Southern Comfort 70cl £14 @ Morrisons

Southern Comfort 70cl £14 @ Morrisons

Found 5th Nov 2015
I think this deal will be on until Sunday, when they usually change their offers, but I'm only assuming that's the case. This is the cheapest price anywhere for a bottle of Southern Comfort. It's £15 @ Asda and dearer again everywhere else. Don't make the mistake of buying the Southern Comfort With Lime which is also £14 though, because I'm reliably informed it's like rat's pi**!


The offer is still on until 22nd November according to a store assistant I spoke to.
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Went to pick some of this up yesterday and it was the gift set that was on offer for £14 with the full size 70cl SoCo. Not that we need the mason jar but I won't say no when it's free
Soco and lime is also a much lower percentage
It's currently £20 litre at Sainsburys which works out the same price per litre in case there's no Morrisons near you
I think this offer is on until the 22nd of November
Morrisons only seem to have chocolate or booze deals now !
This offer is still on at the moment, well at least in Scotland
Jim N

This offer is still on at the moment, well at least in Scotland

Cheers Jim. Yeah, deal has definitely not expired, but I don't know how to make it a live deal again.
If someone can tell me, or one of the moderators can fix it, I'd appreciate it.
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