Sony XR106E HD Camcorder (+Quidco) £367.50 @ Comet

Sony XR106E HD Camcorder (+Quidco) £367.50 @ Comet

Found 30th Dec 2009
Comet have an 'exclusive' Sony camcorder - the XR106E. It can record in full HD, has an 80GB hard drive and 10X optical zoom.

The only thing 'exclusive' about it is the number '6'. Everywhere else that sells it calls it the XR105E.

The best deal for the XR105E is from Jessops, they sell it for £490 and after deducting 5% using a code and then including the £60 cashback from Sony, it comes to £405.50.

This Comet deal is for £427.50 (by using one of the many 5% comet codes). If you then deduct the £60 Sony cashback, it comes to £367.50. Quidco has tracked at 3% and there is £12.83 showing in my transaction (I used the reserve and collect service).

The Sony cash back offer has been extended to the 11th of January (it was to have finished on Christmas Eve).

In total, after all the codes, cashback and quidco - I've paid £354 for an item typically selling for £499 (-£60 cashback from Sony) from other places.

Please post a better price before voting cold!


bought this for £244 at comet clearance in Glasgow on xmas eve ,easy to use guy said was still full price in Comet stores clearance centre in Maryhill Glasgow hope it helps someone :santa: still voted hot as good camcorder

Didn't the £60 cash back finish 24th December?

Tempted by this, can't find many decent reviews though?

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The cashback offer has actually been extended to the 31st Jan.

The updated claim form can be found at:…pdf (Sony haven't updated their own site, but Comet did confirm that they were aware of the extended offer).

And there may be a 2.5% VAT increase if Comet raises their VAT charge as of tomorrow...

I agree this is hot!
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