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Panasonic ES-ST25 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men £31.87 @ Southern Electric Amazon
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Posted 29th Aug 2015Posted 29th Aug 2015
Panasonic ES-ST25 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men £31.87 @ Southern Electric Amazon£31.87
RRP:£149.99 is a load of old tosh, but the cheapest I could find it was £52. This price it's a steal for a linear motor shaver.… Read more

Would this be the same one that Boots reckon is £149 (now £99) Similar model number HUKD post just has KS811 after ES-ST25 How can boots justify such a bloated original price (Was)?


I'm guessing they're charging it higher over on Amazon due to considering all the fees ect they have to pay to list it there? Where’s on their own site there’s none. Possibly try cancelling your order over on Amazon if it’s not already too late (i.e. it’s been dispatched)? And re-order on SEE site.




Gutted, I paid £31.87 for this yesterday. If they drop the price on Amazon I'll give them a call and hopefully they'll refund the difference.


Impulse buy :( Hope it's good.

SSE Broadband + Phone + Talk Weekend + £60 topcashback for £144 a year
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Posted 28th Aug 2015Posted 28th Aug 2015
SSE Broadband + Phone + Talk Weekend + £60 topcashback for £144 a year£144
SSE takes a major plunge into phone & broadband. Is it any good?… Read more

Same here. I have been told I signed up to non fibre Internet and have been told to send in proof. SSE are a joke. Stick to gas and electric.


signed 3 months ago on fibre optic and still waiting for the modem to arrive, really bad service, big mistake moving from plusnet.


Is this offer still available?


Im currently on still on hold trying to get through to tech support about my fibre speeds , Ive been on hold for 40 minutes, (If I hear ancient songs like unforgetttable and youve got a friend in me any more i think ill give up). Anyway, Youtube and gmail are often unusable especially between 3pm to 9pm ie again right now, even though the speed test to other sites is ok (though half advertised speed). There have been so many problems with SSE that I just had to transfer my fathers service back to BT when they messed up the fibre transfer by not informing BT for 6 weeks of his order. My service however is fully switched so seems im stuck with it. Advise to anyone considering is dont switch, there is a good chance you will regret it.


Signed up to fibre, the top package, currently getting 1mb if lucky, switched from BT where I never got less than 40mb, and to think I thought BT were bad.

Free smart meters for Southern electric customers.
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Posted 25th Aug 2015Posted 25th Aug 2015
Free smart meters for Southern electric customers.
Not sure if posted before but SSE have started giving free smart meters upgrades.

free bills, free letter, free promotions, free envelope, free customer helpdesk, free CEO, free people working for you, free pens for the staff working for you, free use of toilet for the staff working for you, free office space.... how daft is this! All free for a monthly fee of ~£200.


my sister had 1 fitted n then was told she would pay monthly for the metre it was free fit but it costs on top of yr bill so be careful u get it for free after it is fitted


​can you tell us something more about spying? what exactly is compromised and at what level. Really keen to know.


Why would I want a spy transmitting all of my usage? Cold as Absolute zero.


Think we will pay in the long run.Remember the so called free energy light bulbs.

76Mb fibre + line rental & weekend calls £24.50 a month £588 @ SSE
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Posted 26th Jul 2015Posted 26th Jul 2015
76Mb fibre + line rental & weekend calls £24.50 a month £588 @ SSE£588
So I got the BT email today saying their prices are going up, and obviously started looking for better deals as it means I can cancel early. Best I can see at the moment is SSE, y… Read more
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Don't do it guys was told i didn't need BT engineer call, then they connected me fine for 10 days then chopped me off. They said how could i have a connection if a BT guy didn't call! i said i plugged in my prevous Fibre routour and there box and it worked fine, 14 days with no connection as they cant just reconnect me! don't do it


If I can't get the advertised speed it gets cancelled for not meeting their side of the contract, if YouTube stutters that's unacceptable.


