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Posted 18 October 2022

Sony Xperia 1 IV 5GB £30 Upfront + £411 pm fro 3 months (Possible £300 Trade in / Possible £400 Prepaid Mastercard After 3m) £1263 @ O2

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This phone can be had for an effective cost of £563 if you have an eligible phone to recycle.
The method:
Find the Sony Xperia 1 iv on the 5 GB tariff
Select edit the plan
Reduce to 3 months
The phone is unlocked so no need to even use the sim if you didn't want to as long as you activate it.

Total cost:
£30 Upfront
£411 for 3 months

Total = £1263

Then you get:
£300 extra on an eligible trade in on a phone worth more than £0
£400 prepaid mastercard after 3 months

So after 3 months, your phones paid up, you've traded in your old phone and got £300, and you've got a £400 prepaid mastercard (which you can actually use to pay down the device plan directly).

£1263 - £700 = £563
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    Link to ts and cs re mastercard and some helpful numbers email addys
    That’s helpful. Hopefully people will get some answers by calling them. Please keep us all updated.
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    Does anybody know if the trade handset has to be filled in during the checkout?
    It states dates that the phone must be purchased, and dates that the trade in handset must be done, but isn't explicit that they have to be at the same time.

    I don't have IMEI details of the trade in phone on me right now but wanted to order the Sony so it arrives sooner. O2 are a pain in the A to communicate and complain to with inconsistent answers and require a lot of chasing so I'd rather not have to contact them.
    You have to trade in after receiving and activating the phone and use your order number as a promo code.
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    OK so I did a similar deal recently and the trade in works like so:
    Buy the phone
    Once it arrives you then start your recycle order
    You use the order number from this phone as a promo code
    The £300 is paid separately to the phone value. (edited)
    So you don't put in a trade in phone at the time of order?
    Also what phones are eligible for full £300?
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    Am assuming you still have a 24 month airtime contract though even if you set the device repayment down to three? You cant get out of the remaining £20 a month for the next 21 months?
    Yes you can. It is the whole reason they have a device plan and airtime plan.

    "O2 Refresh contractsIf you're on an O2 Refresh contract and leave, you won't pay ETCs on your Airtime Plan. You will need to pay any outstanding amount on the Device Plan. How this works depends on when you took out your contract.

    For customers who took out an O2 Refresh contract before 17 December 2021
    If you cancel your Airtime Plan and there's an outstanding amount left on your Device Plan, you must play this in full when you end your contract.

    For customers who took out an O2 Refresh contract on or after 17 December 2021
    If you decide to end your Airtime Plan within the first 24 months of the Device Plan, you’ll need to pay off your Device Plan in full when you end your contract.

    If you're cancelling after 24 months but still within the minimum term of your Device Plan, your Airtime and Device Plans are unlinked. This means you can either; (i) continue paying for your Device Plan in instalments, or (ii) pay off your Device Plan in full." (edited)
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    The best advice I could give would be - get the trade in for a cheap device, easy 300 quid in the bank.
    Get the 400 prepaid card, you'll have to wait it out and stay on a qualifying tariff etc until mid December.
    Once claimed... use the O2 "Switch it Up" service - this allows you to bring back the Sony Xperia and trade it for ANY new device you want. For example, Samsung, Apple etc... If you don't mind being tied to a new contract etc - but, the Switch it Up can be used any time as long as you keep your device in good condition so, pretty cool stuff.
    Just looked into this, it's a great idea. Worth mentioning on here that only the 'Plus Plans' (starting at 30gb) are eligible for the 'Switch It Up' service as standard. Looks like it can be added to any contract as a bolt-on for something like £4 a month but only at the start of the contract (or within 14 days of it starting).
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    Sony phones are underrated. Their fault, it seems they can't compete with other brands that took the marketing lead. This is a lot of phone for under £600. Shame the final price is not obvious in the title.
    They can't make money at the discounted rates of others and don't manufacturer at volume for this reason. I believe they can't/don't believe the risk is worth it to go for volume (they tried before). Samsung and Apple owned the retail accounts with huge rebates so retailers make more £££ per handset. With the cheap Chinese brands keeping prices down, it's a wonder they still bother.
    Remember their tablets were the best out there by a country mile but they got undercut so badly by cheap Chinese ones that they exited that market too.
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    That's a lot of phone for the money
    They're the last ones offering Micro SD card slots and headphone jacks these days.
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    Went in store today, trade in my partners iPhone 13 mini, worth 283 got boosted 300 so 583 refunded to bank, and got the 400 Mastercard offer. Almost paid for the phone in offers lol.

