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Sony Xperia 10 II 64GB on Talkmobile - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 10GB data for £21pm (£48 cashback - effective £19pm) 24mo @ Fonehouse
183° Expired

Sony Xperia 10 II 64GB on Talkmobile - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 10GB data for £21pm (£48 cashback - effective £19pm) 24mo @ Fonehouse

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183° Expired
Sony Xperia 10 II 64GB on Talkmobile - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 10GB data for £21pm (£48 cashback - effective £19pm) 24mo @ Fonehouse
Posted 9th Dec 2020

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Another Talkmobile offering from Fonehouse, with the Sony Xperia 10 II 64GB, unlimited minutes and texts, and 10GB monthly data for £21 per month before cashback.

£48 manual cashback drops the effective cost down to £19 per month. Considering the current sim free cost of the handset, and the cashback, effective cost of the sim is just over £5pm - which, again is fairly decent for 10GB.


Xperia 10ii - Trustworthy in any condition. 6.0" 21:9 FHD+ LCD large display allowing you see more and work smarter. Sony minimalistic design with IP 65/68 protection. 4GB RAM & 128GB internal memory so you have all the storage you need and excellent multi-tasking performance. Power throughout the day with a long-lasting high-capacity 3,600mAh battery for all-day use. Zero Touch compatible - Seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices. Access sensitive business data securely with an integrated One-Touch fingerprint sensor.

6.0" 21:9 FHD+ LCD Large display allowing you see more and work smater.

Sony minimalistic design with IP65/68 protection.

4GB RAM & 129GB internal memory so you have all the storage you need and excellent multi-tasking performance.

Zero Touch compatible - eamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices.

Model number: XQAU51B. UKCX.


  • Network provider: Sim free.
  • 2G, 3G and 4G network capability.
  • SIM card type: nano SIM.
Display and Design:

  • 6 inch OLED display.
  • With a density of 457 pixels per inch.
  • Touch screen.
  • Toughened glass.

  • Size H157, W69, D8.2mm.
  • Weight 151g.
Camera and Video:

  • Front camera 8MP.
  • Rear camera 12MP.
  • Second rear camera 8MP.
  • LED.
  • Camera features: Triple camera.
  • Video capture in 4K UHD quality.

  • Internal memory 128GB.
  • Expandable memory up to 1000GB when using microSDXC card slot. Boost your storage to hold more tunes, holiday snaps and extra apps.
Technical specifications:

  • 2GHz octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • Operating system: Android 9.

  • Up to 680 hours standby time.
  • Up to 840 minutes talk time.
  • 3600mAh battery capacity.
Product features:

  • MP3 and MP4 player.
  • Headphone port.
  • This phone features fast charge technology - faster than standard charging, for when time is of the essence.
  • Contactless payment Link up your card to your phone for easy buying on purchases up to £30.
  • Fingerprint scanner For simple, safe and speedy unlocking and better security.
  • Water resistant up to 1.5m depth.

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • NFC.
  • GPS.

Claiming Cashback

It’s super simple to claim your cashback. There aren’t too many steps, you just need to understand when to claim. All that’s required to submit a cashback claim is your network bill and your Fonehouse account. The first email you receive from us will be a validation link to this account. Click this as soon as you receive it and set a password for your new Fonehouse account. When you want to claim cashback, just login into your account and click the button titled ‘Claim Cashback’ in the bottom left corner.

You’ll see a cashback form appear on screen. This asks for your order number, name. email address, date of birth, network, telephone number and bill date. You’ll also need to include a PDF download of your relevant bill, make sure you keep reading to find out which dates these are. All you need to do is enter the details given when you placed the order and submit your claim. You’ll get an email shortly confirming your claim has been submitted successfully and our finance team will get to processing it within 14 working days.

If you have any issues when trying to claim, you will need to contact customer services who will be able to help rectify the problems. Send an email to support@fonehouse.co.uk (mailto:support@fonehouse.co.uk) with your PDF bill attached and all the details needed on the claim form. It’s important you do this last step in case it’s a simple fix with changing some details that you’re entering.

18 & 24 Month Redemption Cashback Claim Dates

Claiming for cashback on an 18 or 24 month plan is almost exactly the same as claiming on a 12 month plan. The only difference is when you claim for the payments. Just like 12 month plans, you won’t find an 18 month handset plan. This is for the same reason, to ensure our deals stay affordable. There are both 18 and 24 month SIM only plans. If you have either of these contracts, then this is when you need to claim your cashback.

All redemption cashback is paid in 5 equal instalments. You don’t get paid any more for the first claim, we make sure every single claim is the same amount throughout. By the end of the 5 claims, you should have the full balance, as long as all submissions were successful. For anyone on an 18 or 24 month plan, you will need to claim for your cashback in billing months 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. Make sure that you successfully submit your claim within the 60 day period or the cashback will not be paid. Again, we do suggest you set a reminder in your phone so you never miss the savings.

You will receive an email, letting you know that your submission has been received. Within 14 days, the Fonehouse finance team will process the claim. If accepted, they will pay the instalment via BACS to the bank account given on your order within 21 days. It’s important to let us know of any detail changes so we can avoid delays.

Reasons for rejection

Any claim will be rejected if it’s submitted outside of the 60 day period. There is no chance for this to be contested. We suggest that customers submit their bills as soon as they receive them from the network in order to avoid this issue. It also gives you a lot more time to solve any other potential issues that arise.

We only pay cashback to customers who are up to date with their network bills. If you are behind on bills, we cannot pay you until it is resolved. Customers who have been disconnected from their network will have orders and cashback cancelled. You will need to have a new, completed order with cashback if you want to continue.

We set our cashback specific to the deals we have on our website. When these deals are changed by the customer or the network, the cashback is affected. We highly suggest not changing your tariff if you want to receive the cashback extra as we will be forced to withdraw any cashback offers if this happens. If you are unsure of any changes to your contract, please contact Fonehouse directly.

When you’re submitting your cashback form, you’ll be asked for a few details. If these do not match what we hold on your order, the cashback claim will be rejected. It’s super easy to avoid this issue as you can update your details with Fonehouse directly. If you need to change anything, simply get in contact with us and we can help.

Cashback can also be rejected if the wrong bill is submitted. As long as you follow the above cashback claim dates, the bill will be correct. Just double check that the bill date you enter on the form matches the date shown on the network bill.
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