Sourz Liqueurs £8 @ ASDA

Sourz Liqueurs £8 @ ASDA

Found 21st Feb 2012
They are good mixer drinks and £8 is really cheap for these..
I think its all variates Apple/Pineapple/Cherry etc but could be depending on the size store and what they stock..
But most of them sell the Apple and Cherry flavours..
Usually £12 each and next cheapest is Tesco at £9.85...


Always thought that 15% for something designed to be drunk in shot form was fairly weak.

Still, good mixer and it stops you getting too drunk too quickly. Heat added.

Got this the other day at Asda Leyton, only had pineapple and apple flavours in stock.

Tastes lush

Aaah Apple Sourz. The taste of cheap student nights!

*dreams of the good old days*

Their now £11.67.
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