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Posted 18 October 2022

Sony Xperia 5 IV 5GB Data £30 Up Front / £309pm x 3 Months - Total Cost £957 (Possible Trade in & Reward Cash Card) @ O2

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This phone can be had for an effective cost of £432 if you have an eligible phone to recycle.
The method:
Find the Sony Xperia 5 iv on the 5 GB tariff
Select edit the plan
Reduce to 3 months
The phone is unlocked so no need to even use the sim if you didn't want to as long as you activate it.

Total cost:
£30 Upfront
£309 for 3 months

Total = £957

Then you get:
£125 extra on an eligible trade in on a phone worth more than £0
£400 prepaid mastercard after 3 months

So after 3 months, your phones paid up, you've traded in your old phone and got £125, and you've got a £400 prepaid mastercard (which you can actually use to pay down the device plan directly). Once you have the mastercard, switch away or cancel.

£957 - £525 = £432

Info added by @PD2K79

Claim £400 on a prepaid Mastercard

  • Available with Sony Xperia 5 IV or Xperia 1 IV on 5GB+ tariffs.
  • Offer ends 2 November 2022.
  • Minimum term applies and will vary dependant on device or sim chosen.
  • Over 18s only and customers must live in the UK. Digital prepaid MasterCard will be issued on 15th December 2022, provided you have not cancelled your service or returned your handset, that you remain on an eligible call plan, and you have followed the claim process.
  • Active email address, postal address and mobile number required for offer redemption.
  • Within 14 days of purchase, customers will receive email and SMS with instructions on how to obtain digital prepaid MasterCard, and customers must claim digital prepaid MasterCard within 30 days of receiving the instructions and then activate the card within 90 days.


Details - Sony Xperia 5 IV

Discover a hand-fit smartphone with all the power and performance you need for everyday creativity.

Xperia 5 IV has a triple lens camera with Alpha camera technology, including 4K HDR 120fps recording on all lenses1 and smart AF system - meaning you have the power to express your creativity with high quality image.

It also has great display, latest chipset, and powerful battery - all covered in compact hand fit design

  • Depth: 8.2 MM
  • Xperia 5 IV has all the power and performance you need for everyday creativity, from imaging to viewing to sharing in a durable, compact design.
  • The Xperia 5 IV draws on Sony's motion picture expertise to deliver an exceptional viewing experience.
  • Compact yet powerful, supporting creativity all day long. Anytime, anywhere, large capacity battery, durable compact body and wireless charge.
  • The Xperia 5 IV combines an authentic listening experience with high-quality music recording, tuned in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Co-developed with professional eSports players, the 5 IV is packed with game-winning features and is set up for high-quality recording and streaming.
  • Height: 156 MM
  • Sim Type: Nano
  • Width: 67 MM

YouTube - Product Review

Help & Information

O2 Shop More details at O2 Shop
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  1. Avatar
    Tempted because 5 IV is much better than 1 IV in my opinion, because it has smaller size and better cooling system.
    Sony improved the cooling system a little bit on it comparing to 1 IV, and the 1080P screen makes the battery life becomes longer.
    According to the feedback from a friend of mine, there is no overheat issue (which is common on 1 IV) on it.

    So if you are wondering between 1 IV and 5 IV, I suggest you take the 5 IV.
    my thoughts exactly think there is a slight downgrade in camera but its a marginal but for a better overall feel when using it
  2. Avatar
    This is the phone I want to get!! Im slightly confused on what I need to do to get it for £103 per month for the first 3 months? Is someone able to explain the steps please. When I amend to 3 months with 5gb it comes up as over £300 monthly? Any help would be much appreciated48505972-vf7Ht.jpg (edited)
    I'm confused where you got £103 per month from.

    No where in the description does it show that.

    £309pm + £30 up front is what you need to pay.

    Then you get £125 EXTRA on whatever you trade in AND a £400 Mastercard (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Would this be eligible for the £80.75 cashback via topcashback?

    I'd somehow managed to get the total cost at £894 (£288 for 3 months + £30 upfront cost), not checkout yet though
    That (£288) is without the airtime.

    TCB might payout but would be a gamble as they say they have a 6 month validation period. No harm in trying i guess, but I wouldn't base your buying decision on it.
  4. Avatar
    What's the latest Sony Xperia phone for around 6.5" display screen? Any recommendations? I like the specs of this but the display is only 6.1" . (edited)
    The Xperia Z1 IV in the other deal on here (£563 total i think after all the cashback). Same phone really except bigger, slightly better camera, and more ram/storage. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I just got this deal from o2 in person today. What I noticed:

    The staff weren't very aware of the deal (this was in Kingston) but we're more than happy to help.

    I traded in a handset and received £125 off the price, plus the £30 up front cost was waived, plus I got £6 for the value of my old handset (I only got 20% of the value because it had screen burn).

