Soylent Green [DVD] [1973] - £2.69 at Amazon
Soylent Green [DVD] [1973] - £2.69 at Amazon

Soylent Green [DVD] [1973] - £2.69 at Amazon

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For those who like classic Sci Fi and have not seen this - buy it!

While Soylent Green may be one of the many dystopian visions of the future, the film stands out because it's one of the few titles that addresses current environmental issues head on. Adapted from Harry Harrison's novel Make Room, Make Room, it gives us a nightmarish vision of an over-populated, polluted future on the brink of collapse--a vision that gets uncomfortably closer every year. Charlton Heston as police officer Thorn investigates a murder in between suppressing food riots and uncovers the nightmarish truth about Soylent Green, the new foodstuff being sold to the poor.
The film neatly combines police procedural with conspiracy thriller. Heston's scenes are counterpointed by more elegiac ones in which the centenarian Edward G Robinson as his friend Sol broods on the world he has outlived--his death in a euthanasia chamber is a gloriously lachrymose moment, which he plays to the hilt. Heston, too, is good as Thorn, a morally equivocal cop who loots the apartments of the victims whose deaths he investigates--he's a man just getting by in an impossible world.

On the DVD: Soylent Green on disc comes with a commentary from director Richard Fleischer, the highpoint of which is a memorable description of what it was like to work with the brilliant ailing, entirely deaf Robinson. He is joined by Leigh Taylor-Young whose work on the film as heroine led to years of serious environmentalist commitment. It has a useful contemporary making-of documentary and touching shots of Robinson's 100th birthday party with telegrams from Sinatra and others. The feature itself is presented in anamorphic widescreen with its original mono sound. --Roz Kaveney

Special Features
Commentary by director Richard Fleischer and Leigh Taylor-Young ('Shirl')
A Look at the World of Soylent Green (10 mins)
MGM's tribute to Edward G. Robinson's 101st film
Charlton Heston: Science Fiction Legend
Theatrical trailer(s)
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 (16x9 Letterbox)
Sound Mono


Hmmmm...looks tasty! (_;)

Good one to watch after Xmas dinner.


Good one to watch after Xmas dinner.

Nah, my family are watching feed

people will devour this.

There potential for all of us the be invloved in a bit of Soylent Green.

I've always been meaning to see this, might pick it up, thanks.

SOYLENT GREEN IS ..... om nom nom.... tasty!

What a film.

not one for the vegetarians

Great film, well worth a watch

It's tofu!

SOYLENT GREEN IS ........................ Ordered



Having watched the film, I'd still take Soylent Green over McDonalds any day.

Great movie & price, voted HOT!

Classic, everyone should see this at least once.

Brilliant film. Abzolutely brilliant.

Ergo, absolutely mad hot!

great film, cover sleeve has always annoyed me though

may i ask if the special edition come with a sample of soylent green?


not one for the vegetarians

LOL - so omnivores are okay to be {SPOILER} cannibals? {SPOILER}
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