Sony Xperia E4 3G+ Tesco Hudl 2 £13.50*24 = £324 @ Tesco Mobile

Sony Xperia E4 3G+ Tesco Hudl 2 £13.50*24 = £324 @ Tesco Mobile

Found 23rd Jun 2015
So this deal will not suit all users for the light users it's perfect. It's not the best phone but perfect for those who want a cheap smart phone.

24 month contract
£13.50 a month for 500 minutes 5000 texts and 500MB

You can add 1GB data for £2.50 extra.

The phone is 5mp rear camera, 2mp front camera has a 5 inch screen

The Hudl2 is 8.3 inch, 5mp and other features the hudl2 alone is £99.00
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These hudls are so appealing - fantastic little tablets.
Not worth it.
You can buy E4 3G on the same contract terms for £7.50 pm from Tesco Mobile
So You're paying for the HUDL2: £13.50 - £7.50 = £6 * 24months = £144

So you if buy HUDL2 for £99 cash (or better wait for it to come up for £80 again or buy with double club points even), and then buy the phone for £7.50 * 24 = £180
Total over 2 years = £279
Saving you £45 or around 13%...

If you can't afford to buy your HUDL2 upfront and you really need one, then perhaps...
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