Sony Xperia XA £259.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct

Sony Xperia XA £259.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct




£239 from sony, and £459 for the xperia x : h … £239 from sony, and £459 for the xperia x :

​just nipped me to it
I had a play with an XA a couple of weeks back - probably the nicest feeling phone I have ever used. Shame it's only 720p and a bit of a mess spec wise. Not waterproof too which I have gotten used to with my Z3.
Brilliant designed phone with the worst specs a no no from me.
Anyone heard anything about a release date for the XA Ultra...? That's the only Sony phone on my radar right now.
For those who don't know what Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 is in the Xperia XA - it is the Snapdragon 615.

Oneplus One from 2014 uses Snapdragon 805.

The model number alone should tell the difference in CPU power. But since this is a budget phone and cost 1/3 less than OnePlus One, it is reasonable.
john lewis are selling it for £239 and two year warranty but they it in black only.
What is this like compared to z5 which I can get for £300 plz.
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