Southern Electric / Scottish Hydro Electric / SWALEC Customer 10% Off in ARGOS & HOMEBASE
Southern Electric / Scottish Hydro Electric / SWALEC Customer 10% Off in ARGOS & HOMEBASE

Southern Electric / Scottish Hydro Electric / SWALEC Customer 10% Off in ARGOS & HOMEBASE

For those of who are Southern Electric / Scottish Hydro Electric or SWALEC Customers, you can apply for an Argos Energy Card which gives you an extra 10% off

You need to register for it and then can top it up either online or via phone
So if you want to top up by £200 pounds it will cost you £180

I know this is a side issue but effectively you could get the PS3 120GB SLIM for £220 ish from Argos + £10 voucher !
Plus remember you don't have to just use this once but can continue to use it as long as you are a customer of one of the above 3

More info here


From the website

"Choose energyplus Argos and earn 10% off purchases at Argos and Homebase. energyplus Argos costs no more than our standard energy product, and with over 600 stores nationwide you are never too far from a bargain. Sofas. Toys. Drills. Diamonds. Paint. Plants"


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I tried it today and got the PS3 deal for £202 (as I also got another 10% - partner works in Argos!)
Come with a compatible PS3 wireless controller & Uncharted 2 (but you can choose others)

Im with southern electric. is the card free ? as i tried to get one online and the form asks how do i want to pay :thinking:

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Yep card is free but you have to apply ... follow the 'go to deal' link and apply there

its the bit that says

Do you wish to pay a daily standing charge?* Yes/No

any idea what that is needed for ?

hmmm Im with Southern electric and started just like you richp and stopped... dont trust no one... Lol will have to look see what martin lewis says


its the bit that says any idea what that is needed for ?

It seems you are switching supplier to them or changing tariff if already with them. PCIIW.

As your energy is a major expenditure, check first before switching suppliers to ensure that this is the right tariff for you.

Going via the moneysavingexpert links to a couple of price comparison sites gives you either some cashback or wine, if you then switch. £30 dual fuel, £40 wine moneysavingexpert.com/uti…ity

Onced switched, if you choose this argos related tariff, you could then presumably get your discount card, but also have the benefit of the cash on top, so must be better, surely?

Sounds a good deal, especially if you're already with them (which I am).

im still after the argos discount card ,but cant understand the bit about ticking what tarrif i want to pay for, im already with them :thinking:

anyone else sussed it ?

I went with a fixed tariff from Southern. Direct debit 3 option or something. It chopped about 20% off my bill with them. I am fixed to Aug 2011.

Using sites like Uswitch can be good just make sure you go through quidco instead of them for cashback.

Generally deals that offer you discounts in store are generally more expensive than a direct deal. I never buy anything in Argos anyway.
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