were heavy enough to jiggle out of my ears with anything faster than a walk.
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