Sony XZ Premium £629.99 @ Argos

Sony XZ Premium £629.99 @ Argos

Found 5th Jun
My first post, probably get pelters for this but it is the cheapest I've seen it in any "high street" shop. Shame about the delivery charge but it's showing 1 day delivery for me.

Those with Argos cards should have had a £5 off voucher recently to bring it down a tiny bit more.
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pre-order plus crazy expensive oO

Good price although I'd be tempted by that O2 contract deal that was posted a couple of days ago.

Good price relative to other deals but a phone at this price is going to get a chill op. Don't despair, just put your winter coat on and keep posting. Good luck.

Good phone. Had a play with one and it looked good. Design is a bit dated but apart from that excellent.

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pre-order plus crazy expensive oO

Delivery in 2 days not a pre order. LG G6 £649 and S8+ £779, cheap for a 2017 flagship.

I saw this at a decent price the other day, worked out about average £31pm with o2, 6gb data.

Kinda tempted by the S7 too which is about £4 pm cheaper on the same deal. Even though it's last years model.

That said, I'm gonna wait 1-2 months, they always go cheaper when they are finally all out, some take off, some don't. I'm not fussed if it's one of these, the G6, or similar. I'll bag one of em on a good contract sub £25pm soon. Might even be able to get down to £20pm.

Give it 3months it will be under. £300

Sony phones drop price


Give it 3months it will be under. £300

No it won't !!
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