Soundcraft GB4-16 16-Channel Mixer £399 @ Gear4Music (RRP £1440)

Soundcraft GB4-16 16-Channel Mixer £399 @ Gear4Music (RRP £1440)

Found 11th Mar 2017
Seems like a great deal, niche market I know but would be great for pubs and small venues.

-16 Channel Analog Mixer with GB30 Mic Preamps

-Dual-Mode Topology with Fader Control

-4-Band EQ Controls with Precision Circuitry

-Suitable for Front of House and Monitor Mixes

-4 Fixed Send (Group) Buses and 8 Variable Send (Aux) Buses

Soundcraft GB4-16 16-Channel Mixer Details

The Soundcraft GB4-16 is a 16 channel analog mixer that is equipped with GB30 microphone preamps, precision equalisation circuitry and direct outputs on every channel. Designed by Graham Blyth for the company's 30th anniversary, the Soundcraft GB4-16 delivers the unparalleled engineering Soundcraft is renowned for with advanced mixing capabilities and high fidelity audio. Featuring dual-mode topology with fader control of group or aux outputs, the GB4-16 analog mixer can be used for both front of house mixing and monitor duties.…gb4
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Soundcraft are a brilliant desk. Analogue desks are falling in price a lot lately as digital desks move forward. Great find!
I don't know what it is / does..... but if I'm saving over 1k, count me in
Do the slider things move up and down on their own, like in the movies?

Do the slider things move up and down on their own, like in the movies?

No. You need automation for that.
I could not resist getting one, wish I had £899 for the 40 channel! ... but this little 16 will please me dearly!
Here is the link to the dust cover to anyone who purchased but missed this:…TPO
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