Sound Asleep Pillow @ Tesco £6
Sound Asleep Pillow @ Tesco £6

Sound Asleep Pillow @ Tesco £6

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Brilliant deal just been to tescos and seen this thought it was a good deal
Seen in Baldock Store


sounds great to me

£10 online

If you want it delivered order from Amazon £9.49

Think ill give it a miss due to bad reviews.

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I've had one of these for about 18 months and it's brilliant!! Okay, the sound quality's not exactly anything to write home about, but the idea's just to listen to some gentle music to send you off to the land of nod.

which cov store mate?

If I see one in store i'll have it. Quiet music is helpfull if you suffer with tinitus as I do and headphones are uncomfortable. One of these and a crappy old MP3 player and you might get some kip.

seems a good idea but where is the speaker in it? if its fixed say in the centre then cant see it being that good.

i have this from maplins


got it about 2 years ago & its really good! it also doesnt wake the other half you can move it around & keep it under your head thus can be set even quieter


Got one of these myself... they're ****!

I returned mie after an hour (bought on offer at b&Q) - the pillow was very hard for my taste and gave me neckache !! Just a warning in case you are used to fluggy pillows.


I bought 12 of these for family last Xmas as I thought there were a good idea (i.e. listen to your ipod in bed at night to help you drift off etc) I ditched mine after just 2 weeks due to not being able to sleep on the pillow as you can actually feel the speaker that's embedded inside the very cente of the pillow. I recently found out after bringing the subject up at a family get together that everyone had also disposed of theirs long ago due to the exact same problem. Just a warning as they are really uncomfortable unless you can sleep on the very edge of a pillow.

agree with the above posts

the pillow is really uncomfertable and after 2 weeks all you can feel is the speaker in the pillow


Got one of these myself... they're ****!


I was given one of these for christmas last year.....best present I've ever had..saves getting sore ears when you fall asleep with your earphones in!!! :-)

got my mum one and she loves it! one solution for being able to feel the speaker is to put another soft pillow on top and turn the volume up, same volume overall but more comfort!
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