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Posted 26 November 2022

Sony XR55A90JU Bravia 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV - £1,395 Delivered @ Laptops direct

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This is the cheapest I have seen with stock available. Sony's top of the range OLED TV 2021 model. If you have been watching the price these were £2200, then they dropped to around £2000, in the black Friday sales a lot of places are selling these at around £1600. A small number of retailers like Hughes and Marks Electrical are now offering them at £1395. Which is a good saving considering the top of the range 2022 Sony OLED 55" is up to £2400.

Experience the realism of a 4K HDR OLED picture, combined with Acoustic Surface Audio+ tech for exceptionally accurate sound. Powered by Sony's Cognitive XR processor. The A90J's elegant One Slate panel is enriched by the stunning colour of XR Triluminos PRO, while Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound combine to immerse you in a cinematic experience. Google TV brings you a huge range of apps including your favourite streaming services, and you can control it by voice with the Google Assistant.

4K OLED screen
The pixels of the Organic LED display are self-illuminating, adjusting independently, for true depth and colour gradation. With 8 million pixels, this 4K OLED screen produces impeccably deep blacks, bright whites, and scintillating colour, within a blur-free image that is equally stunning from any angle.

4K UHD resolution with Dolby Vision HDR
This screen has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life. This set supports multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision.
Laptops Direct More details at Laptops Direct
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    Probably worth going for the slightly better reviewed S95B for a lower price
    Build quality on the 2 is not even comparable
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    This tv is awesome. I was in John Lewis yesterday comparing this with the a90k.

    So close picture.

    The TVs next to them just looked bland pictures. These pop so much.

    I was going to wait till a90k dropped in price next year but 1400 is a bargain.

    Also worth getting before the stock runs low.
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    For me there is a bit of brand loyaty going on as we've had a 50" Sony TV for a lot of years now which we are extremely happy with it. So we are wanting very similar to what we already have but with more modern screen technology. Oh and at a discounted price compared to new. Sony's top of the range 2022 model 55" OLED is around £2200. This is last years top of the range model for £1400.
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    A few other things worth mentioning which I liked about this TV. It's a master series TV which has already been calibrated, you will get an awesome picture and sound experience straight out of the box. The remote control is made with high qaulity materials and has backlit buttons which looks brilliant.
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    How much better is this than the LG C2? Wondering if I should cancel my order for that and spend the extra 400 on this.
    rtings website said: "The LG C2 OLED and the Sony A90J deliver a nearly identical experience overall, but the LG is slightly brighter with some scenes. The LG also has more advanced gaming features, including HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI ports. On the other hand, the Sony TV has better processing, with much better tone mapping in HDR and better motion handling, so it's a better choice for movie lovers who care about an accurate image."
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    Not the cheapest it’s been. Was £1299 from hifi confidential. They had some stock on Saturday but all sold now.

    Changed the description to the cheapest I have seen with stock available.
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    Is this good for Ps5 over the S95b or Lg Oled c1/c2?
    All the TV's listed above are great. Watching reviews of the A90J with PS5 it looks awesome. I would imagine since Sony makes both the A90J and the PS5 extra effort will have gone into making the PS5 look great on their flagship 2021 TV. But maybe I'm biased I just prefer the Sony brand to the others.
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    Hughes are now out of stock. Marks Electrical still has stock at £1395 delivered.
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    Now £1,599
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    There are still a few lesser known websites selling for £1395. Like electricshop.com/pro…716

    Also there maybe the chance to get this through Amazon. They have a new listing with stock for £1600 but they also have another listing for £1400 which is temporary out of stock but you can place the order. amazon.co.uk/Son…h=1 (edited)
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    Hughes went out of stock and Marks Electrical increased the price. I've changed the link to PRC direct as they still have stock at £1395 prcdirect.co.uk/son…tml
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    Looks appealing, but as you can get new OLED tech in the S95B and Philips 807 for less, I'm not sure whether Sony are just overpriced or really worth the extra dollar.
    S95 build quality is appalling, the TV isn't the TV it was advertised earlier this summer, from 1500 nits to 700 nits this is only slightly brighter than normal Oled, the s95 OS is slow laggy, the panel is known to bend, I have seen this myself, the s95 doesn't have heatsink, the a90j has a heatsink so can go brighter without burning the panel, the Sony acoustic surface audio is amazing, the screen is a speaker, you won't need a soundbar, Google TV , masters series build quality, accurate colours, go with the a90j all Day mate
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    Having owned the Sony A90J for a week now I can honestly say, no regrets, its awesome! Glad we upgraded. The sound with the 60w inbuilt speakers is as impressive as the picture. A few other useful things to note. Buying this TV gives you access to an app called Bravia Core where you can stream some (decent offerings) of Sony movies for free. There is a free section and then you get 10x free credits that can redeemed for movies of your choice. The great thing about Bravia Core is they focus on quality and steam movies at a much higher bitrate quality than most other streaming services. They also have a selection of IMAX enhanced 4k movies that are close to 4k disk quality. But you need a decent internet connection to power this, at least 80Mbps, maybe more. One negative about the TV is they have fitted 100Mbps network adapter which can't cope with the top quality streaming from Bravia Core. You get around this by either connecting to your very decent modern WiFi or add a 1 Gig ethernet adapter via USB port. Just watched the move in Bullet Train for free in 4k IMAX enhanced and it was amazing quality. sony.co.uk/ele…ore
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    PRC direct have now put the price back up to £1595. But Laptops Direct now are now offering it at the lower price £1395. I'll update the main link. Hope this helps. laptopsdirect.co.uk/son…2bM (edited)
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    Laptop Direct have now increased price, like most other places. The best option I can currently see is Amazon at £1400 but it is listed as temporary out of stock. You can still place the order and in a lot of cases they will get the item to you much faster than first advertised. I've done this many times and it normally works out well. Or you cancel the order once you spot a better option. amazon.co.uk/Son…h=1
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    Now expired. I can't see any decent prices at the moment.