Soreen Malt Loaf is on a  buy one get one free. £1.09 @ Tesco

Soreen Malt Loaf is on a buy one get one free. £1.09 @ Tesco

Found 19th Feb 2009
This is for all you malt loavers. I was in Tesco yesterday and they have the big packet on a buy one get on free offer. It works out to be £1.09 for 2 packets.

It appears that this is only available in store I can't see this offer online.

The best before date is up to 30th March/2nd April on most of the packets I saw.

Well worth the investment

Happy Malt Loaving


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Yum Yum

Nice thanks

Good find, but Co-Op instore currently doing it for 2 for £1 but depends if you visit your local Co-Op much as most things are more expensive.

Our sainsbury's does Twin Packs, price marked at £1, but they are actually just 69p.

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I remember seeing them cheap on here from Asda but I never go to Asda. I think sometimes it depends on which supermarket you go to and the time you have. Asda and Sainsburys are a bit out of my way so I wouldn't go there to get something like this I'd rather pay 9p more.

I hate it when there is cheap food from Asda on here!

available online aswell.

It's low fat too! Well, it is until I spread an inch of butter on it yum

Yummy! I make bread and butter pudding with soreen malt loaf, its sooooo nice!
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