South Park Season 12 Blu Ray £10.99 at

South Park Season 12 Blu Ray £10.99 at

Found 8th Feb 2012
Not the best season or the best place to buy it lol but i think this is a good deal, not as good as the £6.99 DVD deal from earlier in the week but for those that only see life in Blu, this is a must buy.
My Fave episode in this set is Over Logging!

All 14 episodes from the twelfth season of the animated comedy series. In this series, the boys are kept busy helping a pop princess who's down on her luck, negotiating a truce for striking Canadians and preventing giant rodents from destroying the world... all part of growing up in South Park. Episodes are: 'Tonsil Trouble', 'Britney's New Look', 'Major Boobage', 'Canada on Strike', 'Eek, a ****!', 'Over Logging', 'Super Fun Time', 'The China Probrem', 'Breast Cancer Show Ever', 'Pandemic', 'Pandemic 2: The Startling', 'About Last Night...', 'Elementary School Musical' and 'The Ungroundable'.


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Same price on amazon by the way! [url=Same price on amazon by the way! -…1-1
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South Park looks amazing on Blu Ray. Heat added.

This is season 12 not season 10 as in title, good price for season 12 though.

Great price, heat added

Free delivery to France so ordered from Play.Com

Thank You

Although I own all of south park anyone interested they have HD streaming on Netflix of a few seriess

Science damn it - was hoping this was Series 10!!
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