Sony Walkman NWZX1060B X Series 32GB (£229.99 @ Amazon)
Sony Walkman NWZX1060B X Series 32GB (£229.99 @ Amazon)

Sony Walkman NWZX1060B X Series 32GB (£229.99 @ Amazon)

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The price seems to have dropped from around £299.99 at launch about a week ago.

Also the same price at PLAY.COM

Product description

Serious about your music and video and want a portable player that delivers the best of both? Check out the X Series WALKMAN® from Sony.

The 32GB X Series has enough storage capacity for up 8,000 songs or 120 hours of video. The X Series offers unrivalled features and incredible audio and visual quality and supports a vast range of formats including MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC, AVI, WMV and more so you can play a range of tracks and videos, whatever the source.

Want to listen to something new? The X Series also has a built in FM tuner so you can enjoy your favourite radio stations to on the move.

The X Series is beautifully designed. It comes in a stunning graphite finish, with aluminium buttons and is built to feel slim yet solid. With a crystal clear OLED touchscreen, integrated noise-cancellation, built-in Wi-Fi for browsing the web or watching YouTube, and support for high-quality video, it's the ultimate digital media player.


im not sure why people are voting cold
this is a hot deal, £70 of RRP and play.com too at same price
People clearly dont understand why its £229. It's a highly anticipated Sony walkman, and this is a brilliant price.

Hot, but as a word of warning, you must use the supplied headphones to use the noise cancelling feature

The only disapointment i had when reading up on the specs of this, is that it doesn't support Bluetooth audio. For something so packed with features, it seems odd that they left it out.

Still - these players are terrifyingly expensive. I'm not overly surprised that they are getting a lukewarm reaction.

There is no question that Sony mp3 players are definitely the best in terms of sound quality. However I also think the price (just now) for these x-series players are quite expensive - compared to the s639f and s739f. I have an s639f and it is simply excellent, by far better than the latest iPod nano and classic which I had before. In my opinion you are better off getting one of those, unless you want a 32GB Sony and one which features Wifi; then this is your only option.

Still a good deal all the same but play beats amazon with the 5% code.

Great price for this considering as mentioned before - the RRP is £299!

Heat added.

Just did a bit of quick reading on head-fi forums and it seems that the x-series does infact sound better that the s-series. Although can it be that much of an improvement....? The s-series already sounds superb.

This player is mainly for audiophiles. The Youtube and browser are nice bonuses.

Same price at Play.com and the 16gb is £179,

For the
check out the argos-clearancebargins on ebay
Item number: 260393421649

the RRP of this item is a rip off

People you need to remember this is a brand new market for sony....its touch screen! so ites being marketed up against the ipod touch and really nothing else....so price wise its pretty good! its a gorgeous machine!

personally though....aside from sound quality....from working in a sony centre....i prefer the touch (i have one myself) .....bigger screen, better interface, apps etc!

The price still too high at this moment....

I'm a massive fan of sony MP3/4 - but as glorious a product as this is I'm going to refrain from voting as it is a shockingly high price for someone looking for a regualr player.

I guess it's hot only if you are looking for a Sony 32gb walkman and want one now.

I am thinking og getting one of these,Had a ipod touch but ound it a pain for music as the sound quality is not good and having to take it out of your pocket and look at the screen to skip tracks is a PITA,Also this lets you download Iplayer so easy to get video on and the best bit no Itunes,

the price isnt too high. The difference is, if we compeare the 16gb which is £180 @ play.com
to something like the 16gb NWZ-A729 posted. Which is £70, the X series has touch screen, and a larger screen size.
It indeed does have better audio, and the headphones supplied are without doubt very high quality with the noise cancellation.
Also to be able to view videos from the internet too, and its main price reason being the screen change, to OLED, which is fastly becoming popular choice and better than current LCD screens. OLED displays much better pictures than current LCD screens, so viewing videos on a screen like this which is larger, and better quality is a main selling point from Sony.

Undoubtably to the people who understand the price of the X series, a great deal.!

Original Poster

This isn't the cheapest MP4/MP3 player you can buy, but this is not cheapukdeals. This is however the cheapest price you can find this model at right now, so i don't understand the cold votes it's getting.

I suppose if it's not cheap chicken or a 16gb flash drive its not worth posting, but thanks to those who understand the deal and voted hot.

With the Zune HD announced, things are definitely getting interesting.


Totally overpriced

I dont think anything sounds as sweet as an ipod played through a BOSE :whistling:

Tara Pinkerton;5328601

Totally overpriced I dont think anything sounds as sweet as an ipod … Totally overpriced I dont think anything sounds as sweet as an ipod played through a BOSE :whistling:

How wrong you are, you obviously have never heard real sound.

I guess you are using a Bose sounddock??

If you actually care about sound quality, at £230 its good value.

Its no itouch killer though. Then again, you would not buy an itouch if your main purpose was sound quality.

Basically you are getting one of the best sounding players on the markert that will get you over 30 hours of playback.

If you want a toy that does everything get on itouch, if you are serious about music, check out one of these in a sony centre.

[QUOTE=Tara Pinkerton;5328601]Totally overpriced

I dont think anything sounds as sweet as an ipod played through a BOSE :whistling:[/QUOTE

I think what you wanted to say is, nothing looks as sweet as an Ipod connected to a BOSE.


Overpriced = BOSE.

Totaly overpriced = Ipod + BOSE

Casue you can achive better sound quality for 1/2 of the price.
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