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Posted 16 January 2023

Soundbars Reduced To Clear - Samsung HW-S61A £209.30 - Samsung HW-Q600A £279.99 - Bose Smart Soundbar 300 £314.97 Delivered @ John Lewis

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

A few soundbars on clearance at John Lewis

Samsung HW-S61A Bluetooth Wi-Fi All-In-One Compact Soundbar, Grey

Samsung's five-channel S61A soundbar is designed to fill your home space with sound and complement your interior with premium fabric design. It features side horn speakers with acoustic beam for a wider sound stage, and a dedicated centre speaker for clear dialogue. You can stream music over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and with the Alexa voice assistant built-in, you can control it and get info, just by speaking.

Compact design, premium style
With seven internal speakers, this all-in-one soundbar reproduces rich bass, a detailed mid-range and high trebles with delicacy and clarity, for a natural sound from a compact unit. Wrapped in a beautiful textile fabric, the S61A brings contemporary style to any interior.

Acoustic Beam technology with Side horn speakers and Centre speaker
With Samsung’s enhanced Acoustic Beam technology and dual-sided horn speakers, you get a wider sound range and improved sound quality, so you’re immersed in a panoramic sound experience. Meanwhile, a built-in centre speaker ensures crystal clear dialogue.

Adaptive sound
Adaptive Sound assesses what you're watching and optimises each scene with AI sound. So feel like you’re in the stadium when watching live sport, be immersed in thrilling action sequences, or hear gentle dialogue with crystal clarity.

Alexa built in
Easily control this smart soundbar and other compatible devices using Alexa voice control which is built in. So you can play music, adjust settings, check the weather, get questions answered, and more, hands-free.

Stream music over Wi-Fi
With Wi-Fi built into the S61A, you can access your favourite streaming services. Ask Alexa, or stream via the SmartThings app on your mobile device which can link to your Spotify, Deezer or TuneIn account*. Samsung’s dedicated Music Mode ensures audio is optimised for music when using this soundbar purely as a speaker. And you can stream seamlessly from iOS devices with Apple Airplay 2.

Bluetooth connection and HDMI
Connect your compatible TV without the mess of wires thanks to Bluetooth. And you can stream your top tunes from your Bluetooth smart device too. You also have the option to connect to the TV by HDMI for a top-quality wired connection.

Expand your sound system for the fully cinematic surround sound experience. The S61A is compatible with Samsung’s SWA-W500 wireless subwoofer for even more powerful bass, and SWA-9100S wireless rear speakers. Both of these are available separately.

Samsung HW-Q600A Bluetooth Cinematic Soundbar with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & Wireless Subwoofer, Black

The Q600A soundbar enriches your audio by bringing a cinematic listening experience into the home. Tuned by the Samsung Audio Lab, it delivers true 3.1.2 channel audio. With 3D Object –based sound thanks to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Samsung's own Acoustic Beam technology, audio is balanced, space-filling, and immersive. It also features Bluetooth connection, and with Q-Symphony, it synchronises beautifully with select Samsung TVs.

3D Object based sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
The incorporation of true object-based audio formats Dolby Atmos and DTS:X allows this soundbar to place you in the heart of the action for a truly immersive 3D sound experience. The sounds of people, music and everything you’re watching come alive around you.

3.1.2 channel sound
Enjoy premium sound thanks to 3.1.2 channel custom-designed speakers. The separate subwoofer provides powerful bass, while a built-in centre speaker ensures crystal clear dialogue.

Adaptive sound
Adaptive Sound assesses what you're watching and optimises each scene with AI sound. So feel like you’re in the stadium when watching live sport, be immersed in thrilling action sequences, or hear gentle dialogue with crystal clarity.

Wireless subwoofer
The wireless sub-woofer provides powerful bass that adds depth and realism to everything you watch. And because it's wireless you have more placement options as it doesn’t need to be linked to the soundbar by a cable.

Game Mode Pro
Automatically configures sound to deliver a dynamic gaming experience.

Bluetooth connection
Connect your compatible TV without the mess of wires thanks to Bluetooth. And you can stream your top tunes from your Bluetooth smart device too.

One remote and 4K HDR 10+ pass-through
It works with Samsung's One Remote so you can control multiple compatible devices with one universal controller. And 4K HDR10+ pass-through ensures an inputted signal reaches your TV without any loss in quality.

Samsung Q-Symphony
This Q-Symphony soundbar has the ability to synchronise in perfect harmony with select Samsung TVs. Playing superb quality sound simultaneously from both soundbar and TV heightens the viewing experience without any complicated set up. Q-Symphony is compatible with 2021 Samsung TV (AU7000 TV and above). For a complete list of compatible models, please refer to samsung.com for more information.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Voice Recognition and Control, Black

The Smart Soundbar 300 from Bose gives you spacious sound, clear dialogue, and rich bass for your movies, music, and games. With both Google and Alexa voice assistants built in, together with Bose’s own Voice4Video tech, many functions can be done with just one voice command. So it’s fast, simple and easy enough for everyone to operate and enjoy.

