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Posted 4 June 2023

Soundcore by Anker Life P2i True Wireless Earbuds £16.99 Sold by AnkerDirect UK & Fulfilled by Amazon

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Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
Impressive Sound: Life P2i true wireless earbuds feature 10mm drivers that boost quality sound with deep bass and mids at optimal levels that are pleasing to the ears.
Speak and Be Heard: Life P2i true wireless earbuds reduces noise via a custom AI algorithm, while two microphones pick up your voice clearly.
Long-Life Buds: Battery life lasts 8 hours per charge and extends to 28 hours with the compact case. For a quick boost of power, charge for 10 minutes and get a full hour of use.
Effortless Connectivity: After connecting for the first time, Life P2i true wireless earbuds will detect and pair with your device when you open the charging case.
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Dual EQ Modes

Choose between Bass Mode for thumping bass or Podcast Mode to get balanced sound with clear vocals. Quickly switch between your preferred modes using button controls.

Clear Calls
Two microphones capture your voice and the AI reduces unwanted noise. Now you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard, and the person on the other end can hear you clear as a bell.

Stable Connection

The latest Bluetooth 5.2 builds a solid connection between your device and Life P2i true wireless earbuds for a seamless sound experience.

Ready in a Flash
P2i true wireless earbuds support Fast Charging, giving you 1 hour of use when charged for 10 minutes. Enjoy 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, while the compact case extends it to 28 hours.

Single Earbud Mode
Use either the left or right earbud independently to pick up calls or listen to music. Mono mode is activated when one of the earbuds is placed in the charging case.

Snug and Secure Fit
P2i true wireless earbuds weigh merely 0.15oz (4.4g), making them comfortable for all-day wear. Select the right ear tip size for a secure fit to enjoy a better sound quality.


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  1. kyle.crowley's avatar
    These are dreadful and lack depth. Be prepared for one bud to randomly disconnect. These are good for audio books and podcasts but for music I'd pass. If you're after some good, cheap earbuds for music, look at EarFun rather than soundcore.
    aaad1's avatar
    I have these and music is really good. You can set the earphones to podcast mode or music mode. I think you have set yours to podcast mode.
  2. Rob_Samsung's avatar
    I have lots of Anker products and these are the only thing I am disappointed by, as the sound is too tinny. My soundpeats similarly priced earbuds sound way superior. Anker build quality and battery life excellent though. These are my backup pair now/podcast only.
  3. weeZl's avatar
    As a complete Neanderthal with regards tech, I refused to go down the wireless route and give up my wired Philips hook over the ears phones.
    Bought these Ankers and cannot understand why I've waited so long.
    They stay in my sweaty lugs on a 5k treadmill run and the range battery life and connection is no problem.
    Cannot comment regarding the sound quality as I only like prog pock and fusion jazz, so I could be listening to someone playing a turntable.
    Recommended by me.
  4. yu5ufpatel's avatar
    Hows the quality of the microphone when making calls? (edited)
  5. vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good set of wireless earbuds that are a similar shape to airpods? These full in ear earbuds hurt my ears.
    leifi76's avatar
    I've got a pair of galaxy buds live. They sit in the outer ear rather than in the canal so there's no ear fatigue. Personally I find them very, very comfortable for 5-6+ hours at a time whereas they fall out of my wife's ears entirely! Reviews online are equally as polarising! Even though the ANC isn't as good as full in ear earbuds the excellent battery life, great (and massively adjustable via Samsung wearable app) sound, solid build make these are definitely well worth the money in my opinion. I'd buy another pair in a heartbeat should those fail! Let me know how you get on!
  6. eldaniel's avatar
    Am I doing something wrong please? Got this set and right one does not seem to work. Just run stereo test on YouTube and sound only comes out of the left one. Even when it says that I should hear the right one only. I would appreciate your advice please.
    bob-mk2's avatar
    It's going into mono mode because the right one is not working.

    Try using the R one only and see if that works.

    Also, wipe the contacts on the bottom of the bud and push it firmly into the case to make sure it is charging (if you only put one in the case with the USB power attached, it should show the charge light for that bud, so you can test it is charging)
  7. bob-mk2's avatar
    Can someone test the mike and give a review of that?

    I've had these for over a year and they are great for the money, but I've always had bad comments on the quality of the audio when I call someone and I don't know if it is my specific pair, my phone or my phone signal.

    Also, it's not mentioned in the manual, but I think that the microphone is in the left earbud only.
    obsydian's avatar
    Only used the right earbud on its one so not sure.
    Feedback from callers is its much better (than my Jabra talk45, 65t and Samsung buds 2 Pro
  8. Midge's avatar
    Thanks bought these last week at £19.50, gonna ask for a discount or reorder and return.
    RR_AP's avatar
    Wow for a whole £1.50
  9. Rickardo's avatar
    Have had these for 6 months - great basic buds
  10. jensbonde's avatar
    these things are on "discount" often, don't sweat it if you miss out!

