Soup Mug take out, 79p at Home Bargains

Soup Mug take out, 79p at Home Bargains

Found 23rd May 2014
Great price as Sistema ones costs £3+ usually. Not sure about the quality though.
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These are awesome. I have a red one from ASDA and their amazing. I make noodles, soup, scrambled egg, heat up tins of other foods, custard, rice etc. Their amazing and faster than doing things in a pot and not to mention not much to wash as you can eat out of it like I do. Head Added! Well worth the money.
The sistema one is great, however this one looks like the clips might be moulded to the body, if the are they will break off after a short while, the sistema one has clips which can be taken off.
Sistema ones are amazing, I use mine a lot but I think these might not be as sturdy, particularly the clip as mentioned above
oh I didn;t see these in HB, hope I can get hold of one, people seem to rave about these (but I think it is the sistema ones I have seen)
I got one of the sistema ones at asa a while back. 1 tin of soup managed to stain it

This however didnt stop me using it. Theres probably a down side I dont see.
these are great
Fill with cold water add tiny drop of bleach leave to soak overnight should be good as new
Remember to wash thoroughly!
i have one of these and its great,better than the sistema one as it doesn't leak
The sistema one is about a mm too short to close a full tin inside it. Shame!!
The sistema are BPA free so if you prefer not being poisoned.... ?

Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor that can mimic estrogen and is banned by the FDA for baby bottles but it is not something adults want to consume either read about some of the adverse health effects :…l_A

These are really useful and at 79p a real bargain.
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