Sovos SVEBK5-B eBook Reader £69.99 delivered at

Sovos SVEBK5-B eBook Reader £69.99 delivered at

Found 8th Nov 2010
Key Features:
5" Easyread TFT EBook Reader with Audio playback /Photo/Movie support
1GB Internal memory
SD card slot
USB 2.0 port
Intregal Speaker
3.5mm Stereo earphone jack
Calendar function
Voice recorder function
Screen rotate function
Power Off timer
5 OSD Languages (English / French / Danish / Swedish / Norwegian)
Audio Formats supported:
MP3 - Bit Rate: 8Kps - 320Kps
WMA - Bit Rate: 5Kps - 320Kps
Image Formats supported: JPEG, BMP
Other Features:
Rechargeable 7.4V Li-Polymer Battery - 1900mAh
EBook playback: 7 hours
Video playback: 5 hours
Audio playback: 30 hours with earphones
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"Easyread TFT" - in other words, doesn't have a proper e-ink technology & won't be great to read.
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also for sale fora tenner more at john lewis but better pics there…spx
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Gets decent reviews at amazon…top

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Why the negative votes? The reviews at Play and Amazon, are in the main, very positive.
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I don't know it plays videos and is £10 less than John lewis will be selling it for so hot from me.
7 hours ebook playback? That's pants. Can't beat real e-ink for ebook reading.

7 hours ebook playback? That's pants. Can't beat real e-ink for ebook … 7 hours ebook playback? That's pants. Can't beat real e-ink for ebook reading.

Holy moly, how did I miss that - that IS bad.
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No better or worse battery life than all the other e-media readers as this is! Its the colour that gives it poor battery life compared to e-ink readers but then this is a different animal, try reading a glossy magazine or a comic on an e-ink reader and its pants, this is more what this sort if device is for. If you want a weeks worth of battery life but no backlight and only black and white then get an e-ink book, if you want full colour glossies and pics then this is a better device. Horses for courses really!

I think they should call them e-media readers as they not ebook readers as most people would call them these days they more a mini tablet designed for reading glossy colour books and watching the odd movie, slideshow such as this one which got 342 percent and is more expensive…002
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