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Sophos Home Premium For PC And Mac - £28
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Sophos Home Free - Manage 3 devices Sophos Home Premium 1 Year License - £28 inc VAT Sophos Home Premium 2 Year License - £50.40 inc VAT Manage up to 10 devices with Home Pre… Read more

How does this rate compared to AVG Internet security(Protected; Computer,Web & email, Hacker attacks,Privacy & Payments)


i use the free version my mac a good peice of kit

Free Sophos Antivirus for PC or Mac on 3 devices
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
Free Sophos Antivirus for PC or Mac on 3 devices
100% free to use by one of the best commercial brands for network security. Both PC or Mac options and you can use 1 account for 3 devices too. Also gives you 30 days free of the… Read more

I put Sophos Free on the ms. Mac some years ago. Then out of the blue last week got an email fron Sophos saying my 30 day free trial had expired.


Please, dont listen to people who are called "geniuses" as a job title - if someone at Apple actually said that to you then that is outrageous. Apple OS' are indeed less susceptible to viruses/malware etc - in comparison to PC i'd guess at 99 to 1 but they still are vulnerable to threats of various natures! However an Anti Virus these days is not just that, it protects you for a multitude of things from browser plugins, malicious files like Macros embedded in a harmless documents, website spoofing and I even think that the crypto viruses hit Macs too (could be wrong) - I am sure some of the IT guys from larger companies can chime in on more horror stories. Point is, have something, free or paid but just do not have nothing regardless of PC or MAC. I have nothing against Macs before the usual PC vs Mac arguments inevitably start!


Spoke to apple their staff are of the opinion if your mac is up to date you don’t need to add AV


Yes its technically the enterprise version, but I expect the product is effectively the same, just a different endpoint software on the client.


(highfive) (lol)

Free Sophos Home for PCs and Macs - Stop malware, viruses, ransomware, and malicious apps
Found 17th Mar 2018Found 17th Mar 2018
Free Sophos Home for PCs and Macs - Stop malware, viruses, ransomware, and malicious apps
I have used many Antivirus programs, this not a bad product for PCs and Macs and for free. Also for free is - Sophos Mobile Security for iOS - Sophos Mobile Security for Android -… Read more
Zoea - it is a rough price might be £7 might be $7


There are many antivirus tools out there, such as Symantec(Norton), McAfee, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky. Sophos i think is a decent product and its free...


Thanks for the heads up on Bitdefender. I will still give it a go but will keep a close eye on how the laptop performs, just in case.


I would assume that it was I just purchased a key from them for £5.89. Hope that helps.


I tried Bitdefender many years ago and it caused my PC to slow down and had "stability" issues. I also recently tried Bitdefender Free (months ago now), and encountered my PC having 'issues', after uninstalling and switching to Sophos Free, my PC resumed 'normal and stable' operations. I am now trying out Kaspersky Free which has not given me any problems so far.

Sophos antivirus and security  is free for home users
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Sophos antivirus and security is free for home users
Sophos enterprise grade AV is free for home users. I've used it for some time and it works very well indeed. Fully cloud based management of all your devices. Has received several … Read more

Thanks for this. Used Panda for free AN and Eset NOD32 for Paid, but gibing this a try now


Yes I read it. But that is Cisco in general. I've read the source code for the AV. And it doesn't collect data. The privacy policy says Cisco can/do log data, but that particular AV doesn't. Hence why I linked it. I don't think you're understanding me.


I gave you the link from their web site - go read their privacy policy - scroll down to the bottom of their web page and click the privacy policy link.... (party)


I've read the source code for ClamAV and there's literally nothing it collects that's sensitive.


I was using "virus" more colloquially to mean malware, which was my mistake - you are right that actual real viruses are incredibly rare on Macs, but they do exist in the wild: Malware on the other hand, is not uncommon on Macs, which was the point I was trying to make (albeit badly).

Free Sophos XG Home Firewall
Found 21st Jun 2017Found 21st Jun 2017
Free Sophos XG Home Firewall
I manage the full-fat enterprise Sophos XG firewall. This home edition seems to have a lot of the same features, so ideal for home protection or to use as a training aid from a rep… Read more

would it be possible to run it through virtualbox ?


What you need Intel compatible computer with dual network interfaces. (Any previous OS or files on the computer will be overwritten when installing the XG Firewall Home Edition)Home Edition is limited to 4 cores and 6 GB of RAM. The computer can have more than this, but XG Firewall Home Edition will not be able to utilize it.