Spacious sound and clear dialogue
Four full-range drivers, a central dome tweeter and two ports ensure spacious sound and rich bass so you get fully immersed in youe entertainment. And by analysing what you’re watching, elevating centre vocals and boosting treble, it makes sure you can hear every word and don’t miss a thing.

Google Assistant, and Alexa with Voice4Video tech
With both Alexa and Google Assistant built in, you can control all your entertainment, get info, and more, with just your voice. The noise-rejecting microphones of the Smart Soundbar 300 listen in every direction, even when the music’s playing loudly (for extra privacy, you can always just disable the microphones with the mic-off button). The company’s Voice4Video technology expands Alexa's voice capabilities. As well as controlling the soundbar itself, you can control your TV and cable or satellite box, just by speaking. So you can turn on the TV and jump straight to your favourite channel with just one request.

Superb streaming
Connect your smart device directly by Bluetooth, or over Wi-Fi, or by Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. Access your favourite streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music (subscriptions may apply). And you can also wirelessly stream music and podcasts with Chromecast built-in too.

It also connects seamlessly with a range of other Bose products. So you can connect with the brand’s compatible headphones or speakers for discreet listening, music in multiple rooms, boosted bass, or surround sound.

Easy app control
With the Bose Music app (available on iOS and Android), you can easily browse through all your music in one place and jump between stations, playlists, and other services. It’s another simple way to control this soundbar, allowing you to group products, set up presets, and get a personalised experience.

Elegant operation
With a sleek black matte top, complemented by a perforated wraparound grille, it’s elegant, compact and designed to fit under any TV. With just one connection to the TV (with the included optical cable) it automatically turns on when you turn the TV on. And if you link up via HDMI cable (sold separately), your own TV remote will control soundbar volume too.

Bose SimpleSync
This Bose speaker has Bose SimpleSync built in. It allows you to connect it wirelessly with other compatible Bose products for seamless, linked up listening. So you can pair it with select Bose headphones when you need a more personal listening experience. Or pair it with compatible Bose Bluetooth speakers to hear expanded music in a different room. Or take a compatible Bose Bluetooth speaker into the garden and hear the same music inside and outside the house. It’s all easily set up within the Bose Music app. SimpleSync technology has a typical Bluetooth range of 30 feet.

Voice assistant commands and controls may vary by country’s functional capabilities.
John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. you_gotta_be_kidding's avatar
    Not exactly a bargain price, I paid £249 for the Q600A from costco in March and then had £200 cashback on top making it £50.
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    yes but that was silly season
  2. john_n3MU's avatar
    just sold, as new, S61a for below £99 - could not accept it on a kitchen TV preferring the quality of a Sky soundbox to it. Nearly as disappointing as the Sonos beam system in Lounge. If you like these then HOT deal. Good Luck. (edited)
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    People love the beam and I found it disappointing as well especially for the price whereas s61a for 100 was decent for the price. The s61b is just the same so glad I only paid 75.
  3. ddnvidia's avatar
    Got these for £45-70 ish in a cashback deal. Wouldn’t be worth more than £100 imo
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    lack of bass is the main issue but the actual mids and highs are very good and rtings scores it much the same as the sonos beam. The bass is what disappoints most people but meant to be used with the matching sub.
  4. sheffield788's avatar
    It's definitely worth paying the extra £70 for Q600A. Unless you have no room for the sub.
    As with regards to this model, got 2 a year ago via cashback, and it took me forever to get £100 for each. You'll find them on ebay for about £150 brand new, or on bidding used ones closer to £100. £210 for this, marked as clearance, is not cheap. Neither the q600a. (edited)
    Pricklerickle's avatar
    the rear speakers which can update later go nicely with the q600a
  5. stressedman's avatar
    Both Samsung bars aren't really worth these prices in my opinion, not just because of previous sales/ cashback deals, but the sound quality alone.
    If I paid this for the q600 I would not be happy with the product
  6. crack_shot's avatar
    I had a Yamaha bar 400 soundbar connected to the TV- much better than the TV speakers, used it mostly for music listening.
    bought a 40 year old JVC hifi from some used store for a few quid.
    sounds better than any soundbar I've ever heard (listened to them all before I chose the Yamaha because it was the best sounding one musically)

    Soundbars are a con. I think we got conditioned to tinny crappy mobile phone and TV speaker sounds, whilst back in the day, everyone had a hifi and knew good sound (edited)
    bensbb's avatar
    Using a soundbar as primarily a music listening device is like using a smart car as a delivery van, its the wrong tool for the job. They are supposed to replace rubbish built-in TV speakers and they're typically tuned for clear dialogue and effects rather than music. They're also compromised by the form factor (long and thin) so they can't contain larger mid-bass drivers that you'd want for music.

    The hifi system will also take a lot more space, look ugly and consume a lot more power.

    If you want to listen to music you're better off buying a system geared towards that. I reckon your JVC hi-fi isn't even that good compared to a decent modern music system. Good place to start is a Denon micro hi-fi and some entry level speakers (e.g. Dali Oberon) and you won't regret it. (edited)
  7. Ouzoherb's avatar
    The 61a is a nice bar for around 120, ebay new opened and a lot better than a £150 tcl one I had. 200 is pushing it ad other options
's avatar