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Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones USED - VERY GOOD £177.66 @ Amazon Spain

£177.66£247.7828% off
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Posted 12th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones USED - VERY GOOD Condition listed at 208 euros on amazon spain aprox 177.66 pounds sterling

What's in the box?
Headphone; USB Type-C Cable (20cm); Audio Cable (Color Variation / 1.2m); Carrying Case (Color Variation); In-flight Adapter

Info added by @Sashecuador

Features and details
Noise Canceling technology thanks to the HD Noise Canceling QN1 processor (disclaimer in the description)
Premium sound quality - High-Res Audio is supported and compressed music is upscaled using DSEEE Extreme technology
Speak-to-chat function: when speaking, the headphones automatically stop the music and activate the ambient sound mode so you can talk to your interlocutor without having to remove the headphones
With multipoint connection, these headphones can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time
30 hours of battery life with Noise Canceling activated and even faster charging (10 min. of charge equals 5 hours of playback)*
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  1. Avatar
    BAD, second hand and from Spain so returning is a pain in the ass
  2. Avatar
    I paid £130 for used like new from Amazon France. This was after an unexpected refund on import duty.
    They were like new.
    Not sure what the condition of these will be like.
    I've been waiting for someone to comment on whether import duty refunds exist as Amazon seem to allow for more than should be expected, and mention possibility of refund in terms - it can make quite a difference to final price. Thanks! (edited)
  3. Avatar
    No way would I pay this kind of money for used ..
  4. Avatar
    Good headphones but I'm not sure why a used item from Spain is getting so much heat on hukd.
  5. Avatar
    Second hand
  6. Avatar
    XM5s are out, just FYI.
    Only add around £200 and they're yours
  7. Avatar
    Do you need to pay custom duty on someone’s ear juice separately?

    Replying to

    Maybe wash your ears might help
  8. Avatar
    Seems expensive for used.
  9. Avatar
    How much would be a "good deal" for brand new?
    About £200 - £210.
  10. Avatar
    I bought from techinthebasket for 210, they seem to be genuine and from UAE, but got 2 year warranty and pay with PayPal... worth the risk. Took over a week to arrive however.
  11. Avatar
    A lot of money for second hand headphonbes
    Agreed, especially when they XM3s are so close to these and can be picked up new for less than that on a now pretty routine basis!
  12. Avatar
    Second hand or OOS?
  13. Avatar
    Put used - Very Good in the title.
  14. Avatar
    Spanish not great but seems to be Amazon warehouse, so wouldn’t be brand new.
  15. Avatar
    Expecting them to go to around this price new very soon, cannot be long with the 5 out a deal will pop up some where soon
  16. Avatar
    Waiting for these new at this and will bite
  17. Avatar
    I bought used like new xm3s a few weeks ago from Amazon Spain, they were indistinguishable from new
  18. Avatar
    XM5s are out and £379 F.Y.I.
  19. Avatar
    i bought a mouse as very good before - it was nice at the top, but scratched up at the bottom.
    Buying it as used-very good is probably hit and miss.
  20. Avatar
    Just bought this set of headphones from the UK warehouse - again, 'used-very good'. Arrived yesterday and to be absolutely honest I seriously doubt they have ever been used. The packaging was perfect, was sealed and all items had their paper wrap arounds. I paid £217 (had a couple of vouchers) so not as cheap as this offer, but delighted and sound, and noise cancellation is excellent. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    I managed to get a set from a woman who had never used them and paid £130 brand new in the box, i even managed to register the warranty, good deal (edited)