  11. Midge's avatar
    They seem very good.
  12. sharif76's avatar
    These pair is the best for the price. Love mine
  13. TeddyBB's avatar
    2 questions, how loud are they and how good for music that isn't bass heavy.. Looking for loud buds
    watfordshire's avatar
    I found them really loud if right tune source is on ie Spotify it goes over 100dB.
  14. shempz's avatar
    Great value. I've got 2 pairs, and the first set the right earbud stopped charging after about 15mths. Messaged Anker, and they send me a replacement the very next day. Excellent customer service.
  15. wyncs's avatar
    Honestly these are awesome. Great sound huge battery life in the pods but the charging case battery is phenomenal. Bought these to take away in early April, used them on 2 x 4 hour flights solid and every day on holiday for 10 days. Use them twice a week at the gym and have only charged the case once in that time. It's now June!!
  16. lanc_red's avatar
    good pair of buds. wanted something that would stay in while walking around, seem to do the job. sound is decent from them aswell. good price
  17. dudeonline's avatar
    They have amazing sound for the price. Just don't stay in that well. But still worth it...
  18. Jonbon's avatar
    Got this last time it was on here and I have to say I'm surprised by the sound. These are really good basic buds.
  19. andypa1's avatar
    are these usb c?
    BeefyMcWhatNow's avatar
  20. revzman's avatar
    Recently got a pair for backup since I'm prone to misplacing my airpods or letting the charge run empty. Sound quality is excellent but I don't think I'll ever get used to how cheap the case and the buds feel. Not really a big deal since there's nothing to suggest they do fail at a high rate but still
  21. Eye-Will's avatar
    Great added
    Just purchased. Saw these at £19.59 on HDUK last week and held off hoping they would drop in price (I wasn't expecting it to happen this article).
    I only really want them for my car so I can have music when I go to the shops. I always forget to take my WF1000XM3's with me.
    Hopefully they will also stay in my ears better.
  22. Kmc94's avatar
    Got these but feel like they echo if i’m not sitting completely still
  23. johntravoltay2k's avatar
    They are good in terms of sound quality, but lots of software bugs especially if you’re connecting to different devices…
  24. Ki113r_7's avatar
    Been wanting to pull the trigger on these as a throwaway pair for a while. Got mine today and am hugely impressed.

    They are great for the price and I actually massively prefer the tactile buttons for controls rather than finicky touch sensitive controls that you often see on buds these days.

    Not an audiophile, but tried a range of genres and never once thought 'these sound crap'

    You can do a lot worse for £15-£20.
  25. villagern's avatar
    I normally avoid in-ear headphones, but these are comfy enough to wear for long periods whilst listening to audiobooks.  Great value.
  26. Bargeinion's avatar
    Are these better than the Mpow Mdots? Mine sometimes cut out or go out of sync so the audio sounds weird.
  27. farook_yakub's avatar
    Are these better

    Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones in-Ear, HiFi Stereo Earphones with 14mm Drivers, True Wireless Earphones with ENC Noise Cancelling Mic, IP7 Waterproof Sport Ear Buds, 30H Deep Bass Black amzn.eu/d/4…1op
    Reena7's avatar
    Na, these look like cheap China junk to me. Anker is a decent brand
  28. JackBauer123's avatar
    I've seen multiple reviews remark on the pain in the outer ear upon pressing the bud button. What have users on this thread found ?
    sdog's avatar
    Never had this issue. Choose the correct size ear bud and should be fine.
  29. studavis's avatar
    Usual 3 things when you buy these:

    1 - Sound is very good for the price
    2 - The fiddliest, slippiest case I've ever seen
    3 - Fall out of your ears when walking / eating for half the people who comment
  30. Eye-Will's avatar
    Just received mine. For the price they are okay.
    They make me appreciate my WF1000XM3's.
    They fit my ears better than my XM3s and so have good noise isolation. I can't hear the TV if I'm listening to music on the P2i's.
    As a cheap pair I would recommend them though I probably wouldn't buy another pair at a later date, though who knows they may grow on me.
  31. obsydian's avatar
    Arrived not bad but cheap and cheap looking case, Buds are nice, sound is ok, microphone with windows 10 and 11 is better than my jabra headsets which is the main use for these.

    Shame no app or way to keep firmware updated, bit for £17 a steal.
    I ordered a 2nd pair as a back up.
  32. Lil6ix's avatar
    these go on sale every week they may as well make this the standard price tbh
  33. Uwish's avatar
    Already lost the right earbud and the price has gone up.
's avatar