Sony X-Bass MDR-XB500 Headphones - £40.79 @ play

Sony X-Bass MDR-XB500 Headphones - £40.79 @ play

Found 21st Jan 2011

Experience deep, deep bass with our XXL 40mm XB driver unit, for a rich bass sound that brings you closer to the club music you love in amazing Sony sound quality
Thick pressure-relieving king-size urethane earpad cushions for extreme unbeatable comfort all day or night long.
Neodymium magnet delivers powerful clear mid-range sounds, perfectly paired with the deep thumping bass line
Tightly sealed acoustic design for a supreme level of sound isolation and rich bass sound, to stop any of your music leaking out
Oxygen Free Copper voice coil for powerful handling capacity (1500mW)
Durable and lightweight 1.2m flat cord, both-sided, for tangle-free listening
104dB/mW sensitivity for a loud sound output
Wide frequency response range, from 4 up to a huge 24,000Hz, reproducing a smooth low bass line right through to the highest pitch treble
New seamless flat and wide headband plus hairline aluminium finish for enhanced wearing comfort and total style
Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug


Same price as Amazon if anyone wondered.

'Sony's long-awaited, high-end MDR-XB700'

If you want high end sony try googling 'SONY MDR-R1O'. They grow the voice diaphragm using bacteria! Think they were one of the old batch of 'I wonder how good we can make it?' products from Sony. bit like the headphone version of a Bugatti Veyron.

These are the MDR-XB500 not 700? Anyway highend look at Grado doesn't get much better then that iGrado are excellent for the price
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