    Unless I have misunderstood, taking the contract on a three month basis isn't actually the best option because it could mean that by the time you receive the MasterCard with £400 credit, you may have already finished the contract and paid it all off. What you actually want to try and do is have a minimum of £400 left on the contract by the time the MasterCard arrives. So probably the best option is to take the contract for five or six months as apparently the MasterCard is issued after two or three months. So i went with five months.

    The total cost for five months was £894. £125 of this was covered by the trade in meaning that I have five payments of £153.81. so I'll actually be paying £369 for the handset.

    Great deal.
    FYI, the digital Mastercard will be issued on 15 December.
  6. Avatar
    You can get 25% discount on airtime with Blue Light card on O2 , plus Topcashback as well.

    Only 8gb ram 👎 so Cold ❄️Winter for so expensive price . I voted hot my mistake thinking it was 16gb ram or 12gb ram model . I have 2 Android phones with 16gb ram . Memory makes hell lot of difference. This has top price but not top specs . They don't mention 8gb ram anywhere in this listing or on 02 website because people would not buy it if they mentioned. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Hi, been looking for the 5 IV. Thanks for the deal. Quick questions. Total pay now price is £957 under the same setting. Questions is if I trade in a phone valued £10 and will I get the £125 + £10 (trade phone) off in busket value before check out or the £125 +10 will be knock off after they received the trade in phone. I ask as I cannot see the £125 + £10 discount in my basket when checking out. Thanks again.
    48507177-oJ4ZB.jpg (edited)
    You'll have to pay the full price, then £125+10 after you've sent them the trade in phone
  8. Avatar
    Last day today for the £400 Prepaid mastercard offer. I've just ordered it for Friday delivery after having issues with my payment card. Question, on the confirmation order it doesn't say anything about the prepaid mastercard. Should this be listed on the final screen?
    As long as you took out a plan 5gb or more, you will be contacted within 14 days, by whom? No idea, o2, Sony, mastercard? But you will be given instructions to claim.
  9. Avatar
    just to add and may help someone else but i put my trade in phone online, i didnt get a email with the QR code, managed to call them, o2 are having issues with the QR codes so are posting out the packing to send the trade in phone, bit annoying its taking along time to sort out but just in case you go online and trade in better off choosing the return box etc
  10. Avatar
    Heat for the info in the description. For under £500, this is a great phone.
    OP, make it clear in the title thus can be under £500, otherwise you'll attract lots of frost. (edited)
    I posted it that way, got edited by mods, nothing to be done.
    Those who are looking will find it, which is why I posted, otherwise scrollers will vote cold.
  11. Avatar
    Mines on its way already for delivery tomorrow!
  12. Avatar
    Battery life is really good on this. Taken off charge at 6am this morning. 3 hours on screen time, Google maps directions for over an hour. WiFi or mobile data on virtually all day. Bad signal areas all day (Cornwall traveling). Still got 58% left.
  13. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    It literally says in the description you don't have to use the SIM as it's factory unlocked.
    It's just a method to get the phone at this effective price.
  14. Avatar
    Ah, I'm looking to upgrade my Xperia 1 ii soon - anyone spotted any deals on the 1 iv?
    Posted a similar deal type for it 5 mins before this.
  15. Avatar
    This should be getting more heat. I think the title should include the potentail overall cost (£432).
    I posted it that way, got modded.
  16. Avatar
    How is this cold? This is a fire deal. If you need airtime then it is even better!
  17. Avatar
    I always get confused with Sony numbering - where is a 5 in the line-up?
    essentially one of their premium options - the 1 is there flagship, the 5 is very similiar but in a smaller 6.1" screen. check gsmarena where you can compare the differences
  18. Avatar
    I've had mine nearly a week now and love it. Feels so premium, and has all the spec I wanted (relatively compact size, wireless charging, latest CPU, micro SD slot, pretty stock android,waterproof etc) (edited)
    got mine yesterday, takes some getting use to at this stage especially when ive been so use to samsung beforhand. Havent had a chance to really play and customise it as much as i'd have liked, battery life is already a massive improvement, its nearly 3pm and ive at 81% and had sat nav on browsing fb, whatsapp etc, my s20 would have been 60% .
    The small form for me is another thing i really like, its not heavy, its a great phone just got to get use to the way sony set things up (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Phone is coming today.
    Can any recommend a good case and micro sd card?
  20. Avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered. Looks like worthy upgrade from my ageing/dying P20 Pro.
    I had no intention of moving away from the P20 Pro, but recently the battery isn't charging effectively and the cameras are shot. Good excuse as any.
  21. Avatar
    Oh Dave!
  22. Avatar
    Interesting...what would be the cheapest phone to buy to get the £125 i wonder.
  23. Avatar
    So once you pay off the device plan, you can just cancel the airtime with no charge right?
    You can either switch to the tariff, stay on it for 3 months and switch away if 5GB suits you.
    Or order it, activate the SIM, forget about using it and cancel without penalty after 3 months upon recieving the prepaid mastercard. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Do you have to do the trade in when buying or can you do that later?
    You HAVE to do it after recieving and activating the SIM.
    Only then will O2 Recycle accept your order number as a promo code.
  25. Avatar
    Good deal indeed OP. I wish the title could have been better and not modded.
  26. Avatar
    Incredible that i got it at 9.30am after ordering it about 11pm last night, lol.

