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Posted 9 December 2022

Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, up to 32H battery , black - £79 @ Amazon

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Decent noise cancelling earbuds from Sony, not the latest generation but still good value for someone at £79. Silver also available for £69.80 but 1 in stock at time of posting. Combine with the £7 Amazon locker credit and it's a greta deal.

From Sony
Put the outside world on hold. With Digital Noise Cancelling technology and a truly wireless design, WF-1000XM3 offer a smart listening experience. Adaptive sound control and an ergonomic design mean superior sound quality and a comfortable fit whatever you're doing.
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    Easy to change the batteries on these if needed
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    I have the XM3 ( Over 2 years ) and XM4's, upgraded to the XM4's with the latest Amazon deal. Sound quality is very similar, XM4's have a slight edge. Noise cancelling is about the same. The only issues are that you occasionally have to give the XM3's a twist to get the seal when walking. The blue flashing light is annoying, you look like a police car when its dark!

    One thing I will say is the feel quality of the XM3's is far better than the XM4's. The XM4's feel cheap.

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    these are amazing, battery charging case lasts me around 3 weeks (in the gym about an hour a day 6x a week) so i get around 18 hours of use from the charging case and headphones.

    Like others have said, these can slip out when i bend over etc, rare for me but happens.
    I wear a hat to keep them in. Really great headphones. Batteries last forever
  4. Avatar
    Sound quality and noise cancellation on these are top notch. Comparable to anything premium that has come out even 2 years later. However, definitely not for running or any vigorous gym workout
  5. Avatar
    Great sound and noise cancelling, but useless when running. Because falling off my ears, I had to return them.
    Put them IN your ears, not ON them. Joking aside, I've used these daily in the gym for a few years now and they are decent. Never tried running at speed in them but I understand what you are saying as they do seem a bit loose. However better fitting sponge tips can be had which may well help. (edited)
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    Originally bought some for my son, but they kept on falling out of his ears. So I got him some others and kept these for myself.

    However, when I did eventually start using them they would fall out of my ears all the time too, just with varying degrees of repetition depending on what I’m doing. Even just sitting down eating something will make them fall out. And I’ve tried all the tips both foam and rubber.

    So I could never recommend them based on my own experience. I suspect they fall out often because they’re too top heavy…?
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    I have got crap battery life after not even 2 years, with the right one the one in worst condition... Sounds good and fair confortable but keep in mind that if u don't want to bin them easily u might need to replace the batteries (fairly easy to do)
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    Great earphones but forget using these outside. The wind kills them completely. Have first gen AirPod pro’s and yes the sound quality isn’t anywhere near as good but the fact I can use them outside makes me use them more. My Sony’s are for the office only.

    Are the XM4’s the same?
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    The touch controls on the Sony buds is awful if you ever intend to use one earbud at a time look for a earbud that has all controls accessible from a single ear bud e.g. Pixel Buds Pros or Bose QCII
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    Nice price
  11. Avatar
    Love my xm4's and had the xm3's before and they are great, good price and heat added
  12. Avatar
    Insane deal, for this quality of earphones
  13. Avatar
    Absolute bargain at this price, not worth considering any other earphones.
  14. Avatar
    To the people who've had both the xm3 and xm4s, so both versions fall out/ come loose, or just the xm3?
  15. Avatar
    Argh, so tempting, I already have the XM3 headphone’s!
    Don't get it,I have one of this last 2 years sound quality is not good at all,get galaxy bud live instead
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  17. Avatar
    What is this £7 amazon locker credit?
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    Thanks for this, still £79. Always fancied these, I’ve been using the buds live until now
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    Mine after 2 years of very light usage needs battery replacement. Don’t last over 2 hours with NC on and 70-80% volume. Otherwise the sound it’s excellent, NC do the job.
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    What's the consensus on in-ear for flying? Can they do the job, or is over-ear the only way to go?
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