    I have a s22 ultra and I'm a bit jealous - the phone feels really premium and looks slick. I would recommend it. And actually tempted to trade in my s22 and do the same

    Crazy offer...
    Do we get the mastercard straight away so we can pay with it?
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    1. Will there be credit check?
    2. My old device is not on the o2 recycle list. Will it still get £300 cashback if I go to store?
    Its a contract, there will be a credit agreement so yes, will be a check
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    So went in store and got last one.
    Did all the contract stuff then my trade in (S10 plus). Got £105 for my phone. They then put the £375 (405 less the£30 upfront payment) straight back into my bank via my debit card ie not taken off the handset price dobno lower monthly fee. Will phone O2 as soon as money hits my account and pay off the £375.
    Chuufed with phone so far and effectively costing me £425 for phone and 2 lots of £21.00 tariff payments.
    When I went in-store, they weren't aware of couldn't offer me the Mastercard part of the offer (I realise it takes 3ish months for it to arrive) - how were you able to sort that out in-store? Any advice would be appreciated as I'm having issues with signing up for the contract online.
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    Top cash back on this maybe ?
    Maybe not with the 6 month supposed approval
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    Thanks OP for this deal, before taking the plunge OP mentioned below

    ’So after 3 months, your phones paid up‘

    Can someone explain please 

    (1) Nothing to pay after 3 months ( After using the £700 cash back to pay O2)

    Or (2) Still needs to pay O2 £563 ( On top of the cash back claimed to be fully paid up?)

    Thanks in advance!
    ? If you just ride it out for the 3 month device plan and let all three direct debits go out, you will be paid up. make sure you have the mastercard and trade in cash and then cancel the airtime. Then you will have only paid £563 effectively.
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    Haven't looked at Sony since they ditched the compact series for these wham bar abominations. Loved my xz compact, xz1 compact, z3 compact. Alas moved on to pixel 2 and 5 because they're the only ones doing phones for people who won't have bananas for fingers.
    Have you even tried holding a sony phone? The fact that it is long and thin makes it sooo much easier to handle than a comparable 6.5" handset. The 21.9 ratio is king here
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    So how does you get £400 back just using pre paid mastercard. Any specific mastercard or mastercard issued by any bank. If possible please share the link showing the details about this mastercard offer. Thx
    It's a specific mastercard that they give you that has the money loaded on to it. Pretty much just a pre-paid card with £400 on that you can use and then throw away
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    Not finding any normal phone which generates anything close to what's claimed in the OP. Offering about £60 for my P30 Pro. Am I doing something wrong or are you realistically only getting the good trade in value with top end, very recent phones?
    You'll get £60 and a £300 on top of that for buying the phone. It's a boosted offer so phone value + extra 300.
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    Still confused about the airtime contract cancellation If we wait to claim the £400 prepaid credit we'll be out of 14 days cooling off period.
    Once the device plan is paid off, you can cancel the airtime (it is a 30 day rolling plan). However, whilst you have a device plan, you MUST have an airtime plan linked to it (if within 24 months i think) (edited)
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    Just checking i can bin off the airtime plan after 3 months if i do this? the circled element has got me wondering.

    Just googled it. Clearly states can cancel if device plan is paid. I'm rubbish pasting things on here
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    Is it upto £300 on trade in because it's showing me £90 when I put in my old device. Also how does the MasterCard come through , is that automatic
    The £300 is on top of that £90
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    Out of interest did anyone on here have the 1 MKII at all and then have either this or the MKIII to compare it to?

