Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Grade A Refurb Wifi+4G *O2 Refresh for £264

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Grade A Refurb Wifi+4G *O2 Refresh for £264

Found 2nd Aug 2016
Sony Xperia Z4 Grade A refurb

£47.99 Upfront fee
24*9 = 216

Total price 263.99

£0.00 upfront fee

Total Price £264

Both on 10gb plan

Wifi+4G 32 Gb version

Other retailers currently sell this for around the £600 mark and the wifi version is on sale at £499 at Currys etc

AS its an O2 refresh you will need to cancel immediately and pay the remaining balance
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It's been out of stock for ages now. I'm checking regularly
Great price if they ever had any in stock
lol o2+4g
I'm on one of these now and I can state they are fantastic peices of kit. If you can get it I would certainly purchase again.
This deal would be amazing if it were in stock haha
It's back in stock, just ordered. Thanks Op
Still in stock, just got one
Out of stock again :-(
I take it this doesn't actually come with the keyboard in the pictures?

What cases do people have and recommend?
No keyboard do sending it back!
I got a bill of £94.08
Received mine today...... no charger, no usb cable, no keyboard. Would be nice of them to make this clear on the item page that you get a bare tablet!
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