Sovereign Cordless Hedge Trimmer - 18V. £23.29 @ Argos

Sovereign Cordless Hedge Trimmer - 18V. £23.29 @ Argos

Found 31st May 2015
Perfect trimmer if you have a small garden hedge or bush.


Will this be good for the Wife?

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Does she have a big bush or hedge ?

^ lol


Nearly bought one for £30. Thanks!!

25 minutes of charge for 5 hours charging? on for small bushes I guess

Not sure why there's cold votes on this. So it has a NiCd battery and takes a while to charge, but £23, come on. If you're worried about the charge time buy the grass trimmer too for £22.49 then you have two batteries.

Spoke to the wife. Says 25 mind is long enough to trim her bush. HOT!
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