    I had the MKII and was so excited by it then found it to be one of the biggest tech letdowns I've ever had. Poor battery, poor software glitches and the camera was nowhere near as elite as was made out outside of perfect shooting environments.

    I really want to believe in the Sony phones as they offer all that I'm looking for (theoretically) in a phone, I'm just reticent to get stung again. (edited)
    I had the MKII and loved it. I moved to the Pixel 6 Pro and really miss the camera on the Sony now. Agree the battery life was rubbish however, but I much prefered the camera for everything apart from low light.
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    Thanks OP. Ordered. Now time to sell my Xperia 5 ii which is still in almost mint condition. I'll be ordering a screen protector as Victus glass is bad for scratches.

    One good thing is that Sony now give 3 years of upgrades on this instead of the 2 which was the case for previous devices.

    Can anyone also confirm that when you do the order the prepaid Mastercard £400 is added automatically? So no need to add it, or claim anything. (edited)
    48485324-xKigI.jpgHope it helps.
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    48497444-gDQnX.jpgI got this phone. It does get very hot while just watching Youtube videos, so Sony haven't fixed that problem.

    But even worse than that is that O2 have started switching off their network in Northern Ireland. Loads of places were I previously had O2 coverage, now have none.

    I live about 2 miles from the border with the south of Ireland and often roam on one of their networks. Maybe O2 are just preparing for the future.

    I've also had a UI not responding message on this thing.

    The Xperia Transfer 2 app doesn't work on this phone, so you manually need to transfer everything, in my case from an Xperia 5 ii to the Xperia 1 iv. I get a message saying that the Xperia 1 iv cannot recieve data and to use the Android transfer tool. But the Android Transfer tool doesn't work on an Xperia 5 ii!

    Another thing I noticed was many apps which need location won't work. You can't grant permission during the setup, even when that option is given. You'll find you can select none of the 3 options and have to exit the app setup. You then need to manually go to apps and change the permissions for each one.

    O2 can have the worst ever Sony phone, back.
    I pre-ordered this phone and sold it only after one month because of overheat.
    There is neither liquid cooling nor vapor chamber cooling system within these Sony Snapdragon 8Gen1 phones, and I guess that is the reason.
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    Can I buy two of this headset trading in two different phones and be eligible for £300 cashback and £400 mastercard for both?
    If you pass the credit check for them on the O2 account. I have 2 contracts on my O2 account.
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    Could someone, maybe a mod read the terms and conditions.. the O2 refresh terms and conditions have been modified. It's not what it use be.. it now reads
    If a Lead Device Credit Agreement is terminated at any time or your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement is terminated
    within the first 24 months (whether in respect of Airtime Services for your Device, a Lead Device, or both – for
    example, if you give notice to terminate your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement for any reason within the first 24
    months, you cancel it during the Change Of Mind Period, or we receive notice from another network operator that
    you have used a PAC or STAC code within the first 24 months), we will treat that as notice to terminate this Credit
    Agreement (subject to serving a notice on you) and, other than in circumstances where you terminate your Pay
    Monthly Mobile Agreement as a result of our material breach or outside of the first 24 months, we will have the right
    to require immediate repayment of the remaining balance of the Amount of Credit (whether or not accrued due for
    payment). We will give you notice of our intention to do this and will notify you of the remainder of the Amount of
    Credit you owe.

    Please let me know what you make of this and if you've drawn conclusion as I have. (edited)
    The amount of credit is the device plan. The airtime is not technically part of the credit agreement.

    Also, in the latest terms:

    "10.3 If you are obtaining credit for a Device purchased as part of an O2 Refresh tariff and you repay the credit in full
    early, you can choose to continue paying for the relevant Airtime Services on a monthly basis under your current
    Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement (if you have one), upgrade to a different airtime plan or leave the O2 network"

    OR LEAVE THE O2 network.

    Also on their website -

    "If you’re on O2 Refresh, you won’t be charged early termination charges for your airtime contract.

    Your estimated remaining charges will include whatever’s left on your Device Plan (including VAT) but is only an estimate and may not include everything.