My uncle got this installed a few days ago, I went to his house and did about 3 hours of testing - it appears to be heavily throttled - you'll get a great result on speed testing websites but anything else no so good - even got buffering and stalls on YouTube


Yes they could in theory bring your connection down to a snail's pace - EE already do this with their 4G service -


I`m tempted, but it seems they have a traffic management and fair use policy.

Half price Ultrafast Fibre and Talk Weekends for 2 YEARS! @ SSE Southern Electric Broadband £12.50 and line rental £12.00 a month! (£588) ALSO £126 back from TCB
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Posted 25th Jun 2015Posted 25th Jun 2015
Half price Ultrafast Fibre and Talk Weekends for 2 YEARS! @ SSE Southern Electric Broadband £12.50 and line rental £12.00 a month! (£588) ALSO £126 back from TCB£588
Fibre broadband for a great price! Ordered myself after looking for a new deal over the past week. Hope it helps someone looking for a new deal. Ill let you know how my transfer go… Read more

I can't see any thing in the t and c that state the phone goes to two 12 month terms.


Covered already, Post #103. "Its an 18 month contract, not 24 months though, after 18 months it becomes a 6 month rolling contract. You are free to leave after 18 months, even though the prices remain discounted for 24 months. If you leave early, you aren't charged (what you'd think) £10/£12.50 per month left of the contract, but a higher non discounted rate of £22.50/£26.50 per month for a maximum of 12 months + £33 admin fee + £6.75 BT cease fee, if you leave part way through your 18 month contract Its important to make a note of the 18 month contract date, (or 18+6 - the 24 month date) because you end up on a rolling 6 month contract, in which exit fees are still potentially quite high to change broadband supplier" Reading into this a little more... Important: Remember the 'bundled' Phone Line is a rolling 12 month contract, if you do want to leave after 18 months, your 2 separate contracts phone+broadband will end up of of 'sync'. Its a common ploy also used by BTRetail, means to leave you'll end up with a heafty bill of 6 months line rental payable if you plan leave after 18months. Ofcom if you are reading this: this common ploy should be outlawed, because its just to get round the recent rule changes preventing rolling 2 year contracts, which in effect this is. The ony good thing in SSE's favour at the 2 year point is a very good time to leave, because if you stay, you remain on what is in effect a yearly contract, not a 6 monthly one. As the two 'planets' phone and broadband only come into alignment on an Annual basis to prevent exit fees. Yes, you can take the Broadband only but the price rises by £10 a month, defeating the 'bundled deal'. Also, I wonder how hard it will be to leave SSE in 18 months/24 months as they don't seem to operate within the Ofcom guidelines of switching broadband suppliers within 10 days, and also offering a 14 day cooling off period, where you can revert to your existing supplier. Given they are a new supplier and the rules have only just changed, I hope SSE are working to Ofcom guidelines by then. The offer is basically a lock-in for 2 years, even though its an 18 month contract. Still a good deal, if you can understand and keep to the rules, and no worse than BT for small print. Edited By: tightar5e on Jun 28, 2015 11:57


how is everyone's sse now? I believe I'm coming up to month 18 soon. It has been 'ok' some disconnects and it is traffic managed. Does the job for streaming though. Probably go back to plusnet when the offer ends. From what I can see there is a 6 quid charge when I switch. Am i right in assuming I could cancel after 18 monts anyways?


Thank you


I think the majority did.

£12 PHONE LINE AND £12.50 76MEG FIBER PLUS £294 term (Possible £126 CASH BACK) @ Southern Electric
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Posted 15th May 2015Posted 15th May 2015
£12 PHONE LINE AND £12.50 76MEG FIBER PLUS £294 term (Possible £126 CASH BACK) @ Southern Electric£294 12.50 FIBER 76 MEG 12 LINE RENTAL TOPCASHBACK 126 12.50 +12 = 24.50 *12= 294 -126= 168 WORKS OUT £14 PER MONTH FOR FIBER 76 MEG AND LINE RENTAL

I went with talktalk. They take more than agreed amount. Bunch of cheats


They were OK when i had them for 8 years what they are useless at is when you do have problems and are a nightmare to deal with if the problem is less than obvious and will try and charge you for any engineer visits even if a fault is found, i was made to replace all my internal wiring get new phones and have 3 new routers after 13 engineer visits at £50 a visit (eventually refunded the engineer visits costs) they told me they would refund me my costs for phones and wiring but refused to do so after i had replaced them only to be told over 6 months later the problems underground down my street.


