Space Astronaut Gnomes Reduced From £6.00 to £2.50 in Asda

Space Astronaut Gnomes Reduced From £6.00 to £2.50 in Asda

Found 28th Jul
Get one of these cute little garden ornerments for your garden for £2.50...
Saw these in the Garden section of Asda in Corby on sale!
Never seen a Gnome Astronaut before, but now added one to my collection!
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I can’t decide if I love or hate these
My asda was wiped out of these weeks ago
Nice if you have space in your garden
Same in Bromsgrove but didn't like them hot for the price
i like to comment off topic!
quiz question for you guys:

how far do you imagine, the astro-nots venture out of the surface of Earth?
support drawing:
draw a picture of the Earth and the Moon using official data:
Earth diameter 8,000 miles (8 inches in 1/1000 scale)
Moon diameter 2,000 miles (2 inches in 1/1000 scale)
Earth to Moon distance 240,000 miles (240 inches = 20 ft in 1/1000 scale)
Space Station distance to Earth 250 miles (1/4 inch in 1/1000 scale) hint: the furthest the astro-nots even been

how does it look to you?
have fun!
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