Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Tablet for £25 per month (24 mth contract with Virgin Mobile) £600

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Tablet for £25 per month (24 mth contract with Virgin Mobile) £600

Found 25th Jan 2016
Just signed up for this myself as I was looking for an upgrade, price is good for just the Z3 so even better that it comes with the tablet for free (worth about £260 itself)

Edit: Sorry, £480 was the cost without tariff, would be £600 on the lowest tariff.

£25 is for the lowest tariff

£5 250 Unlimited 250MB
£8 1250 Unlimited 500MB
£10 2500 + Unlimited 1GB
£12 Unlimited + Unlimited 2GB
£15 Unlimited + Unlimited 4GB
£23 Unlimited + Unlimited 8GB
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Mins, sms, data allowance?

24 * £25 = £600 - where do you get £480 from?
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kind of a cool deal, old tech though
isn't £25 a month over 2 years £600?.......... or did i miss that maths class?
Seems pretty good if it's the combination you want; my son bought himself a Z3 a few months back for £200, I pay about £10/month for his contract - so we've paid out a total of £440 making the tablet cheaper than a Kindle Fire.

I'd need to pay for a better contract (250MB is tiny) which would increase it by £5/month or £120 over 2 years. Still not bad though. Shame he's already got a phone 'cos I need a new tablet (my daughter stole my Galaxy Tab).

EDIT - not such a good deal if you can do arithmetic. £160 over what I'm already paying for a measly 250MB isn't quite so great and my extra fiver a month would make the tablet £280

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is it the wifi or 4G tablet? makes all the difference when selling it on.
Blackberry Priv- physical keyboard.
If anyone wants to sell me their tablet I can offer £150 + postage
Don't get the hate for this. It's still a very decent phone and tablet, and many average phones have a £25 monthly cost these days. Heat from me.
Can pick the phone up sim free and tablet for around £480 (the cost without adding the mobile tariff). Quite a few tablets on eBay, assume because people are selling them on from this deal.

Tablet is just WiFi and, because Virgin don't allow tethering, you couldn't use it with the phone to get internet. Also bear in mind Virgin is only 3G data and, at present, have no plans to launch 4G.

If you really want to go for this, get the hardware elsewhere and go for a sim only deal with another mobile provider as it will work out better value.
I was on virgin for years and always tethered no problem. just binned them off I was sick of their lack of service lack of speed. i miss the £7 a month unlimited everything tariff though
I don't understand why this deal is cold I've been checking contracts for Z5c & stumbled across this; I know it's not the latest spec phone but the tablet is still around £200 cheapest & gets good reviews. Considering most contracts are £20 - £25, increasing the data allowance on this contract would be an affordable way to get a good spec phone & tablet (imo)
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