Thanks a lot for your very helpful reply and other useful safety tips ;). I am still a bit confused how you can make all other devices connect only via the firewall if it's a normal star home topology, i.e. internet/WAN - router - LAN devices including the firewall, pcs, mobiles etc? One topology which can make it work is internet/WAN - router - the firewall - switch - other LAN devices including pcs, mobiles etc, but it is certainly not a typical topology for a normal home and also you need at least two Ethernet cards for your firewall PC. Have I missed anything?


Many Thanks, I have taken your advice and downloaded the UTM version. I will run it in a VM to see how it performs.


Very good question :) You do not need a special network topology but will need to, at a minimum, set all devices to connect to the Internet via the firewall. For full protection I would disable access to the router from any other address other than the firewall and 1 specified 'Clean' PC that you can use to access the router in an emergency. All devices that connect to your network should connect via the firewall and the router should ignore/drop all attempted connections that do not come from the firewall. (Except for the 'Clean' PC which you must ensure is protected from infection etc.) You can avoid the need for the 'Clean' PC if you are able to quickly/easily reconfigure a PC to have the same IP address as the Firewall in an emergency (i.e. the Firewall crashes etc). The choice is yours depending on your Tech skills. You will also need to have a router that is configurable and NOT locked down as ISP's tend to do. Personally, I run my own 'Filtering' DNS Server and Firewall which between them filter out Ads and 'Bad' Addresses. I block any attempts to access the router directly and any attempts to access DNS other than my own Server. (Lots of software tries to access its own DNS Servers, ignoring my own setup. Which I find a little bit annoying as it is a potential source of unknown/unfiltered access to my PC's and/or network.) As you can tell , I am not very trusting of 'Magic' software that just does its own thing. !!! :)

Free Enterprise class AV & webfilter for 10 PC's/Macs.
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Free Enterprise class AV & webfilter for 10 PC's/Macs.
Really good, espectially for a freebie. Managed from a web console, so you can apply policies & report remotely. I have been using it a while and its never caused me any issues… Read more

They are a really well established computer security firm like emsisoft and alike, big big name brand in the sector I'm installing this as I write this and hope to test the engine and get back with pros and cons but do thank the op for this, as missed this years free av engine software giveaways up until I found this and it is something I am eternaly greatfull for Update: went here tried every threat on the page and it picked them all up in sophos home it's actually very effective and doesn't appear to kill the power of the system while doing it either, a bit like the 360 total security doesn't another good security.Not sure how that fares on the test I did with Sophos?


Thanks for this.


Have a look at this, if you deal with IT security or are super cautious. It's pretty sweet ! (Not free)


Not heard of them. I'll have a look.


have you tried heimdal security? they have afree patch management client - keeps common apps (java, flash etc) up to date automatically to minimize your exposure on the web. the paid for version blocks traffic to known malware sites.

Free sophos business-grade security for Home PCs and MACs
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Free sophos business-grade security for Home PCs and MACs
Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your home from malware, viruses, ransomware, and inappropriate websites. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals tr… Read more

I'm a big fan of Sophos from using the enterprise product going back 18 years ago. However i'm not sure i'm keen on having to use a web based portal for home use but trying it out to see how it goes. Currently I use Kaspersky free through Barclays but sometimes that can be a pain in the ar$e for being overbearing trying to install software.


I'd advise not posting in the 'freebies' section of the site in future then.


Great may give it a try


Loads of programs are free, especially anti-virus software. You'd be daft to pay for it (for home use) ;)


How much did you pay for hkud app and an account?

Sophos Industrial grade antivirus free
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
Sophos Industrial grade antivirus free
Industrial grade antivirus and Web filtering free for home users. add multiple computers under one account and manage them online. unfortunately can't add iPads or Android.
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The ntddf.#. X..


Used in education and other govt departments too.


I have been using this free antivirus on a windows netbook and a tablet ( desktop has Kaspersky). There is a free Sophos Android app as well. Unlike alot of the free antivirus, there are no nagging screens telling you to purchase an upgrade. We used Sophos at a couple of companies I worked for so it is mainly aimed at business I suspect.


I have been using Avast for the last decade and on the whole I've been pretty happy with it - how does this stack up against it and is it worth taking a look?


​we use it in our NHS FT....

Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition
Found 21st Mar 2016Found 21st Mar 2016
Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition
Free enterprise security free for home use. Give your home network a much needed security boost. The Home Edition of the Sophos XG Firewall features full protection for your home… Read more

very tempted but will stick to pfsense for anyone wanting to use this, you will need minimum 2 network cards - one for WAN and other for the LAN


Not the most convenient software to use ... "a separate, dedicated computer is needed, which will change into a fully functional security appliance. Just right for the spare PC you have sitting in the corner!"


I don't trust home routers at all, full of bugs and backdoors, I have been using this firewall for around an month and it does so much more then my simple home router.


How little you appear to know about routers. If in this day and age you think your computers security depends on a software firewall you need to do some research (or get a Mac). However, if you think your computer is at risk of poisoning other people's computers may I suggest you stay well away from dubious websites (or get a Mac).


This so shouldn't be cold. A free firewall for a dedicated PC isn't bad. Shame we are not paranoid enough to wonder what we are sending out compared to what is trying to get into ourhome networks. Hot from me! :)

Sophos Anitvirus for PCs and Macs
Found 21st Mar 2016Found 21st Mar 2016
Sophos Anitvirus for PCs and Macs
Free Sophos cloud anti-virus for home users, for PC and MAC The same antivirus, malware protection, and web filtering technology trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses is … Read more

Why is this so cold!!


There's no bomb proof system, jus look at last dodgy Xcode fiasco. IOS apps approved by Apple containing malware. End user is always the weakest link.


I've been hearing this same old, same old for close on 30 years. It still hasn't happened. At best I vaguely recall about one failed attempt every year and not one that has spread beyond one computer. OSX runs on very strict privileges, if a Mac gets something unwanted on it, it's because the user authorised it. There is no where for a Mac "proof of concept" virus or trojan horse, etc., to escalate to. This is why Mac's are so damned secure and offer a first line of defence for the American armed services. Wikipedia states "Only a few major viruses have hit Macs in the last years. The difference in virus vulnerability between Macs and Windows is a chief selling point, one that Apple uses in their "Get a Mac" advertising."


Not so you'd notice. I think you can count the total number of attempts (nothing currently live) at infecting Mac OSX on one hand. I've used PC's and Macs since the first Mac computer and I have never seen malware, spyware or viruses on any of my companies, friends or families Mac's. PC's were once quite another matter. I now use the latter exclusively for gaming; apart from Windows X, I have installed Steam, uPlay, Origin, Creative Labs (with reluctance) and nVidia software and essential motherboard drivers, nothing else. All work, browsing, messaging, e-mailing, etc., I do on Mac's and iPad's. I don't even bother with OSX's firewall any longer as my router is bullet-proof...Not a single attempt to probe my ports has been made from beyond the router to my Mac network.


Now I can see the scan with option ... sure it wasn't there before!!!

Free Sophos Home Edition
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Free Sophos Home Edition
Simple. Effective. Free. Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your home from malicious software, inappropriate websites and viruses. It uses the same award-winning technology … Read more

sorry, didn't mean to seem harsh, as i said, my first search showed nothing, as did yours. i repeated it's a duplicate, but should've repeated it's forgiven too :)


my apologies, I did lookup sophos in search bar but nothing came up

mcek a more detailed post, nearly 2 weeks ago, but it didn't come up in my search just now, so duplicate forgiven. EDIT: sorry, didn't search in Freebies, so this is a duplicate.

Sophos Antivirus (PC/Linux/Mac) for up to 10 home users and Next Gen Firewall
Found 18th Dec 2015Found 18th Dec 2015
Sophos Antivirus (PC/Linux/Mac) for up to 10 home users and Next Gen Firewall
Sophos has been around a lot of years and while well respected in the business world they've generally not been know to the home user. Why, simply because they have concentrated o… Read more

Great find, thank you, Heat :)


Thank you


The UTM version runs fine on 2012 R2, but it needs you to install the UTM on something and activate the AV element first though.


Sorry my bad, I should have made it clearer they were separate products...


The clue is in the title, sorry you missed that.

Free Basic Edition of Sophos Antivirus for Linux OS
Found 1st Jun 2015Found 1st Jun 2015
Free Basic Edition of Sophos Antivirus for Linux OS
"Linux is considered to be more secure than other operating systems. However, it’s increasingly a target of attackers, as Linux systems are used for critical roles like developer w… Read more

Indeed, I asked myself the same question when i was told my linux system had a virus.:([image missing]


Linux system need antivirus ? oO

Free Socks from Sophos (answer a couple of questions)
Found 20th Nov 2014Found 20th Nov 2014
Free Socks from Sophos (answer a couple of questions)
Free Geek/IT socks. Answer a couple of questions about Software vendors (stick in Microsoft or Symantec where appropriate and you're done! 11 designs to choose from.



