SOUFEEL charm bracelets up to 60% off

SOUFEEL charm bracelets up to 60% off

Found 15th Nov 2016
Just incase anyone is looking for a good quality pandora alternative -- i order from this site every year and the charms are beautiful and not cheap looking what so ever ... they have a huge selection of novelty charms as well as everything else yo would need to complete a lovely bracelet. I will say that the postage can take longer than expected but it is 110% legit so dont worry ... its worth the wait also.... all their jewellery is sterling silver


Some really nice things on here thanks op. Do the charms fit the pandora bracelets?

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yes they fit pandora and they are such good quality and have great detail -- not cheap looking at all

some of the charms dont fit pandora i have tried them. also my sister had a bracelet that kept opening and they have ignored her messages and i got a safety chain that keeps opening and ignored me too so wouldnt order off them again x

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there will always be bad reviews - ive had my bracelet with 6 charms for over a year now and no issues...…IBA

it says they fit and going by the size of the hole in my charm beads they defo would...

I have ordered a charm from here recently and it has come quite quickly, and the glittery side looks nice. However the image is really dark. I have messaged them about it, and they have promised my guaranteed happiness and satisfaction! I have emailed them photos of the charm, and the original image as they asked, and now they say that the original image is dark and pixelated. Surely their software should have picked up if the image wasn't suitable! I don't think it is dark, and when uploaded onto the site it looked lovely and clear! They better re-do it!
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