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Posted 14 August 2023

Sony Xperia 10 V Black 6.1 Inch 21:9 Wide OLED Triple lens 3.5 mm 6GB 128GB IP65/68 rating Dual SIM Hybrid (+ 300GB Voxi Data Sim, Free C&C)

£349.99£39912% off
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For those who prefer something other than a xiaomi

Listen, watch, shoot, play, enjoy. With a best-in-class 5000mAh large capacity battery, front stereo speakers, a bright OLED display, and a triple lens camera, the Xperia 10 V can easily handle all your everyday activities, from music and movies to gaming and photography. Yet it's compact and lightweight enough to comfortably carry anywhere and everywhere.

Wired or wireless, you decide. Unlike many smartphones, they've kept the 3.5mm audio jack on all the new Xperia models. So, you can still enjoy the wired listening experience, with superior quality materials and electronic components delivering high fidelity sound.

Experience truly immersive sound. With 360 Reality Audio, music has never been so immersive and so real - and the Xperia 10 V lets you enjoy the experience through wired or wireless headphones. In addition, Reality Audio Upmix transforms your favourite stereo tracks into an immersive sound experience, in real-time. The technology works with local audio files and streaming services.

Experience richer sound and pictures. Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, stereo speakers at the front of the phone deliver powerful, balanced, true stereo sound while the OLED display reproduces vivid colours and true blacks.

Pop-up window. Suppose you're playing a game or browsing the web but want to quickly reply to a message? With the Pop-up window feature, you can easily handle the new task, then get right back to what you were doing.

About this item
  • Best-in-class battery in the world’s lightest*1 body The world's lightest 5G smartphone with best-in-class 5,000mAh large capacity battery*1, Xperia 10 V can easily handle all your everyday activities - for example, it can playback a movie 34 hours convectively*2.
  • Experience richer sound Stereo speakers at the front of the phone deliver powerful, balanced, true stereo sound. Enjoy the full range of sound and detail just as the artist intended with Hi-res audio*1, wired or wireless.
  • Beautiful shots, made easy Xperia 10 V has scene, conditions and subject detection technology to automatically select the ideal settings for the best shot. Also with a choice of three different lenses, a huge variety of shots is there.
  • Display reproduces exquisite, vibrant content The OLED display on Xperia 10 V reproduces vivid colours and true blacks. It's up to 50% brighter than the previous model*1 and Sony's years of TV expertise to optimise the display for movie viewing, reproducing exquisite, vibrant images.

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  1. MrSwitch's avatar
    Same price across retailers, For example Amazon

  2. deleted2844744's avatar
    People who uses or used Sony phones I have a question:
    Is it possible to remove the Google search bar from the bottom of the main screen or is it stuck like on the Pixels?
    aitchem's avatar
    It's removable. Well, it is on the 5 iv. Can do it via the settings. (edited)
  3. Snoopfroggfrog's avatar
    This or the pixel 7a?
    deleted531767's avatar
    If you like you photo colours to look real this. If you like over saturated digital art, the Pixel 7a.
  4. kencol's avatar
    Good price, ticks almost all the boxes for me, apart from wireless charging.
    Bykovsky's avatar
    I've had the Xperia 1 IV for a year and I don't find wireless charging useful at all, because it's extremely slow.
  5. justabout72's avatar
    Are Sony still in the habit of making long and thin phones. I've loved all of my Xperia phones, my favorite was my play. This looks like a nice phone heat from me
  6. nigelbutler's avatar
    A new compact & light phone

  7. Walshinho's avatar
    Great deal! , any deals you would recommend atm for contracts? For the first time ever, I haven't switched my phone at the end of a contract. Currently using a mi11 and a 10 pound 100gb o2 sim, nothing seems to be swaying me at the moment to get a new contract 😞 any deals/phones you would suggest upgrading for?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Honor Magic5 pro maybe one you should consider, some great contract deals around for that
  8. maffj's avatar
    Hmmm... Had this turned my head from the Nothing 2? That headphone socket is tempting me. (edited)
  9. deleted2844744's avatar
    One more question.
    Does anyone know how long Sony support their devices?
  10. jayzone1998's avatar
    Refurbished xperia 1 iv or brand new xperia 10 v?
    Bykovsky's avatar
    These two are completely different budget-range phones. Depends on what has been refurbished in the 1 IV and how much it costs, but it's a flagship phone so you'd probably be more happy with it.
    You can also go to the middle road and buy Xperia 5 IV, the same size as 10 V, with similar components to 1 IV. (edited)
  11. Suthsy's avatar
    Any trade-in deals for this?
  12. kokoroko's avatar
    Looks nice but this chin on top and bottom of screen...
    plewis00's avatar
    It's got a bit of bezel but no cut-out or notches. You don't notice it as the display is so tall and the design is quite unique.
  13. amy.holloway-smith's avatar
    Is the camera on this decent? I really need a phone as my pixel 4a doesn't hold its charge, but holding out for a phone with a good camera basically. Missed the BT pixel deal!
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Not entirely sure on this one being honest, sorry, if camera is a main focus though, then go for another pixel
  14. icekub3s's avatar
    Is this an upgrade Vs one plus 7? Few extra features on this but doesn't seem like it all round.
  15. Marky264's avatar
    Any good trade in offers available from trading up from an iPhone XS Max?
  16. mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    Is this available in 256gb? 128gb is not enough
  17. Rabbittus's avatar
    Damn why'd they keep the 695?! Stick a 7-series in this and it becomes a near-perfect mid-ranger.
's avatar