    Really happy with it. Feels way more premium than my previous samsung phones (S10e and S20 FE) in terms of build quality, The haptics are brilliant too.
    Im looking to move away from Samsung havent had a sony phone since the t68 (thats going back a few years) Samsung very poor on battery life
  27. Avatar
    Hi Everyone,
    Currently have a Huawei P20 Pro which is working fine, battery gets pretty low by end of day and sometimes dies.
    Is the Xperia 5 IV much of an upgrade? My main focus is camera (no pun intended) , but also like the IP rating.
    I was looking at phones with 256GB storage, but as this has MicroSD slot it would be fine.

    Interesrted in thoughts, comments etc..
    In terms of spec, this will obviously be a big upgrade. Whether you notice or not depends on what you do with your phone i guess.

    Also, the battery life is supposedly very, very good in this.
  28. Avatar
    Can anyone confirm re the £400 Mastercard, I can't see any mention of it anywhere on website. But maybe I need new glasses... 👓
  29. Avatar
    You get 12 months Bravia Core and 5 movies to keep with this as well (and a lot of them are quite new).
    Where have you seen this?
  30. Avatar
    I've tried this in the O2 shop, and when activating the 120hz screen there seems to be a weird stutter when scrolling slowly through YouTube or thr Google Discover news feed. Scroll quick and it's fine. But go slow, like one video at a time, and it stutters like crazy. Does anyone else experience this, or could it be update related/retail software related (edited)
  31. Avatar
    im going to go for this, got a samsung s20 fe for trade in that ive had enough with battery will last just over a half a day, buggy as hell. shame first time im moving way from samsung in about 15years. (edited)
    Out of interest was it Snapdragon or Exynos?
  32. Avatar
    Awesome deal, shame the 02 service is naff but the sim can go in the bin. Signed up like lightening!!! Went via TCB, fingers crossed it tracks.
  33. Avatar
    I believe you can pay off the device outright after the intial month so you could potentially use Monese Gift cards converted to Mastercard to do that in theory
    Shouldn't you wait till you get the £400...? I certainly won't be risking it or paying off anything before I get that.
  34. Avatar
    mine is showing dispatch so should get tomorrow, c ant wait to move away from samsung, just a shame a few weeks ago i bought the samsung trackers.

    do i need to buy a screen protector or does the sony come with it installed? (edited)
    Techspurt on YouTube recommends screen protectors due to minor scratches which developed during his testing
  35. Avatar
    Can you definitely cancel the tarriff once the device is paid off ie the tarriff isnt on a 12/24 month contract?
    In my contract that was emailed to me as part of my purchase -

    10.3 If you are obtaining credit for a Device purchased as part of an O2 Refresh tariff and you repay the credit in full early,
    you can choose to continue paying for the relevant Airtime Services on a monthly basis under your current Pay Monthly
    Mobile Agreement (if you have one), upgrade to a different airtime plan or leave the O2 network.

    Combined with the O2 website saying you never pay early termination charges on O2 refresh airtime plans and the fact my airtime contract says it is a 30 day rolling contract, i'm 99.9% certain you can, as long as the device plan has been paid off in full. (edited)
  36. Avatar
    having moved from a samsung s20fe, im struggling with the photo libray, with the samsung i could drag and drop a folder into a another folder to have subfolders, ive got a ton of albums and just made it easy to navigate, tried a few apps but none are working for me, any suggestions that you use?
  37. Avatar
    How have people found the camera with this? Particularly indoor shots using auto/basic mode. Debating whether to get this, but want to make sure can get good photos, quickly of my daughter - who doesn't stay still might I add
    It's a good camera. Don't think it's any better than my s20fe one, but I'm not a photographer so can't really judge.
  38. Avatar
    Just got my recycle trade in confirmed. They said the cheap thing off eBay I sent had screen burn (which I think is a lie - it was fine), so lowered the quote from £5 to £1 for the phone but the £125 will be paid so I won't quibble.
    Did you have to provide the exact IMEI number before you sent if off or will any phone that's on their list do? I'm interested in this offer
  39. Avatar
    Has anyone received the text from o2 re Mastercard process? And if so how long after you got your phone did you receive it?
  40. Avatar
    for anyone that has done the recycle, they accepted my phone offered me £261, got a order number but i still havent had the QR code,, cant seem to log into my recycle account to see if its there, do they actually send it on email to you.
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