Have you ever had technical prblems with your phone line? because while Talk Talk are good when you have no problems they are bloody useless when you have issues and from reading the forums i am not alone in having major problems with them.


I have had a giftcard and cashback from BT in the past.


I have been with TT for over 8 years and never had a problem with their service or Fibre broadband. And at time of renewal, they always match the cheapest deal offered by competitors.

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SSE(Southern Electric) 24 months FREE broadband +£12 line rental
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Posted 16th Apr 2015Posted 16th Apr 2015
SSE(Southern Electric) 24 months FREE broadband +£12 line rental£12
SSE are offering FREE ADSL broadband +£12 line rental for 24 months,then £8 a month.Also reduced prices on Fibre broadband
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Comments like that are eventually going to get you suspended or banned.


You have to have a mandatory phone line to receive the internet, do you think it flies in the window on a **** broomstick?


Hi,thanks for the number,when I rang their customer servicesthey gave me a 0345 number ,I rang them because I could not find any tech help number,i have rung there CS again today which took them about 25 minutes to answer,she said this was because of the time I was ringing, but have rang them at various times and and it is always 20 minutes plus before they answer, asked how much it will be to leave them and they say about £88 so am going to leave them, have never managed to talk to there tech support as I have given up after about 50+ minutes, shame really as I am changing my gas and electric suppliers shortly and if they had been half decent with there broadband I may have gone with them for that also.


Did you try using their 0800 number? It's 0800 975 8292, and will be free to call from mobiles.


my broadband was off for 2 days recently and it is still playing up, their broadband helpline do not answer the phone and close at 7pm,i have only used the phone to get through to there broadband help and it has cost me almost a fiver without getting through to them.

Warm Home discount for southern electric costumers on low income or ppl who receive tax credit
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Posted 8th Sep 2014Posted 8th Sep 2014
Warm Home discount for southern electric costumers on low income or ppl who receive tax credit
Ask an application form and they will send it for you. You just fill it up and send it back free postage. Don't forget to sign it!!!


Does not mention tax credit in the eligibility criteria You qualify for the discount if on 12 July 2014 all of the following apply: your supplier was part of the scheme your name (or your partner’s) was on the bill you were getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (even if you get Savings Credit as well


have a read of this thread


You may automatically qualify for this discount if you or your spouse/partner are the named electricity account holder and if on the 12 July 2014 you can answer YES to either of the two statements listed below; I receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit only (not just the State Pension) or; I receive the Guarantee Credit element and the Savings Credit element of Pension Credit


You can't claim this just because you 'receive tax credit'. Receiving Working Tax Credit isn't on its own a qualifier, and neither is Child Tax Credit if your income is above £16,192 (£311 pw). SSE eligibility details here:

Panasonic NA-140VS4WGB 10kg Washing Machine With Steam Action including free delivery, old machine removal and five year warranty - £637 at John Lewis - only £386.10 at SSE Shop with code SSE10 saving £250!
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Posted 1st May 2014Posted 1st May 2014
Panasonic NA-140VS4WGB 10kg Washing Machine With Steam Action including free delivery, old machine removal and five year warranty - £637 at John Lewis - only £386.10 at SSE Shop with code SSE10 saving £250!£386.10
Use code SSE10. Panasonic. Good reviews. Manufacturer's five year warranty. Massive drum. Steam action. £250.90 cheaper than John Lewis. Astonishing price for 1400 spin A+++ 10kg … Read more

My husband is secretly hoping they don't pick it up like I asked them to, so he can hand me a hammer to take my temper out on it, and then he can use the drum as a fire pit.