Has anyone received theirs yet? I haven't received mine!


Has anyone received theirs yet? I haven't received mine!




same here .. they had some great ones!

Free Sophos Socks
Found 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
Free Sophos Socks
GET YOUR SYSMAS SOCKS HERE! Sophos is proud to sponsor Spiceworks' 12 Days of Sysmas, a season of appreciation for Sys Admins leading up to SysAdmin day on July 25th. Your demands… Read more
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Just Got my socks too :3 dunno why this is so cold ?! They have unicorns on !


Socks received @ home & work (multiple email addresses), No downloaded needed, no personal details or mothers maiden name required, No subscription sign up made & Definitely no monies sent to Nigerian Prince. So why the cold votes?


So I get the socks, and rest back. Nothing else to do. Yey!


Tried again this morning and can sign up so they must've added more pairs - when I tried yesterday it had a big diagonal yellow banner across the page saying they had stopped because of the massive response... Definite heat...


Don't have to cancel, it auto expires. If you want to use it you have to apply to continue after the trial.

Free Sophos Anti-Virus Home edition - Free for iMac and MacBooks
Found 12th Jan 2014Found 12th Jan 2014
Free Sophos Anti-Virus Home edition - Free for iMac and MacBooks
Free and very, very good anti-virus for Apple PCs - enjoy! Overview As Apple products grow in popularity, they have become attractive targets for cybercriminals. Yes, Macs can be… Read more
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Not had a problem so far...


same here!




This played havoc with my MBP and took it off after about 15 minutes.


The real value of this is highlighted by this: Basically, it is more designed to stop the propagation of Windows viruses, either from attachments sent by Windows users and spambots or those who have Windows installed via Bootcamp and believe that just because they are running on Apple hardware that they are also immune from viruses. Not installing this. I remember the first version was a bit of a disaster and caused more problems than it solved. This won't stop Trojans or malware, either, which is a bigger issue for OSX than viruses.

Sophos UTM Home Edition fully featured Firewall
Found 21st Dec 2012Found 21st Dec 2012
Sophos UTM Home Edition fully featured Firewall
Our Free Home Use Firewall is a fully equipped software version of the Sophos UTM firewall, available at no cost for home users – no strings attached. It features full Network, Web… Read more

better alternative smoothwall imho ...

Anyone has used it? Any good?


I was going to use it. it seemed like one of the best utm out there but then I measured the consumption of the old desktop I was going to use and bought a cisco pix instead.

Free Anti-Virus for Macs From Sophos  (Home Use Only)
Found 3rd Nov 2010Found 3rd Nov 2010
Free Anti-Virus for Macs From Sophos (Home Use Only)
Overview As Apple computers grow more popular than ever, they're an increasingly-enticing target for hackers. And these hackers aren't just mischief-makers—by targeting your comput… Read more

If its an OS, its game for malware - just because the machine is the minority doesn't mean it wont be attacked... as apple spreads so does the malware.


Great! I'm an avid Mac user, even though threats don't bother me one single bit as they don't affect Mac users as much as Windows, but it's nice to have a good solid AV client in the background just in case. And on a plus note, it's much better than ClamX AV, it's happily handling my 400,000+ files with ease!


True, but at £112.50 for SCS for 1 year it's hardly priced within reach of the home user. Big shame really as it's a nice product that would otherwise get my recommendation for clients.


OSX is an officially certified UNIX variant, it started out life as NeXTSTEP which in turn had its roots in the BSD's, so it's far from being "Linux with a pretty front end on it". As for viruses, malware etc. on Macs, yes they are possible and yes they do exist. However, the fundamental differences in security model from the likes of Windows makes it very unlikely unless you do something silly (like click on the link for fr33 the fr33 Pr0n app.....and install it). Even if you are infected the damage such things can do are limited, unless you do something monumentally stupid.


Ahh, the old "security through obscurity" Mantra Mac's can, and do get virus's - why? Because they run Linux with a pretty front end on it, Linux has a fairly decent sized installed base, certainly worth going after in the eyes of those that create such malware. I'm not anti/pro anything when it comes to computers I run Windows, OSX, Linux and Unix on several machines, they are all insecure in some way.