Sopranos: Series 1 blu-ray £9.99 @ HMV

Sopranos: Series 1 blu-ray £9.99 @ HMV

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Sopranos: Series 1 blu-ray £9.99 @ HMV

Cheapest I've seen for the blu-ray version

Thanks to google on AV Forums for the find



I have never seen a single episode of this. Is it any good?

Me as well, got sky atlantic HD , might start recording it.

oh marone!

Not really sure what Blu Ray would bring to this. Filmed in about 1999, and it's a tv series, so would viewing it in HiDef not just show up cheaper film?

That aside, it's one of the best programmes ever made. If you haven't watched it already, do so now.
If you have watched them all, then watch them again!

Good stuff


I have never seen a single episode of this. Is it any good?

Brilliant show! I can't recommend it highly enough.

Edit: @OP thanks for the find. Heat added.
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Best show I have ever seen. Does anyone know when they are releaasing the other series on Blu ray as well ?


oh marone!

I never found out what that meant!

Only thing that sucks is that seasons 2-5 aren't available yet on Blu-Ray

Can't wait to watch this show again, but would be a shame to watch the first 13 episodes in glorious HD and then have to drop-down to DVD quality. I can wait

£9.99 is a great price

By far the best TV series ever made.


I never found out what that meant!

just an examclation of annoyance technically refers to the madonna, but if something bad happens you could use it in the same way you might use damn, the S word etc

...after The Wire

goes into basket at £31.99


...after The Wire

It's £31.99 not £9.99

Same issue with this one as Generation Kill - jumps in price when you add it to your basket.

HMV having a bad day. oO



omar comin'

"Just when I thought I was out....They pulled me back in" !!!!
Good old Sal

Thanks to the sopranos I learnt the expression your breaking my balls which i promptly used at work whenever my manager was, well, breaking my balls
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