It's been pretty grim because I have anxiety stuffs and I freak out if we have to have strangers round, so that's a lot of freaking out over the past few weeks with all these engineers XD But I gave up today. The kids volunteer up at the local stables and walked in covered head to toe in horse plop and mud and rain (one had worn her massive school coat, the joys) and the washer had just cronked yet again and it was like 'ENOUGH NOW!!!' So I guess the battle begins now for the refund! I really hope noone else has the same problem, I know it's a first world type of whinge but having no washing machine (especially when it's broken with a full load of soaking wet washing in Winter and it's Christmas and you already have a few loads from when it broke before..) is just miserable. I even paid for next day delivery from John Lewis and I never do that. I'm Yorkshire, I'm usually really tight! That's how at the end of my tether I am, haha! It really seems like all washing machines are a huge gamble. Make no wonder the earth is creaking, all these machines in landfill eh.


WOW that is horrendous!!


Finally given up. Five engineer visits for an H43 error in as many weeks, not counting the ones before this for other stuff. Last one was Friday and he replaced the entire front because of the steam function leaking. Said he found another botched leak that another engineer had tried to fix but the new front would sort it. Tried it today for the first time since the repair on Friday - H43 error - water leak detected. So I've ordered a Miele with a ten year warranty and told Panasonic I want a refund and this heap of crap collecting. It's been a bit of a bloody joke tbh, those engineers have been more times than my Mother and the washer is like Trigger's frigging broom. Not best pleased! I have a nervous twitch in my left eye now every time I hear a beeping sound.


We must have gotten the duff one! Good to hear you haven't had any problems, thanks for the update. That filter makes me swear every time it blocks - with three dogs this happens a lot. That part is the worst invention I have ever seen, I wondered if I was missing a trick but the engineer said nope, you basically just have to shove a towel under it and swear a lot.

Panasonic na-140vs4 washing machine - now 443 @ thesseshop
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Posted 12th Apr 2014Posted 12th Apr 2014
Panasonic na-140vs4 washing machine - now 443 @ thesseshop£443
high spec washing machine with inverter drive and steam. 10kg. 5 year warranty. a+++ rating. free delivery. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

We bought a Panasonic washing machine about a year ago - to replace a very good Bosch. But the repair required was too expensive and we decided to get a new machine. I did a fair bit of research before going for the Panasonic. There was hardly anything the Panasonic washing machines - and no reviews. But we got a very good deal from the Co-op. So far the Panasonic washing machine is performing well, but a bit noisy when just starting to go into its spin mode.


exactly, Dyson made great washing machines and had amazing service backup but they are no longer in production and support has now stopped also


They would have a hard job as Dyson pulled out of the washing machine market some years ago!


The eBay outlet was stating one left a short while ago.


product not found now......shame i missed it!

Panasonic NR-BN31AW1-B A++ Fridge Freezer £371.07 with code @ thesseshop with discount code (elsewhere £600-£750)
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Posted 26th Mar 2014Posted 26th Mar 2014
Panasonic NR-BN31AW1-B A++ Fridge Freezer £371.07 with code @ thesseshop with discount code (elsewhere £600-£750)£371.07
To get that price use code: BFORCESSE (Coupon Details: 7.00 % , Free Delivery) Energy Consumption 234 kWh Energy Label A++ Fridge Capacity (Net) 222 Litres Freezer Capacity… Read more
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still available?


I got to match this price. I was ordering a Dishwasher and Washer/Dryer from so made it easier to have all 3 delivered by the same company. Cheers for the heads up on this price, was around £650 on AO's website before the price match. Missed out on the voucher code but you can't always win at everything.


Ordered thanks OP, holiday mode is a handy extra also.



Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB A+++ 7KG 1200 Spin Washing Machine-£268.65 after discount "save10sse" @ thesseshop
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Posted 24th Feb 2014Posted 24th Feb 2014
Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB A+++ 7KG 1200 Spin Washing Machine-£268.65 after discount "save10sse" @ thesseshop£268.65
Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB A+++ 7KG 1200 Spin Washing Machine, This has been posted before by "verysleepy" and was expired. My washer gave up the ghost yesterday, So am after someth… Read more



Thanks for the link. One good feature of the internet is companies find it hard to continue selling troublesome products. My Bosch machine has done 10 years & continues to run perfectly. No failures, no repairs & no leaks. Currently getting used at least 5~6 times a week. A fantastic product.


link pls?


