Sony W70 Digital Camera £137.70                      Was £279.00

Sony W70 Digital Camera £137.70 Was £279.00

Found 21st Nov 2007
£153 or £137.70 with 10% off code WCSLP001BCP

Product name Sony CyberShot DSC-W70 Silver
Best price £199.99
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Type Digital Compact
Image resolution
Effective Pixels 7.2 mpx Indicates the resolution or quality of the picture. A mega pixel is a million pixels where every pixel is a dot and its size is decided by the resolution. Cameras that can handle more than 2 million ... More info
Max. Resolution 3072x2304 pixels Indicates the maximum resolution in pixels horizontal and vertical. The higher the resolution the higher the quality of the pictures.
Available Resolutions 3072x2304, 3072x2048, 2592x1944, 2048x1536, 1920x1080, 1632x1224, 640x480 pixels
Sensor Type SuperCCD The sensor is the chip (CCD, SuperCCD, CMOS) which records light falling on it, in the digital camera. It is the device which actually captures "the picture" (a digital camera's film). Most common sta ... More info
Size 1/2.5 inch
Optical Zoom 3.0 x Indicates the optical zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture can be enlarged with the optics of the camera.
Focal Length (Wide-Tele)(35mm equivalent) 38-114 Focal length is measured in millimetres, it is defined as the distance from the lens to a point where parallel rays are focused to a point.
Digital Zoom 2.0 x Indicates the digital zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture is enlarged thanks to digital technology.
Aperture (Lens data) F2.8-F5.2 Indicates how much lights the lens lets in. The lower the f number, the more light comes in.
Autofocus Yes
Focus Distance (normal-macro) 50-2
Filter Thread No If the camera has a filter thread, you can screw on additional filters. A filter can be placed in front of the lens either to create effects, such as sparkles from candles, to protect the cameras int ... More info
White Balance Auto, Preset (Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Flash) White balance is a name given to a system of colour correction to deal with differing lighting conditions.
Shutter Speed 1/8-1/2000 seconds The minimum and maximum shutter speeds available.
ISO Rating 80/100/200/400/800/1000 The sensitivity of the imaging chip
Metering Options Multi pattern, Center weighted, Spot The metering system in a digital camera is the system which measures the amount of light in the current frame and calculates the best-fit exposure. The metering method defines how and what part of the ... More info
Internal Flash Yes Indicates if there is a built in flash.
Flash Modes Auto, Red eye reduction, Forced On, Forced Off, Slow-Sync
LCD Monitor
Built-in Color Monitor Yes Indicates if there is a built in colour screen. A built in colour screen makes it possible to instantly see the result of your photograph, then you can choose if you want to save the picture or discar ... More info
LCD Size 2.5 Inch
LCD Resolution 115000 pixels
Video Recording Yes Indicates if the camera can record video.
Video Recording Data 640x480, 30fps
Built-in Microphone Yes Enables the camera to record audio.
Integrated Speaker Yes
File formats
Image Format JPEG
Video Format MPEG
Product properties
Picture Stabilization No This makes it possible to prevent blurry pictures caused by hand movements.
Viewfinder Optical/LCD The viewfinder is the optical "window" you look through to compose the scene. There are three different types of viewfinder implemented in digital cameras, though the most common is the Optical Viewfi ... More info
Self Timer Yes
Interface USB Indicates what type of port the camera has for connection to a computer. Most new digital cameras use USB connection, which is a fast way to transfer data. High end models might use FireWire, which is ... More info
Interface Version USB (v. 2.0)
Video Out Yes With the help of video-out you can display your pictures on a TV.
Audio Out Yes
Camera Only Yes Select yes if you're interested in cameras only, select no to also include bundles of cameras with extra memory.
Memory Types Supported Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick DUO PRO
Memory Type Included Internal The memory card type that comes standard with the camera.
Storage Included 58 MB
Power source
Battery Type Lithium ion
Battery Charger Included
Power Adapter Included
Manufacturer Sony
Weight 127.0 grams Indicates the weight of the camera in grams.
Dimensions (HxWxD) 57x89x23 mm
Manufacturers Site & Product PDF
Product home page English


Sorry, perhaps not helpful, but my experience with Sony digi-cameras has been bad. Have had two, and both failed within two years (and usual story, not worth fixing due to huge repair costs). I've had similar problems with a Sony vaio laptop and have subsequently moved from being a person who bought into the whole vaio promise several years ago of the integrated Sony home system to someone who has vowed not to buy Sony again (within reason). Just my thoughts - I'll stick with Canon or such like for cameras...

Description's a bit long there mate - it takes up a big chunk of the page when you are looking at the site. You might want to cut it down in future - you can always add the specs in a comment.......:thumbsup:

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]http//ww…0-1also found Sony Cyber-shot W80 Digital Camera £144 at Jessops using code JESSOPS10 (10%off)

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oh and its 9% quidco today at jessops!

Bargain Crazy are having a laugh.... this is cold

I got one of these from them for £91 a few months ago.. a great buy, but at the current price (xmas trade) there are better cameras out there:

This is the previous £91 post…775
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