    You’ll find your airtime and other charges on your final bill. Your final bill will include any out-of-bundle charges you’ve incurred before termination and, if you terminate your airtime contract before paying off your Device Plan in full, your final bill will also include the lump sum you still owe under your relevant Device Plan credit agreement(s).
    " (edited)
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    Has anyone been texted / emailed regarding the process for the pre-paid Mastercard yet?
    Just got mine today and nope, do keep us updated please. Within 20 minutes is me setting up this phone I already have the overheating warning and certain features no longer work haha. Will update to the latest version, perhaps this will fix this
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    48560644-B3KYV.jpgSpigen rugged armor case....feels nice in hand

    3104087711667149385.jpgSpigen glastr align master screen protector....fitted perfectly, easily, no air bubbles and is sweeeet (edited)
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    Anyone got any message re the Mastercard payment? Thanks.
    Nope. I got the Xperia 5 deal about 10 days ago.. haven’t had any text messages / emails from them regarding the Mastercard stuff. Haven’t noticed anyone on here getting them either.
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    But seriously who would pay circa £1200 for an android phone?? Why don’t you just buy an iPhone?
    They got you good, must be nice to be so compliant and have all decisions taken away from you
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    Damn, winter is coming, and what a decent price for an electric hand warmer!
    This little piggy only joined 10 days ago and is still not funny.
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    Can't believe this is creeping back down towards zero, staggering deal really.
    I got mine for an effective cost a little higher than this, surprised to see a better deal so soon after tbh. Then again, nobody buys Sony phones.
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    Thanks for this, purchased. Looks like a lot of phone for the price
    Which device you recycled?
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    Anyone got one yet? Mine arrived today and the phone seems decent, something different however the overheating issue is just ridiculous. I'm gonna see how it goes but, I can say I've every had a phone which over heats like this.
    Are you on the latest firmware?
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    Ordered mine instore on the 22nd October and still waiting for email and sms message for the mastercard. (edited)
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    I can't seem to replicate that price, what device are you putting to trade in?
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    Just to note you can also do it the other way by leaving it at 36 months for the phone and just paying the smaller payments (£33.44 for the device) until the £400 and £300 come in (some people have been waiting months for their £400 card to arrive.) Then O2 let you buy off your contract and as it's at 0% you would still pay the same without the risk of trying to find the £400+ each month.

    Oh and if you do this in store instead and just hand your old device to them (no need for box or cables) they can automatically take the amount off the phone monthly cost when it goes through instead of you having to wait to get the phone first then send off the device. (edited)
    "Oh and if you do this in store instead and just hand your old device to them (no need for box or cables) they can automatically take the amount off the phone monthly cost when it goes through instead of you having to wait to get the phone first then send off the device. "
    is the amount taken off just the trade in amount or the trade in amount and the additianal £300 ?
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    Daft price
  36. Avatar
    Sony dreaming to sell it for this price
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    What's the cheapest phone on the list which can be bought on eBay to recycle? (edited)
    Hard to say. They offered me £3 for an ancient (but still in mint condition) iphone 5s.
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    This is really tempting after missing out on the Pixel 7 Pro deals, especially as I'm not a fan of camera notches or cut outs. However, most of the features are certainly overkill in my use case. It's hard to get a feel online as to whether this is a device which will serve an average user well at this price point. (edited)
    At this price point probably not. At this price point with 300 extra for trading in your old phone and a 400 quid prepaid card. Yes.

    After offers 1200 - 300 - 400 = £500 flagship device. Its a really great deal. The staff in o2 shop can't believe it lol.
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    Just ordered a case and screen protector from Amazon. Hoping to go to store tomorrow to trade in an old iPhone SE 16GB which should knock £307 off the cost of the phone. Will then sell my iPhone 13 Mini privately (as it's in near pristine condition) for around £400-500 (edited)
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    Worth checking if your company is registered with O2 Open for 25% off the monthly sim cost.
    Thanks, would it not invalidate any of the extras? Like the £300 trade in or £400 pre-paid card?

    Because if this works, it will work out as £30 + (£411 x 0.75 =) £308.25 x 3 months = £954.75... after the £700 off it works out at £250-odd? (edited)