Argos Various machines same or better spec and cheaper. Free delivery.


I'm the fly in the ointment....just had agreement to refund my Panasonic just kept stalling on the spin cycle and refusing to complete the spin process without removing some of the heavier may wish to read here

Bosch waq283sogb washing machine £314.55 (with code) inc del @ Southern electric
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Posted 21st Feb 2014Posted 21st Feb 2014
Bosch waq283sogb washing machine £314.55 (with code) inc del @ Southern electric£314.55
Great washing machine with a 8Kg load/1400rpm spin/15min quick wash/A+++ rating & 2 year parts and labour warranty. Ok it maight not be as good as some Miele/Fagor/ISE/CDA mach… Read more

No longer in stock (page not found)


I just tried as well, it says coupon expired at top of screen. not very noticeable. Damn.


do you have to be a sse customer top get the 10% off cannot get code to work


Get mine delivered today, so thanks very much :-)


I'd seriously consider doing more research than that: your sample of two is completely unrepresentative, and you're talking about 10+ year old machines which are completely different from what you'd buy today. I'm not saying these are either good or bad; just don't decide to purchase on those grounds.

Panasonic NA-168VX4WGB 8kg, 1600 Spin, A+++ rating, 6 year warranty, £392.85, SSE Shop
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Posted 29th Jan 2014Posted 29th Jan 2014
Panasonic NA-168VX4WGB 8kg, 1600 Spin, A+++ rating, 6 year warranty, £392.85, SSE Shop£392.85
£436.50 Use code SAVE10SSE for 10% off to make the price £392.85 Free Delivery too! Most places are selling this for around £580. Posted a few weeks ago but back in stock at lowe… Read more
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Has anyone received their extended warranty's? How long did it take to process? Any issues?


Had ours for nearly 2 years with no problems. Quiet, washes well and reliable. Panasonic white goods are very big in Japan.


Mine developed a spin problem. For the first few months it blissfully silent but became noisy and then I would have to shift the contents around before it would consider trying to spin again, and then it wouldn't drain. The last engineer said it was fine as well but clearly it wasn't. Just like "brandlew" I had to run an empty cycle once a week to clean it out. It was a nasty, smelly machine!


I have one of these. Very pleased overall. Does anyone else have problems with the spin? Seems to be noisy and uneven but engineer said it was fine. Help!?


We bought one of these, works a treat, very quiet and easy to use

Panasonic -UL710 vacuum cleaner - £99.50 @ Souther Electric
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Posted 22nd Jan 2014Posted 22nd Jan 2014
Panasonic -UL710 vacuum cleaner - £99.50 @ Souther Electric£99.50
I bought this vacuum cleaner for my elderly father because it was advertised as being light and easy to use.The cleaner also comes with a 6 year guarantee and was only £100.My fath… Read more
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Ah the famous Johannesburg HQ electrical chain. :)

Top quality steam washing machine and tumble dryer package deal £1170 @ Southern Electric shop
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Posted 21st Jan 2014Posted 21st Jan 2014
Top quality steam washing machine and tumble dryer package deal £1170 @ Southern Electric shop£1,170
Pricey but a lot of warranty for peace of mind and top spec 6 year warranty on washing machine and 5 on dryer Panasonic NA-140VZ4 Washing Machine Panasonic NH-P80S2WGB Tumble Dryer… Read more
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No probs


Casson - my post was aimed at Rogparki, not you. His post implies that he thinks this deals is for a single washer/dryer machine. Apologies if i'm wrong.


