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Posted 22 August 2023

Sony Xperia 1 IV, 256GB, Black, 12GB RAM, 4K, 2024 Warranty Used Very Good / Oppo Find N2 Flip Dimensity 9000 £476.10 (HumptyDP) with Code

£386.10£42910% off
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Very good condition, £386.10, code is WOW10, credit for that

Link to N2 Flip at £476 using same code
  • World´s first optical zoom 85–125mm on a smartphone. *1 Images free of digital degradation, the same fast speed and AF capabilities in all lenses *2
  • The world´s fist smartphone with 4K HDR 120fps video recording on all lenses *1.
  • Live stream video direct to video streaming services from your phone using Videography Pro.
  • Immerse yourself in the brightest ever 4K HDR OLED 120Hz refresh rate display.
  • Authentic listening for music lovers. Audio tuned in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Stream the lastest movies with BRAVIA Core
  • Camera description: Triple Lens Camera

Screen - 8/10 with a few marks from use (mainly light marks or small marks)
Sides - 9/10 with a few very small marks
Back - 8/10 with a few marks
Overall = 8.5/10

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  1. Pricklerickle's avatar
    how this compares with pixel 7 pro,seems price too good
    fishmaster's avatar
    OK so they're both 2022 phones.

    The Sony has a unique 21:9 ratio screen, which you either like or don't. This makes the phone narrower but taller.
    The Sony has a better chipset than the Tensor G2 on the Pixel
    The camera system on the Sony is very good especially the variable telephoto up to 5.2x optical zoom. However the Pixel is the king of "One Size Fits All" photography which means unless you know what you're doing with the Sony, it just won't produce photos as pleasing as a Pixel. It lacks a lot of photo processing compared to other phones, but it offers proper manual control of the camera.
    Charging is a bit quicker on the Sony
    OS and Security update support easily goes to the Pixel, no contest.
    The overall software experience and integration of Pixel features and software enhancements easily goes to the Pixel.

    Buy the Sony if you want a unique 21:9 phone ratio, you want a bit more powerful phone, you don't care about long term support and you know your way around camera settings and know digital photography theory to get the best photos.

    Effectively the Sony is an enthusiasts media consumption phone. It doesn't cater for everyone and it doesn't even try. This is for people who want to tinker with photography settings or don't care about photography and just want an awesome form factor for media consumption. If you don't know what you're doing with the camera you can use Auto settings but the photos will not compare to other smartphones of this era because the Auto mode is just average so you'll get average photos without the pop and zing HDR processed 'goodness' of Samsung, Google et al.
  2. menz78's avatar
    Is this phone any good compared to Samsung ultra 21/22 ? As I have always used Samsung note phones and not sure if Sony 1 might be a good option as Sony does good camera's ?
    face-crab's avatar
    Depends what you expect. Samsung (and most phone) cameras perform loads of post processing to make the image look more punchy, high contrast and saturated. People tend to find this more immediately pleasing.
    I'd say it makes images look unrealistic and over processed.

    The Sony takes much more natural looking shots which you can then add crazy filters and contrast to in Snapseed or similar if you like. I much prefer the colour science and natural look of the Sony in comparison.

    The Sony screen is unmatched with the 4K 120Hz OLED, although you could argue it's overkill, 4K content does look supremely crispy.
    The dual front firing speakers with all the dolby and other magic tricks sound full and you can genuinely enjoy films with just the phone.

    Sony is near stock Android with some neat features thrown in. Like game enhancer that lets you choose all manner of power/performance options for individual apps including routing power direct to the device, bypassing the battery and therefore prolonging the life of the battery.

    Sony has relatively short update cycle of 2 years but can you even name one feature off the top of your head that came between 12 and 13?
    Security updates will keep rolling for a year past that. Then there's hopefully some custom ROMs by then.

    I miss the small form factor of my xz1 compact but the added size has been great for work and video content.

    Word vomit over.
  3. Plugman17's avatar
    I went with the Giffgaff deal as you get 24 months warranty and should be as new. Anyone know if I never use the Giffgaff SIM does that mean I won't be charged extra ever and if I then order another phone I won't have to pay the £10 again. I have the 30 day contract but it seems to only start if I activate it. (edited)
    Pricklerickle's avatar
    what is Giffgaff deal
  4. sj_mith's avatar
    Any deal on Oppo find X2/3 pro Switchy?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Not that I've seen bud
  5. LondonDad's avatar
    finally got to use my nectar points for a discount was on the fence doing the 449 giffgaff deal on klarna yesterday now very glad i didnt.
  6. Plugman17's avatar
    And top cashback should give £25 back so my phone and SIM should cost £434. I think both deals are great so will vote hot.
  7. tjc2005's avatar
    Sony oos
  8. LondonDad's avatar
    mine has arrived couple of tiny scratches ( only visible when off under bright light ) on the screen but otherwise mint battery seems good have yet to run the videocam for extended periods to see how hot it gets
  9. LondonDad's avatar
    great news just checked the warranty using emei on sony site and it runs to so way longer than listing claimed, happy days

    Your warranty end date is: 06/06/2025
's avatar