Sony XZ1 Compact £308 on Amazon Germany New (Prime for free del)

Sony XZ1 Compact £308 on Amazon Germany New (Prime for free del)

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I have been looking for an XZ1 compact deal and spotted this on Amazon Germany. €349 converts to £308. 2-4 week delivery, so some chance to cancel if better option appears in coming week (XZ2 compact released in 2 weeks).

I was debating between this or "like new" Amazon UK version with 20% discount working out around £291 here . In the end, I opted for UK version (not experienced enough in European purchases).

I hope it's some of some use to you if you are looking for XZ1 compact deals
Personally, I like this phone as you get the benefits of the XZ1 without a drop in spec. I know there will be some people saying buy an XZ1, but I prefer a phone I can fit in my front pocket.

***EDIT: Seems to be defaulting to a 3rd party seller at €363, but option still available on other sellers for Amazon at €349***
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Looking for a compact phone myself, tempting.....
Good price, I'm hoping it drops a bit more in the summer when I'll be looking at getting one. It's a shame that it's probably going to be the last reasonably sized flagship phone ever.
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Isn't there a xz2 compact ?
mambomike45024 m ago

Isn't there a xz2 compact ?

Yes, being released on April 5th at around £529, although I can't justify another £230 on enhancements (of which there aren't that many). So maybe some deals to be had on XZ1 compact in coming weeks, if you are willing to wait (and inevitably these will get cheaper as nearly all tech does)
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mambomike45038 m ago

Isn't there a xz2 compact ?

It's coming, but it's expensive and 5".

I remember when the term "phablet" was introduced it was for a 5.3" phone...
mambomike4508 h, 0 m ago

Isn't there a xz2 compact ?

In name only. It's basically the XZ2 and then the one called XZ2 should be called XZ2+.
I had one of these for one short day but the camera wasn't a patch on my 3 year old battered Galaxy S6, so I took it back. Such a shame as I really wanted a smaller phone and a good battery.
720p ruins it. Sorry Sony fans.
OGNinjaDon12 h, 56 m ago

720p ruins it. Sorry Sony fans.

Doesn't ruin it for me. For this size screen 720p is fine, and probably more battery friendly than a full HD display IMO.
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Looks like this is no longer available new from Amazon, but available "in good condition" from €324 - £281. Not sure if you can get the 20% discount on that any more. Deal expired
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