At that price I'd want both machines to be A+++++++ literally & I'd be happy to pay :)


Hmm cold. Bad Attitude Can't read Seems expensive options considering


Rogparki said it wasn't for two machines

A quality A+++ machine that still leaves you some money to launder (Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB A+++ 7KG 1200 Spin Washing Machine) £268.65 @ Southern Electric
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Posted 21st Jan 2014Posted 21st Jan 2014
A quality A+++ machine that still leaves you some money to launder (Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB A+++ 7KG 1200 Spin Washing Machine) £268.65 @ Southern Electric£268.65
Priced at £298.50 but comes down to £268.65 with code save10sse, cheapest i've found at other retailers is £319. Energy efficient. Panasonic HydroActive technology consist of 2 mul… Read more
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being in the trade I personally wouldn't buy any Panasonic wm from what friends doing the warranty are telling me.




how much and how efficient is an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ machine?


Had a Panasonic machine a couple of years ago and sent it back to John Lewis and got it replaced with a Bosch - which has been perfect. If it's still the same then Panasonic's support is awful. They sub it out to a company who then sub it out again to local repair men. Expect missed appointments and nothing followed up. Good if the machine works but good luck if it needs repairing.


Nothing wrong with a Beko if thats as far as your budget will stretch .

Panasonic NA-168VX4WGB 8 KG, 1600 Spin Washing Machine - 6 Year Warranty - £373.05 (RRP £650) @
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Posted 21st Jan 2014Posted 21st Jan 2014
Panasonic NA-168VX4WGB 8 KG, 1600 Spin Washing Machine - 6 Year Warranty - £373.05 (RRP £650) @£373.05
Use code SAVE10SSE for 10% off to make the price £373.05 Most places are selling this for £580. We got ours delievered a few days ago and it is very nice, very quiet, ideal for op… Read more
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got my 6 year guarantee details from panasonic only took 5 days happy days


still a good price


Back in stock £436.50 now ..........£392.85 delivered using SAVE10SSE code. Not as good as before but still a good price. Got ours delivered today. Very pleased.


not so hot at that price lol


Back in stock at £526!

The best value microwave under fifty quid Panasonic NN-E271WMBPQ £48 from SSE with free delivery and an additional 10% off for SSE energy customers
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Posted 27th Dec 2013Posted 27th Dec 2013
The best value microwave under fifty quid Panasonic NN-E271WMBPQ £48 from SSE with free delivery and an additional 10% off for SSE energy customers£48
I've been looking for a microwave and for less than fifty quid the Panasonic NN-E271WMBPQ from SSE, with 800 watts power and a 20L capacity, seems the best value for money deal aro… Read more

The one in Hombase is not the same model. It is a Silver one. I have bought one as I wanted a white. It would have been a mega bargain if I could have got the extra 10% off.


I forgot to mention it's been doing this for over a week at least. It will appear for sale for a few days before disappearing then magically coming back again. Keep checking if you're interested.


Item no longer listed on SSE website


is it same 10% off code for SSE members? if so please post code! not a customer but worth tryin


Same price after 20% discount

Southern Electric Holders possible £15 voucher
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Posted 16th Dec 2013Posted 16th Dec 2013
Southern Electric Holders possible £15 voucher
Southern Electric loyalty proramme giving away £15 worth of points just signed up waiting for email but links to John lewis and M&S shops from info.
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That's great, am still waiting for my points to credit but I'll be doing the same as soon as they do :P


I did actually let me use it for M&S food order. but the you have to use the points to buy vouchers and the max I can buy in a single transaction is a £5 voucher for 450 points. Still it was £5 off and can't complain. ONce that's done I'll be able to get another few £off. Just put it onto 2 seperate orders and have them delivered to store. Seemed to work fine for me. Picking them all up on Sat


You might want to check the details on the website - you can't use it on M&S food. Also, with M&S the exchange rate is - Up to 50 Ice points = 2p per Ice point, and over 50 Ice points = 1p per Ice point. so the first 50 points will get you £1 off and the remaining 700 will get you £7 so £8 in total - unless you make 15 seperate transactions of 50 points each... Not sure that'll work though Still, it's free so £8 is still good


Just checked this morning, my account is saying I have 750 points to spend. Didn't get any emails to say it was being added. I registered on Monday so want too long to wait. That's £15 off the Xmas dinner from M&S Food


Hurray got email this morning only 24 hours after signing up! says up to 10 days to add points on sign up.