Soul Calibur IV for Xbox 360 £9.99 @ (4% Quidco)

Soul Calibur IV for Xbox 360 £9.99 @ (4% Quidco)

Found 29th Dec 2009Made hot 18th Jan 2010
Was £11.99...

The latest series of the pinnacle of 3D weapon fighting Soul Calibur arrives on Xbox 360. Two swords at their ultimate form of evolution during the reincarnation of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, something else has awakened as the battle between the two swords comes to the final phase, with the resurrection of whom created those swords. Nightmare in its ultimate form awaits Siegfried for the final battle. What lies ahead for the characters twisted by its destiny?

Oh and don't forget quidco like I did... derrr


Is that Yoda on the box?....

Yes, YODA is a playable character in the game and Darth Vader was in the PS3 version!

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