SoundMagic PL30 In - Ear Sound Isolating Earphones - £22.50 Delivered @ Amazon UK

SoundMagic PL30 In - Ear Sound Isolating Earphones - £22.50 Delivered @ Amazon UK

Found 16th Apr 2011
Very well reviewed headphones with a huge range of accessories.
In stock and sold by Amazon UK ensures genuine, fast delivery.
Cheapest UK price without having to buy from France from unreliable Pixmania which is the same price.

Cheaper from sellers at 21.99... if you're willing to trust marketplace instead of Amazon UK.

Nectar Points also available.

Big brand quality rivalling much more expensive earphones
Professional IEM design with secure over ear cable fit and excellent noise isolation
Suitable for sports, including running and gym use
High quality components means build quality rivals big name brands
Sound signature: Well balanced bass & treble, warm and detailed


Hot price, wanted a pair of these a while ago, but only place in stock under £30 was DX and decided against it.

But spent so much recently, just can't justify buying them lol.

Still a lot cheaper at focal, (…tml?SSAID=423396) but I would rather get it via amazon for this price

Don't know what this site is but it's as cheap as FP here too.…294
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Yea, I saw it at both those places. If you stay under £18 there should be no customs but I'd rather have the faster delivery of the UK plus a reliable and cost exchange if they become faulty in the first year as headphones aren't the most durable of items.

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Great price.... but I just bought some Brainwavz ProAlpha for 28.48 plus 10% TCB instead.

Just spent several days picking myself out some new headphones and took a look at these. They seemed to do fairly well but the Brainwavz that are available at a similar price got better reviews, the ProAlpha are good (especially if you like your music to be heavy on the bass) but the M2's that I went for seemed worth the extra. Voted hot none the less

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lol, know what you mean. Just spent several days myself trying to choose earphones. Its time consuming! Yea I heard these were a little light on the bass but otherwise a very highly regarded set. The m2s look like a great set too. I went for the cheaper option unfortunately :P

Price back up to 27.50
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